What to Wear With a Leather Jacket for Men

Leather jackets can be related to chic bad boys, yet their launch is traditionally functional. These jackets were necessarily practical garments since the nineteenth and twentieth century. The biker’s jackets started as a protection tool because these would shield the rider from abrasion during crashes as well as offer warmth and insulation during bike riding.

In opposition to what few people presume, a leather jacket holds a position in the vintage menswear catalog, yet you’ll have to explore the material and style which is ideal for you. As a standard leather jacket might be a considerable investment, here’s the guide that’ll aid you in picking the perfect choice. You’ll also get an intuition about how to benefit from the leather jacket besides flaunting a few attires that truly anyone may accomplish. This classic yet stylish jacket is something that every man shall yearn for at a point in their life- so here are some outfit ideas to put on rather than keeping it just in your wardrobe. Our expert picks the best leather jacket for men and what to wear with them, including jeans, joggers, boots, and more.

What to wear with a leather jacket men's


20 Ideas to Wear With a Leather Jacket for Men

1. The Modern Hipster Style:

The Modern Hipster Style

Are you fond of visiting coffee shops to receive the perfect savor? Perhaps you’re a constant at the local microbrewery and prefer styling with hipster outfit ideas. In recent years, hipsters have become very prominent, which is ideal. A brown leather jacket with a black t-shirt, black jeans, and a white pair of canvas shoes truly makes a striking look that will indeed flaunt your charming personality. So, if you wish to prepare a statement hipster appearance, why not carry an old beanie or thick-rimmed glasses with your outfit?

2. Bikers Jacket Style:

Bikers Jacket Style

You may have seen several men putting on this style often. In the late twentieth century, there was a great demand for black leather jackets among men, which was also famous clothing among biker competitors. You’ll often locate this style over the streets as it offers a very voguish appearance to anyone who puts it on. So crack the best style by wearing a black leather jacket over a black shirt, blue denim jeans, and a pair of black boots. This way, you’ll flaunt a timeless appearance even when it’s effortless to bring off.

3. Brown Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas:

Brown Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

You’ll often find this classic brown leather jacket on army pilots. Nevertheless, you’ll have to keep one crucial thing in mind, i.e., it is better not to wear a brown leather jacket with a matching brown-shade t-shirt or other outfits. You may wear it with trainers, brown boots, and light blue denim jeans. However, if you aren’t a fan of brown, then you need to find out what you can put on with a black leather jacket, as black is the savior!

4. Innovative Men’s Jacket Style for a Casual Outing:

Innovative Men's Jacket Style for a Casual Outing

Are you looking for something simple yet attractive combo? A chic casual appearance is tough to achieve and thereby makes it perfect. A bomber leather jacket focuses more on the casual edge; hence wear it with relaxed trousers like light-colored chinos and an olive green oxford shirt. However, grab them in a slim fit and complete the outfit with desert shoe pair for a more innovative look. Black jeans and an olive green shirt are forever an attractive choice for boosting attraction.

5. Funky College Dress Outfit Idea:

Funky College Dress Outfit Idea

The trusted and safest leather jacket style is wearing a white shirt. This outfit idea is widely shared among most celebrities and is even highly recommended by all famous designers. If you’re a novice in the world of leather jackets, then you can go for blue denim, a white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Also, remember to pick the shoes as per your occasion. If dressing up for something casual, you may wear a white t-shirt and some fashionable jewelry to enhance the look.

6. All-black Stylish Yet Simple Outfit:

All-black Stylish Yet Simple Outfit

Why consider multiple styles when one can appear smart and sleek in all-black? It is recommended to stock up on a few classy jackets when morning dress-ups aren’t your cup of tea. You may go for various designs and styles to appear the best daily. This picture shows a leather jacket in a bomber style which complements well with grey pants. Then there’s the pair of white sneakers which further neutralizes the whole black outfit idea.

