25 Classy Ear Piercings Ideas for Men

Men’s ear piercing has become popular over the years, and the more people get influenced to pierce their ears, the more the questions pop up in their heads. Unfortunately, ear piercing is mostly the first piercing people get, making it essential for them to know a few things about Ear piercing before doing it.

If you plan to get men’s ear piercings, the most vital thing you will need is the piercing idea. There are plenty of boy’s ear piercing ideas available for you to find the best among them. However, it will be highly stressful to scroll through tons of pages and look out hundreds or thousands of piercing ideas to find the one for you. Won’t it be?

Steal These 25 Classy Ear Piercings Ideas For Men


Reasons To Learn Details About Ear Piercing Before Getting It

Although ear piercing has become a common thing, there are a few things that one should never neglect. First, it is essential to have the correct conception about piercing before getting the shot to ensure that you do not regret or suffer. Male ear piercing is safe unless you are allergic to a particular material; there should not be any problems.

However, some issues may depend on how your body reacts to the needle. For example, some people face swollen lobes primarily after the piercing, which eventually heal after a week. Of course, you can always ask the piercer to help you with your problem. However, it will be even more helpful to consult with them before piercing. Also, there are various types of ear piercing, and it will be more comfortable for you to decide which one suits your personality.

Steal These 25 Classy Men’s Ear Piercings Ideas

Finding classy men’s ear piercings style by scrolling through a thousand ideas is not only energy-wasting but also time-consuming. After researching guys’ ear piercings, we came up with the best 25 best male ear piercing ideas. According to all sources, these are men’s most popular Ear piercing ideas.

1. Conch Piercing For Men:

Conch Piercing For Men

If you are looking for something other than an earlobe piercing, you can think of a conch piercing. A conch piercing is one that goes through the most challenging part of the Ear. You can start with a single conch piercing if you are unsure how it will look on you. People like to pair conch piercings with studs. Then, you can get a few more piercings to enhance the look of your single conch piercing.

2. Double Conch Piercing:

Double Conch Piercing

Conch ear piercing is one of the most astonishing piercing ideas for men. But how about doubling the fun? Double conch piercing is also one of the trending piercing ideas for men. You can use the same colored studs for your conch piercing with other ear accessories. Guys often get conch piercings after getting one or more Ear pierces as it looks desirable. Although it is a rare case when someone gets a conch piercing as their first Ear piercing but it’s still worth it.

3. Cartilage Piercing Men:

Cartilage Piercing Men

Cartilage piercing is also one of the popular piercing ideas for men. If it is your first ear piercing and you want to go over the top with it, cartilage piercing will be the safe option for you. Various types of cartilage piercings are popular among men. You can choose the simple stud cartilage piercing or go on and check out the rest of the options.

4. Helix Piercing Men:

Helix Piercing Men

Helix piercing is one type of cartilage piercing but a bit more painful than the other piercing ideas. However, if you are not afraid of the pain, you can go for it. Helix piercing is currently one of the most popular and trending Ear piercing ideas for men. It is where you get a piercing on top of the cartilage. When it comes to helix piercing, you can try several accessories such as hoops, bars, studs, etc.

5. Forward Helix Piercing:

Forward Helix Piercing

If you already have a cartilage helix and want some more which is noticeable, a forward helix may be your thing. The forward helix punctuates the helix’s outer rim. It is a famous lobe piercing in men as many men prefer noticeable piercing. Men often like to go for subtle and unique piercing ideas, and the forward helix is perfect. It is best to wear studs or small rings on the forward helix.

6. Industrial Ear Piercing:

Industrial Ear Piercing

If you are not looking for a painful piercing, this might not be the best one. According to men, industrial ear piercing is one of the most painful ear piercings. It pains during punctuation, but it also takes a lot of time to heal the piercing. If you are patient to bear the pain of punctuation and a long healing period, the industrial piercing will drastically change your look. There is no denying how amazing men look with industrial ear piercings. However, it is the most complicated piercing on the list, and you must take proper care after you get this piercing.

