15 Trendy Plaid Pants Outfit Ideas for Men

Plaid pants have been the primary formal wear. Nevertheless, the adaptable print adds to casual outfits, acquiring an ideal off-duty appearance. So what to wear with plaid pants? You may use unique ideas that match these bottoms like linen shirts, blazers, cool sneakers, or smart shoes, thereby developing an outfit range. This pant has also been related to several subcultures, from grunge to preppy fashion; thus, plain pants are undoubtedly an exceptionally adaptable clothing item.

Plaid is a cloth pattern utilized in manufacturing pants and outfits by women and men. It was derived from Scottish kilts part during the 1700s, and the pants were conventionally created out of flannel or wool. Its defining attribute is its distinctive crisscross design which arrives in various sizes and fun colors. There’s no such default pattern kind even in the former times, and each weave held an independent pattern. However, few men even refer to these pants as plaid pajamas.

15 Trendy Plaid Pants Outfit Ideas for Men


List of 15 Trendy Plaid Pants Outfit Ideas for Men

All those men who follow trends and adore fashion should go for trendy plaid pants pair irrespective of the pant type and color palette they’ll hold. One may select wide-leg, skinny, or straight trendy plaid pants outfits, jogger, crop, or cuffed ones, thereby wearing them with some printed or monophonic cloth pieces, shoes, and accessories. So, for further stylish and attractive plaid pants outfit ideas, you may scroll down and screenshot all those you like!

Stylish checked trousers are a fashion item owned by almost every man. Inevitably, a belt comes to mind with checked trousers, and people like to change the colour of their belts and choose from a wide range of belt buckles. And now there are trendy and personalized customized belt buckles to choose from. You can custom belt buckles with your favourite pattern, which is a personalized and stylish way to wear your belt.

1. Plaid pants with Overcoat:

Plaid pants with Overcoat

During the primary winter chills, the wisest thing you may put on is an overcoat, and it becomes even more attractive when you combine these outfits with plaid pants with your regular Overcoat. Nevertheless, it would help if you consider the color combination as it is a significant factor that every individual thinks of while buying a dress. Hence, if you wish to have an outfit that appears classic and polished, you may pair khaki wool dress plaid pants with a black overcoat. Moreover, for an outfit pair collection that looks very outspoken yet, one can wear it in distinct ways, try combining the plaid pants with an olive overcoat. Hence, Attempt to applaud the get-up with high-top tanned sneakers or a black leather pair of boots.

2. Plaid pants with Denim jacket:

Plaid pants with Denim jacket

Denim jackets are always on the fashion trend due to their supremacy in being adaptable. Every person looks good in a denim jacket, and this jacket goes with every feasible Man’s plaid pants outfit combination. These jackets come under timeless modern vintages that look elegant. A denim jacket is a fantastic choice to conceal anything, including your plaid pants. It invites much funky quintessence to your eminently essential attire. So, denim jackets, when combined with classy plaid pants, are undoubtedly an extravagant combo for proceeding toward the onsite meeting.

3. Plaid pants with Loose Neck T-shirt:

Plaid pants with Loose Neck T-shirt

Neck T-shirts are a renowned concept among all fashion fanatics who are pure causal dapper clothing fans. When paired, plaid pants men’s outfit with neck T-Shirts will result in a heavenly combination. Moreover, for looking the most exceptional even in the conventional neck t-shirts, then without a second thought; this is the top appearance to pullover. In addition, you may pair a white-colored neck t-shirt with the plaid pants for a greater work-approved and formal look. Finally, a white leather sneaker is a perfect contrast for picking from all. Nevertheless, if you’re up for a sleek and chic outfit to wear with plaid pants, then a printed black crew neck t-shirt and plaid pants will surely be a head-turner anyplace you go.

4. Plaid pants with long sleeve shirts:

Plaid pants with long sleeve shirts

Outfits with plaid pants never go out of fashion. Moreover, when discussing plaid pant outfit ideas for men, grey plaid pants with a long-sleeved black shirt perhaps shall never be wrong. They’re a tested and classic pair, plus wearing this attire needs no reconsideration. So, if you’re up for something or even a meeting, you’ll never feel sad for picking this combination. Hence, put on grey pants with a black shirt, along with polished and tidy black shoes, thereby you’re all prepared for inviting a traditional essence.