7. Go for Stylish Leather Jackets for a Semi-formal Occasion:

Go for Stylish Leather Jackets for a Semi-formal Occasion

It is undoubtedly amazing to try out various discolored textures and colors such as tan, grey, as well as distinct styles. You just need to have the guts to carry every style efficiently. Like this star in the picture below, you may wear a leather coat over the white shirt and formal vest with black trousers, giving a final semi-formal appearance. This outfit idea is a mixture of casual and formal, which will appear quite classy when you wear them together.

8. Go for a Rough Plus Tough Outfit:

Go for a Rough Plus Tough Outfit

Winter outfits often turn pretty monotonous and dull. No one prefers to wear the same regular sweater you wore last year. It is always advisable to buy high-standard leather jackets to protect yourself from the severe cold climate. Moreover, all young guys prefer distinctive styles that appear youthful and peppy. The fur specialty on this leather jacket collar appears perfect and cute for winter. So, dress in this brown furry jacket over a round sweater or a black t-shirt and enjoy your day with dazzling style.

9. The Pilot/ Cop Leather Plus Bomber Outfit Idea:

The Pilot/ Cop Leather Plus Bomber Outfit Idea

Generally, bomber leather jackets are specially designed for pilots, yet you’ll often find even the cops wearing these jackets. Few find it tough to carry this fashion piece, yet it isn’t harsh as you think. You can carry it boldly or make it simple, plus the durable fashion piece is straightforward to wear during the winter. Also, most men can carry the black leather bomber with a collar, a white shirt, and trousers for festive occasions to look the best in the event.

10. Biker Jacket for Rugged Guy Appearance:

Biker Jacket for Rugged Guy Appearance

Look into the shoulder pad cushioning with zip details over the sleeves, and if this does not define coolness, then it isn’t certain what will. A black leather jacket will solve the problem of a guy who wishes to channel a dark and edgy vibe via their outfit. A leather jacket even goes well when you wish to intensify the look of your outfit or want to hide an ordinary t-shirt. You may even use it for making an all-black appearance or wear it above colored pants, as you’ll look great in both ways.

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11. Black Leather Jacket With Patterns, Detailing, and Prints:

Black Leather Jacket With Patterns, Detailing, and Prints

An electric blend of details, studs, and embroideries elaborates on the modern black menswear leather jacket. This jacket comes richly designed with stitched military gold marks, stressed with studs and hand-painted florals. You can see these detailing on the leather jacket’s chest and arm areas, forming a quasi-tattoo over the body. So you can style the black embellished leather jacket with a plain black t-shirt, black jeans, and loafers, making it neutral attire clear of other prints, allowing the flamboyant leather jacket to be the focus.

12. Semi-formal Stylish Wedding Look:

Semi-formal Stylish Wedding Look

Brown is one of the most loved leather coat colors next to black. You can pair this brown jacket with white pants and denim as well. Bring your bold, unique fashion statement by picking a different colored leather jacket; also, don’t get afraid in case it isn’t in fashion, as you’d rock this outfit. Moreover, this outfit idea will be the ultimate pick for people who’ve no idea about styling a leather jacket. White jeans, brown boots pair, a brown leather jacket, a white shirt, and a black sweater will pair perfectly.

13. Outfit Idea for Younger Guys:

Outfit Idea for Younger Guys

Distressed and ripped jeans are getting famous daily and are the latest trend for guys. This is the absolute inspiration for a college-going guy: a black leather jacket, a pair of boots, distressed black jeans, and a printed shirt. Moreover, leather jackets serve several purposes, like offering fashion uplift and letting you stay warm simultaneously. The all-over black appearance highlights a black leather jacket with distressed jeans and black shoes, adding the ultimate fashion. Also, don’t miss the leather bag because it’ll look super cool as a complete outfit.