7. Daith Piercing:

Daith Piercing

Daith piercing is nothing but inner cartilage piercing, and people consider it to be the most painful cartilage piercing to exist. It is a hole through your inner cartilage where you should wear rings. Daith piercing looks the best, but that does not eliminate the risk of infections. According to people, Daith piercing is more prone to infections if not done correctly or with no proper aftercare. Although it looks attractive, the hole can close if you don’t wear earrings for a long time.

8. Rook Piercing:

Rook Piercing

Men love rook piercing as they think rook piercing is one of those male ear piercing ideas that enhances your masculine looks. However, according to piercing artists, rook piercing is not only the best but the most challenging ear piercing for men. It is ideal for men who have cartilage fold. It becomes harder to perforate the cartilage for rook piercing without the fold. Small loops and hooks with balls are preferable for this.

9. Tragus Piercing:

Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is not the type of piercing you often see men choosing for their ear piercing. Many people are not aware of the part tragus. The tragus is the part of your Ear that supports or holds when you wear an earphone. Tragus piercing is a unique piercing idea that is comparatively painful. Moreover, it is on the outside and constantly in contact with dust, making it prone to infections. If you are looking for a unique and masculine look, you may try tragus piercing. But you need to ensure you do it from a professional piercing artist and follow proper aftercare. The tragus is a small area, and it can only support small accessories like studs. If you are into big earrings, the tragus is not the one you should do.

10. Anti-Tragus Ear Piercing:

Anti-Tragus Ear Piercing:

If you like the idea of tragus piercing but can’t take the risk of infections and a painful long healing period, we have something similar for you. The anti-tragus piercing is the same as the tragus piercing, but it punctuates the inner cartilage. It is less painful than tragus piercing and has less exposure to dust which makes it less prone to infections. The healing period for anti-tragus is short as any other regular ear piercing, about 4-6 weeks.

11. Lobe Piercing:

Lobe Piercing

If you don’t want something over-the-top, something subtle and straightforward, love piercing will be the best for you. Especially if it is your first time piercing your Ear, you can try lobe piercing. It is the most common Ear piercing in men. It is less painful and less prone to infections. It takes a few seconds and one loud gunshot to get a stud punctured in your Ear.

12. Snug Piercing:

Snug Piercing

A snug piercing is nothing but an anti-helix piercing. However, as the name suggests, it is the piercing idea where the hole punctuation is on the inner rim, which is adjacent to the helix. Because it is anti-helix, don’t think it is any less painful. Snug piercing is painful, and something men don’t recommend as the first ear piercing. However, it adds depth to your manly looks. Circular men’s earrings work best for snug piercing.

13. Orbital Piercing:

Orbital Piercing

An orbital piercing refers to two punctuations on the same part of the Ear that connects with a piece of jewelry. It is a unique ear-piercing idea for men. Men who like to experiment with their piercings tend to like this piercing idea more than others. Although not all men might be a fan of this idea if you do you should go get it. It is unique but looks attractive on a man. However, ensure piercing from a skilled piercing artist.

14. Earlobe Gauging:

Earlobe Gauging

Earlobe gauging is getting popular with every passing day. Although it is a popular piercing idea in punk enthusiasts, many men have started doing it as a trend nowadays. Nevertheless, ear gauging is stretching the holes in your Ear to your desired size. It is a gradual process that goes through several pushes to meet the person’s desired size. It will be helpful if you go to a piercer with gauging skills as all piercing artists might not do gauging.

15. Upper Lobe Piercing:

Upper Lobe Piercing

If you love small ear piercings, upper lobe piercing may be your choice. It is the same as the regular lobe ear piercing but on the upper lobe. If you have a giant ear, you can hold 2-3 ear piercings between your lower and upper loves. It is an effortless yet elegant style for men. The most attractive part of getting an upper lobe piercing is if you want to close the hole you can simply remove the earring and it will close over time.

16. Auricle Piercing:

Auricle Piercing

If you want an ear piercing to flaunt fancy rings on your ear, an auricle piercing will be perfect for you. The auricle is the space between the lobe and helix, which is perfectly noticeable and an ideal piercing option. It has been gaining popularity recently. However, auricle piercing can be a little painful but not much. You have to be careful with the cleaning after the piercing or it might cause trouble.