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5. Plaid pants with colorful printed half-sleeve shirt:

Plaid pants with colorful printed half sleeve shirt

If there’s attire that one must indeed include in their wardrobe to maintain the current trend, then the priority has to be ‘plaid pants.’ These chequered pants keep your body warm during the winter and chilly fall temperatures plus present the utmost comfort. These are usually created using twill wool and even offer a bright look suitable for both formal as well as casual men’s plaid pants outfits. You’ll give this season a unique dimension if you follow the present trend of plaid pants fashion for men. Irrespective of what you combine these pants with, like a jacket, blazer, t-shirt, or shirt, each attire shall convey an exceptional appearance.

6. Plaid pants with a black t-shirt:

Plaid pants with a black t-shirt

Everyone is aware that black attire will never fail or go wrong. It is one of the rare colors which may turn every ordinary appearance into a timeless and classy-fashioned one. So, one such most usual yet stylish combo would be matching your plaid pants with a black-t-shirt. Furthermore, if you feel lazy enough to try out something different, you may go with this Men’s Plaid Pants Outfit idea, and you won’t regret your decision. It is among the most casual and fabulous attire to give a try. Finally, go out by combining them with a branded sneaker to ensure a fantastic combination.

7. Plaid pants and puffer jacket:

Plaid pants and puffer jacket

If you’re all set for a bit off-duty yet Trendy plaid pants outfit fusion, try wearing a puffer jacket along with the plaid pants. In case it’s cold outside, and you wish to drop the casual jacket attire, then undoubtedly go for a black puffer jacket with the Black plaid pants outfit. Moreover, when you’re moving for a bit sophisticated fusion, then a black puffer jacket with plaid pants even goes well. However, you may try ash plaid pants with a puffer jacket for a trendy and bold appearance. Thus, enhance your outfit with some white trainers and bright socks, plus wear a bucket hat for turning heads.

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8. Plaid pants with a hoodie:

Plaid pants with a hoodie

Plaid pant usually isn’t regarded as a usual formal outfit which one generally prefers. Yet, with the office environment evolving over time, individuals tend to pick relaxing and more casual attires. Plaid pants paired with a hoodie are among the top Casual plaid pants outfit opinions for men. It is a fantastic dress code to capture attention and even goes with an after-job Friday night party. You may pair these with a pair of sneakers or boots to ensure the outfit choice influences an individual remake percentage.

Custom hoodies are also a great option, consider personalizing a hoodie with a personal touch to go with your checked trousers. If you’re a fan of relaxed casual style, then a hoodie in your wardrobe is a must. Hoodies that have your own personal style are even more unique. You can customize the style of your hoodie and choose to have it printed with your favourite pattern. It’s fun to be the designer of your own wardrobe.

9. Plaid pants with a black blazer:

Plaid pants with a black blazer

Men’s Plaid Pants Outfits never fade away from fashion. During winter chills, you often wonder what to wear with plaid pants to appear subtle. For such instances, the blazer goes the best. Putting on a blazer that compliments your plaid pant pair in no time enhances a not-so-pleasant appearance for the day. Moreover, plaid suits are always considered classic and classy outfits for each formal occasion you visit. Black and white is the most preferable and utmost color combo. Hence, pairing a black blazer with white-colored plaid pants is very likely to be the leading outfit choice you’ve ever thought of.

10. Plaid pants with a leather jacket:

Plaid pants with a leather jacket

Leather jacket positions at the top among the timeless and trendy outfits that appear fantastic on fusing with almost every attire. This jacket indeed emanates masculine vibes and is a powerful combination worth assimilating into the off-duty collection. These Men’s plaid pants outfit offers overall clothing and an exclusive aesthetic. You may even try accompanying your get-up with casual suede boots pair. Moreover, black leather jackets always hold an approach of fortifying any such look. It even includes the power to a diversely lively plaid pant get-up. You may even buy colorful pants for the outfit yet ensure the color matches the plaid pant’s colors.