14. Work Look Leather Jacket Outfit Idea:

Work Look Leather Jacket Outfit Idea

Have you got bored of wearing simple sweaters or putting on formal to your office? If you’re a modern and stylish boss who carries great dress codes and won’t mind you trying out multiple apparel pieces, then this is what you should try out now. Putting on a moto racer or motocross jacket brings in a style push. They are streamlined, classy, and ideal for men who love classics yet want to go simple. Furthermore, wearing them with a red sweater will help you stay safe from the cold winters.

15. Tie, Shirt, and Leather Jacket Outfit Idea:

Tie, Shirt, and Leather Jacket Outfit Idea

The leather jacket plays a crucial role in the modern work field too. You can abide by the bombers for office and regard brown or tan suede as alternatives to polished blacks. Lastly, avoid heavy paddings and embellishments, allowing the cut and weight of the suede to embrace your shoulders. Moreover, blending in all the buttons and zippers is advisable and keeping the pockets minimum. So, try out this look of a brown leather jacket today, with patterned grey trousers, a white shirt, a tie, and black sunglasses to make your day.

16. The Handsome and Rugged Appearance:

The Handsome and Rugged Appearance

You need not worry if your leather jacket has become quite old as you can still wear the challenging piece as it will give you a stylish look. Leather jackets and denim jeans are two pieces that, on even getting worn out, shall never fade away from fashion. This distressed appearance offers a charm of its plus and appears unique, uplifting all ordinary-appearing outfits. So, a worn-out leather jacket with a white shirt, black tie, blue denim, and brown formal shoes will rock your appearance at work and an amusing concert. Lastly, that black leather bag undoubtedly appears like a splendid purchase.

17. Everyday Leather Jacket Style:

Everyday Leather Jacket Style

This hybrid version of a puffer and leather jacket is a must-buy for all men. You may flaunt a dual look with a single jacket. The silver button and zip detailing enhance its look further. You can wear this jacket with a sweater or a plain tee to enjoy the winter vibes. Moreover, those brown boots appear like an ideal pick that goes with this dress code. It is undoubtedly an ideal choice for college or your date. So, without a second thought, trust the effortless combination to give a 360-degree turn to your fashion.

18. Hoodies and Leather Jackets:

Hoodies and Leather Jackets

For an athletic plus leisure look, you don’t always have to go for shell jackets and windbreakers. The perfect leather jacket is a mandatory outwear item; put on as an ultimate luxury when you team up with sweatshirts. The hoodie inside the leather jacket with slim-fit denim jeans or black trousers and a pair of trainers or formal shoes look in absolute vogue and is very comfortable when you’re out on the streets. You can also puck a duffle bag of leather like a stylish fashion accessory to tally with the jacket.

19. Smart and Old Outfit Idea:

Smart and Old Outfit Idea

Just like in the old movies, lead actors love to put on leather jackets to bring in a classy and elegant style statement, and even you can carry one to look like an absolute stunner. You can pick slick designs because this shall work with the current fashion trend so as not to look that preppy. The brown leather jacket, grey high-neck jumpers, blue denim, and black boots will bring you a classy look that is ideal for your friend reunion. Moreover, the beret-design blue hat enhances the appearance with its brilliant style.

20. Party Style Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas:

Party Style Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

Biker leather jackets are a vintage American leather-wearing style. A black jacket, round white or v-neck black tees, blue or black faded jeans, and a pair of trainers will give your fashion a relaxed feel. You may even get hold of the Harley riders, though they carried an impressive, rough, and tough style which is great to wear on casual gatherings, award shows, or parties. Hence, whether you talk about western or eastern fashion, leather jackets have become famous all across the world, especially black ones, which are safe to purchase.


Hope now you’ve got enough ideas for leather jacket outfits for men. Hence, from all the outfit ideas discussed earlier, how are you planning to dress up today? These were some preferences you may modify, making yourself an eminent body in society. However, you may constantly adapt new things to bring your unique style, yet keep in mind that a standard quality jacket is an essential part of the style.

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