17. Transverse Lobe Piercing:

Transverse Lobe Piercing

Transverse Lobe Piercing is an ear-piercing idea that will make your jaw drop. It is the trendiest and the most unique among all the piercing ideas. Instead of a general piercing from front to back, transverse Lobe Piercing goes straight inside the lobe. The piercing allows the accessory to go vertical inside your love. Although you might have not seen many people with transverse piercings those who do, have loved the idea.

18. Double Upper Helix Piercing:

Double Upper Helix Piercing

Upper helix piercing is taking over the internet as men are in love with them. However, you can always double the fun. A double-upper helix with two simple rings can make everyone turn to you and think how awesome you look. Whether it’s your first time or not, double upper helix might hurt you a little but it will be worth the look you will achieve after the piercing. You can also get more piercings to compliment it.

19. Conch And Helix Piercing:

Conch And Helix Piercing

If you are obsessed with how unique your helix piercing looks, you would love to combine it with a petite conch piercing. Conch and helix piercing complement each other, adding depth to your manly charms. However, both conch piercing and helix piercing are painful and it will be helpful if you pierce them one by one. Once you heal from the first piercing you can go for the next and then enjoy the new look.

20. A Lower Lobe And Upper Helix Piercing:

A Lower Lobe And Upper Helix Piercing

Have you seen how handsome Robbert Pattinson looked with that lower lobe and upper helix piercing? Well, two trending and famous ear-piercing ideas for men can sum up to one of the deadliest combos a man can wear on their Ear. Two simple, sleek loops would look perfect for the lobe-helix combo. A lower lobe piercing is not painful at all, it will Hardly feel like a pinch or an ant snug. However, when it comes to upper helix piercing you have to go through some pain as cartilage is painful to pierce.

21. Double Lobe, Helix, And Rook:

Double Lobe, Helix, And Rook

It’s time to take things a little higher than ever. If you love lobe, helix, and rook all three and can’t decide which one to choose, we have a solution for you. When you can get three and style them accordingly, why would you want to choose one? Match the three unique piercing ideas and shock everyone. However, it is recommended not to get all three piercing at one time as it can turn extremely painful.

22. Lobe Piercing With A Cross:

Lobe Piercing With A Cross

Lobe piercing is the most common Ear piercing in men. If you want something trendy yet straightforward, you would love the superficial lobe piercing with a small cross. It not only adds depth to your manly look but also helps you express your versatile personality through it. One more thing, if it is your first ear piercing and you are not sure whether you can bear the pain, this will be the best for you.

23. Triple Lobe Piercing:

Tripple Lobe Piercing

Lobe Piercing never goes out of trend. Whether it’s your first time or not, you can never resist styling yourself with lobe piercings. The triple lobe piercing is a popular idea and looks too good to look away. If you don’t want to pierce both ears you can go a bit dramatic with your one ear piercing and get a triple lobe piercing. Three hoops or small rings look perfect on men.

24. Double Lobe With A Single Lobe:

Double Lobe With A Single Lobe

You have two ears; why not pierce both to create an undeniably handsome look and set a new trend. Many male celebrities have shown up in such piercings and set a new trend for men to enhance their looks and personality. Although men often like to pierce one ear, these celebrities changed their minds to get something new. If you are obsessed with ear piercing and want more piercings without going through a painful process, this idea is perfect for you.

25. Two Single Lobe Piercing:

Two Single Lobe Piercing

Once again, we have a simple yet out-of-the-box piercing idea for you. You can get one lobe piercing on each ear and style them with small studs. It is one of the regular lobe-piercing ideas for men. However, having a single piercing on each ear makes it look more attractive and versatile than others. It will be best for people who want to get a piercing on both ears but don’t want something dramatic or painful. Two single lobe piercing is simple yet unique.

