Different Types of Leather Jackets Styles for Men

Jackets are one of the best protective outerwear for keeping your body warm. The jacket market is filled with different types of jackets for men that serve different purposes. Besides layering, these jackets have been mainly used as the ultimate style quotient throughout the years. Men have to choose the right jackets considering the occasion and weather conditions. It won’t make sense if you don’t get enough idea of different kinds and styles of jackets.

Each of the jackets has its own significance. Whether you want a jacket for casual, sports, business, or ongoing wear, the right choice will significantly impact your personality. After knowing about various types of jackets, you might get confused about where to start. You should add a leather jacket to your collection or not, you can discover from here. Keep reading this guide to ensure which outerwear suits you best.

Different Types of Leather Jackets Styles for Men


Different Types of Jacket Materials


Today’s most leather jacket styles are made of faux leather that is soft as well as waterproof. Leather is available in minimal colors like brown, dyed black, etc.; the natural ones are not waterproof but look so classy on men’s bodies.


This natural fiber is so soft and fluffy that it is one of the most preferred material choices for most men’s outerwear. Available in various colors, cotton is not at all water-resistant and doesn’t give enough protection against wind.


One of the wool types, this material is taken from particular goat breeds. Manufacturers consider this material for its high quality, softness, and insulating power that helps the user keeps warm in cold weather.


This plastic-based material is so water-resistant and soft that it is used for making lightweight winter wear. For making windbreakers, this material is best used.


This material is so flexible and breathable that it can be worked as the best fabric for manufacturing winter wear. The synthetic mixture helps add warmth to the fabric, thus becoming one of the most used jacket materials.


Besides different leather jackets, this synthetic fabric is mainly used for highly breathable, soft winter jackets.

12 Types of Leather Jackets for Different Purposes

So, you have already got an idea that there is every kind of jacket that serves different purposes. Men opt for various jackets to alter their dress codes and get suited for numerous occasions.

1. Field Jacket:

Field Jackets

Alternatively known as the Barn coat, this rugged, handsome leather jacket suits men the best. From the name itself, you can understand that this jacket was made initially for industrious farmers. With time, it has evolved and has been a staple outfit of urban populations. This hip-length jacket comes with loose-fitting, clear lines and a zip front. If you notice deeply, you will realize that the jacket is similar-shaped to the jackets used in the U.S. military. Some salient features, including an adjustable drawstring, storm pocket on the front side, four flap pockets on the front side, and others, distinguish this jacket from the rest. If you prefer bags, these field jackets offer you an affluence of space for keeping your essentials.

2. Shearling Jacket:

Shearling Jacket

To keep your body warm and safe throughout the winter months, buy a Shearling Jacket. This traditional jacket doesn’t only allow you to fight against cold weather but also helps you stay in style. Unlike the best leather jackets for men, they are usually made of natural or synthetic sheep’s wool, ensuring the user feels comfortable wearing them. The inner part comes with woolly material, whereas the outer part is made of suede leather. Quite an expensive winter piece, buying this jacket will be a good deal if you live in a place with freezing weather. Easier for washing and maintenance; thus, the jacket is genuinely a significant investment.

3. Moto Jacket:

Moto jacket

The extensive features like snap buttons, exterior pockets, and make the jacket suitable for all men. This cotton-based Moto jacket is an absolute option for the spring season. Known initially as the Belstaff jacket, this waterproof outfit came into existence in 1924, basically for motor racers. Soon pilots and soldiers become prominent customers of these jackets for their moisture resistance feature. Today, this iconic fashion jacket is one of the preferred choices of most celebrities. If you also want to be an inevitable part of this legacy, you must buy their latest collections.

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4. Varsity Jacket:

Varsity Jacket

The traditional Varsity jackets, among various types of leather jackets for men, come with leather sleeves, a woolen body, and a logo. The modern jackets come with boxy cuts and are made of cotton or fleece. Often called letterman jackets, these have colored sleeves. Initially, the jackets were used in high school sports, but men became so attracted to this fashionable outfit that they embraced it outside educational institutions. These jackets tend to be oversized, collarless, and relaxed outlooks. Anyone can opt for this charming jacket to keep their body pretty warm. It is considered one of the best men’s outerwear. Thus irrespective of your body size, you can carry this jacket casually.

5. Quilted Jackets:

Quilted Leather Jacket for Men


This seasonal outerwear among the types of leather jackets for men is one of the perfect weekend outfits; it goes well with a solid t-shirt and jeans. Opt for this outfit to enhance the look if you want to become the center of attraction at your next stag party. An ideal option for adding extra texture and gives a fancy look that anyone can envy. If you love experimenting with layers, wear it over your sweatshirt to protect your body from heavy wind, and lock in the body heat. This minimalist jacket surely helps you look handsome. Pick any colors from the best leather jacket styles for men that go best with your personality and flaunt it in the cold weather.