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11. Plaid pants with cool sweatshirts:

Plaid pants with cool sweatshirts

Streetwear and plaid walk well as cheese and mac or jelly and peanut butter. Moreover, setting up this look is illusively straightforward. So, what to wear with plaid pants? You can put on your favorite ankle plaid pant with your preferable plain or printed sweatshirt. Moreover, wear a low-top sneakers pair and include some flair using a preferable wristwatch. That is it; that is your entire get-up! You may even try distinct sweatshirts kinds with particular plaid pants outfits for men along with stylish accessories. However, you might eventually come across a combination that expresses straight away to you and ta-da; you’ve just gone through an ideal casual dress-up for yourself.

12. Plaid pants with a graphic t-shirt:

Plaid pants with a graphic t-shirt

Are you in a dilemma about what to wear with plaid pants? The graphic t-shirt is bold and has turned pretty famous as they’re easy to put on and extremely comfortable. This is an efficient method to look distinct from the whole crowd. Same as the graphic t-shirts, plaid pants are also bold, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t pair them up with your most preferable graphic tee. However, if you still wish to try this combination, selecting a neutral-shaded graphic tee or minimalist plaid pants is ideal. However, if you adore multiple colors, choose a graphic t-shirt in the shade also present on the plaid pant as a safe choice.

13. Plaid pants with cable knit sweater:

Plaid pants with cable knit-sweater

Plaid pants are very playful; hence wearing these with an old-fashioned turtle neck sweater includes a classy touch to your outfit, making you appear very powerful. It is a fantastic outfit to wear with plaid pants, plus it is a must-closet inclusion, mainly during the cold winters. On the other hand, the conventional cable knit sweater is considered a modest clothing piece as they cover up the maximum of the upper body. Furthermore, presently these sweaters arrive in several designs where few are sleeveless, some with cut-outs for showing some skin, and some cropping. You can wear all of these types with plaid pants in men’s outfits, yet it is advisable to consider the right color ahead of wearing one.

14. Plaid pants with a white button-down:

Plaid pants with a white button-down

It is recommended for every man to try at least a simple white-colored button-down shirt as it’s the most exclusive closet piece which never lets anyone down. It goes well with each environment, be it a fashion event, school visit, work, office function, or even a dinner date. You may wear this white shirt with Men’s Plaid Pants Outfit tidily tucked in, and finish off with some formal office sandals for a real office-ready outfit kind. You can even swap those sandals with sneakers or loafers, thereby attaining a preppy get-up with the same outfit. So for this, one may go for colors like neutrals and grey ones ad these appear the best. Moreover, you may wear plaid pants with a white button-down in an even jolly manner. Try out a large plaid pant pattern with bold colors while swapping the footwear with sandals, boots, or sneakers.

15. Plaid pants with a bomber jacket:

Plaid pants with a bomber jacket

Are you among the Social media influencers who don’t miss any chance of looking fabulous in their attire? Then there’s no much better approach to styling it than putting on a bomber jacket with a jogger pair. If you’re going out jogging yet wish to look perfect, then try the combination. Nevertheless, remember to wear something light-colored which won’t look over your top as your motive is to turn it casual. For Casual men’s plaid pants outfit ideas which are straightforward yet one can wear in several distinct manners, put on plaid pants with a navy-blue bomber jacket. When confused regarding outfit combinations, go for white-colored aesthetic shoes and navy to the ensemble.


The men’s fashion world will turn stake without plaid pants between tailored pants and jeans. Men’s casual plaid pants outfit offers the much-required variety in various colors with abundant experimental looks. These plaid patterns have become very famous nowadays and are even obtainable in accessories like ties, scarves, and hairbands. Plaid Pants Outfit Ideas for men include several latest trends to the buyers before purchasing one, thereby wearing it according to suitable events. Hence, be it a spring-fall or a winter fall, take off the plaid pants from your wardrobe, thereby enhancing your regular fashion with the latest twist along with the fifteen trendy outfit ideas.

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