Ear Piercing Aftercare

Getting a stud punctuated in any part of your Ear is not the last thing you need to do for a safe ear piercing. There are a few ear-piercing rules that you should follow to keep your piercing safe from infections and pain. Piercing aftercare is an essential part of getting a piercing; otherwise, you might have to suffer from painful days of hitting condition. Here are a few things you need to do as your piercing aftercare

  • Don’t play with the piercing during its healing period, or don’t get impatient. If you don’t want a lengthy healing period, all you can do is follow aftercare rules to shorten the healing time.
  • Don’t touch or pick your piercing any time. Remember, bare hands hold dirt, and dirt can cause severe piercing infections. So wash and dry your hands before touching the jewelry.
  • It’s essential to clean the pierced area to keep it clean and safe from infections. First, however, never wash it with regular soap. Instead, use unscented antibacterial soap for the cleaning.
  • It is highly suggested not to drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages as it irritates the piercing and can lead to infections.
  • Be careful while changing clothes or leaning your head on the pillow, or the jewelry might get stuck with the strings and cause trouble.

FAQ about Men’s Ear Piercing

Q. Is Ear Piercing Painful?

Ans. You might feel like someone pinched you when the piercer shot the needle through your lobes. Many people have described the hurt as the same as an ant Sting. However, some people believe it is less painful in an injection. You will barely feel anything. Understandably, ear piercing for men is not painful as we see most kids getting their Ear piercings at a very young age.

However, if you’re scared of Needles, you might ask the piercer whether you can apply numbing cream or not.

Q. How long does it take to heal the piercing?

Ans. Time taken for a piercing to heal depends on the person and the aftercare. The average time required for piercing healing is about six weeks. However, some people seem to face problems due to a lack of care during the healing process. It can cause infection, which leads to worse conditions. If you don’t do proper aftercare, you might get a disease that will take longer to heal. An infection will also cause pain during the time.

Q. Best material or metal for piercing?

Ans. The best metal for male piercing varies from man to man. People use various metals for ear piercing, such as gold, stainless steel, and titanium. It will be more comfortable to understand if we explain the types of metals. For gold, you can use a 14KT or 24KT gold plate. For stainless steel and titanium, it must be medical-grade.

All four options are safe to put on your earlobe. However, it will be helpful if you check whether you’re allergic to pieces of jewelry or not. Many people get allergic reactions from wearing jewelry because of the metal. For example, people are often allergic to nickel. If you are allergic to nickel, the best and only option for you is medical-grade titanium, as it does not contain any amount of metal. All the other metals consist of nickel so, it will be better to ensure if you’re allergic or not to be safe. If you have no allergies to nickel or any metal, you can get any earrings you want.

 Q. Where should I go for classic Ear piercing for men?

Ans. For the first time, going for a boy ear piercing can be a bit confusing in terms of where to go, what to choose, what to do, etc. When it comes to Ear piercing, men often look for answers to where should I get my ears pierced male? Well, it’s impossible to list the names of locations suitable for everyone. In such a situation, it will be helpful if you look for recommendations from your friends, relatives, and neighborhood and find a place where the piercer has proper skills, uses upgraded tools, and is hygienic with the needles, tools, and everything. You can also check reviews on social media to find the best place for boy ear piercing near you.

Q. Should I get an ear-piercing male?

Ans. Many people have the same question even when they walk inside the piercing studio. Well, the answer is yes. As long as it makes you happy, you can get whatever you like. If you are insecure about looks, watch on the internet how our male celebrities rocked every time they came up with a new piercing.

If you want a safe and smooth ear piercing, find your favorite type, a reliable studio with a skilled Piercing artist, and follow aftercare rules.

Body piercing is one of those things every person wants to try at least once in their life, regardless the gender. Although not everyone wants to pierce every part of the body, they look forward to ear piercing. There is no denying that ear piercings look amazing on everyone. However, men often question themselves, like should I get my ears pierced due. It can be because men are primarily unaware of details about men’s ear piercings.

Nevertheless, many parts of our society think ear piercing is for females, which makes a lot of men rethink their desire to talk about Ear Piercing for Men. However, once men started breaking the stereotypes and looking forward to ear piercings for men, we all confronted how handsome they looked. The looks and a male ear piercing add an extra charm to a person’s personality, which is impossible to deny. However, male ear piercing is much more than a needle going through your skin.

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