6. Flight Jacket:

Flight Jackets

Having been in use for so many years, the Flight jacket was first introduced in the year 1917 by the army of the United States. The pilots heavily adopted this style on duty. Even after a whole century, this jacket is still on-trend among men. The jacket comes with an oversized lapel and collar and a single zipper in front, making it a straight fit for any type. The effortless outfit is best known for its warm insulation that helps men get protection from the cold. The jacket is available in variant designs that include patches, additional pockets, and stitching to increase overall functionality.

7. Leather Jacket:

Leather Jacket

These bold types of men’s leather jackets suddenly became in trend in the 1950s when Marlon Brando appeared in this staple in the American drama film “The Wild One and Rebel” without a Cause. The robust leather material is perfect wear for the spring season and day outings. For feeling ultra-smooth, there’s no alternative to the excellent leather jacket. As intelligent casual wear, this leather jacket offers a variety of styles from blazer, bomber, and other famous types. Men prefer a double rider leather jacket with an asymmetrical zipper and big collars. At the beginning of the 1900s, this stylish jacket came into being for motorcyclists to avoid injury during road accidents.

8. Puffer Jacket:

Puffer Leather Jacket

Also named quilted jackets, these are quilted with warm material like down feathers to be great outerwear for winter. Opt for this quintessential winter wear to protect you from heavy snowfall. The lightweight, moisture resistance, and warm nature make these jackets ideal for staying dry all day. The extra puffiness and the signature design make this jacket highly stylish for the user. Available in multiple colors, the synthetic insulation makes the jacket lightweight, so don’t break apart after washing. To avoid over-bundling, choose a high-quality puffer jacket from different types of jackets for men that don’t affect your overall motion.

9. Mac Jacket:

Mac Jackets

Alternatively known as a Rain jacket, these are waterproof wear for protection against snow and rain. This Mackintosh coat came into being in 1800 by a chemist named Charles Mackintosh. This outer coat comes with minimalist embellishments and gives you ultimate warmth. It is the perfect casual wear for the spring season and goes well with chinos and other casual pants. With liquid rubber between the exterior and interior layer, this magical jacket has become an excellent addition to the business environment. With advanced technology and intricate craftsmanship, this rubberized coat is a perfect layer over the sweater or suit.

10. Anorak Jacket:

Anorak Leather Jacket Style for Men

Fabricated by the Caribou Inuit, this heavy hooded jacket is one of the best leather jacket styles for men against extreme cold temperatures. Most people have misconceptions between Anoraks and Parkas, although both are pretty different. A Parka refers to the hip-length jacket stuffed with a fur-lined hood, whereas the Anorak jacket is a hooded water-resistant pullover. You often notice drawstrings at the jacket’s cuffs and waist, which makes this garment similar to the hoodie. Arctic people usually wear this waterproof jacket to reduce the outbreak of cold wind and weather entering the body.

11. Harrington Jacket:

Harrington Leather Jacket style for men

The cinched waist and zippered front is the main feature of the Harrington jackets, one of the different styles of leather jackets. It has a look-alike appearance like bomber jackets but comes with a high collar that makes it different. This lightweight, functional, casual jacket looks good on men of all ages. Designer Baracuta first introduced this windproof jacket, and McQueen popularized it. It goes perfectly well with jeans, T-shirts, and boots. If you live where the weather often fluctuates, it should be in your wardrobe with other casual pieces. A true example of versatility, this classic jacket will be perfect evening wear in the summer months.

12. Shirt Leather Jacket:

Shirt Jacket Style for men

Comes in multiple colors; this affordable jacket should be in every man’s wardrobe for a bouncing look. Usually made of polyester, this type of jacket is best fitted with shirts and chinos. Some men try to bring a casual look by opting for a short jacket over a button-up shirt. It not only acts as the ultimate style quotient but also provides an extra layer of warmth. Depending on your living region, this jacket is known by various names, including CPO jacket, shirt jacket, shacked, and others. From the name itself, you can get to know that it’s just carrying another shirt. You can get light warmth without any bulk feeling, which will be a great alternative to a hoodie or cardigan.

Why Choosing Leather Jackets All Worthwhile?

The best leather jackets for men practically provide immense benefits that motivate you to keep them in your wardrobe. This natural material is so desirable among men that it always has in demand for manufacturing quality jackets. Besides its thickness, this material helps safeguard from extreme weather conditions. Also, its longevity always makes it an excellent material for creating any type of jacket.


Want to unleash your signature look? From this helpful guide, you can ensure choosing the best leather jacket styles that not only give you a signature look but help you move freely. Whether you opt for loose or tight fittings, these jackets keep you minimally looking great. Choose your style and preferences so that your body gets fitted and prevents you from extreme weather conditions.

Keeping these valuable jackets in your wardrobe can add another level of elegance. If you consider using leather jackets, you can choose from the multiple options that best suit your needs. Navigate the various types of men’s leather jackets to look fashionable and protect them from possible falls.

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