20 Cocktail Attire for Men [Dress Code Guide]

Cocktail attire for men might seem simple at first, but you will get surprised by how frequently men attend events in inappropriate clothing. You don’t need to wear a tuxedo, but this is hardly how you dress for a night out with the guys. For many people, it’s simple to imagine that cocktail attire merges with business attire but with a little more flair than the workplace might permit.

The truth is, the men’s cocktail attire is not very difficult to master. You might find the dress code according to the choice when equipped with proper knowledge. A cocktail outfit gives us more options than a maneuver with a plain black tie, yet more sophisticated than business casuals or smart casuals. In simple words, they provide the best look in both worlds.


What is Cocktail Attire for Men?

Cocktail parties include lots of food and liquor. They are meant to celebrate birthdays, employee reunions, anniversaries, or other occasions. Some western and Indian cultures even organize cocktail parties right before their wedding to bring both families together, give them time to spend together, and create a bond in a fun and relaxed environment. These parties happen post sunset, and if you are sociable, don’t miss it. What can be better than alcohol and talking?

There might be different reasons for cocktail parties, but their nature is the same. You can choose your cocktail attire according to your reason for the party. Knowing a few details about the cocktail dress for men is a baby step to nailing the look. Let’s see where you should wear your cocktail attire.

When to Wear Cocktail Attire?

1950s cocktail and Manhattan parties are not very popular in modern social life. You might be thinking, so when should you wear your cocktail attire? You can wear a cocktail dress for men on these occasions:-

  • Networking events
  • Opening galas and events
  • Business receptions
  • Wedding receptions
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Christmas parties

You don’t need any excuse to wear cocktail attire. If you wish to go out with your evening look with the best feeling, you can rock your men’s cocktail attire.

20 Cocktail Attire Outfit Ideas for Men

Social gatherings revolve around blending in while also sticking out, yet this balance may be readily achieved by dressing in a way that draws attention to you. When the party is finished, and everyone has left to go home, do you want people to remember you still? You must wear the ideal cocktail dress code for men to do this. Making a big entrance is also necessary if you intend for Cupid to shoot his arrows at this celebration. You might be trying to impress your boss to get a promotion for your senior, or you might want to come across as a person of distinction.

1. Separate Ways:

Separate Ways

A simple cocktail dress code, men: mismatched tailoring is done with grace and style. The fabric and color choice becomes very crucial because you will not want to give a business casual look. Avoid traditional navy and grey combo and favor something more striking, like burgundy, dark grey, burnt orange, and black with black or brown casual shoes. You can go for a tee, shirt or turtleneck according to the party you are going.

2. Tactile Touchpoints:

Tactile Touchpoints

Planning to attend a special occasion? You got an excellent excuse to brush off your velvet jacket. Pick your staple formal evening wear without a bow tie. Style your jacket with a roll neck. To give perfection to the look, you must know that texture plays a vital role here. Stoke-able and shiny texture will add some glamour. Corduroy and tweed can do a similar job at less glitzy events.

3. Checks, Please:


Checks can give you an aesthetic look at a garden party. You can opt for checks to give less formal than other looks, and they work perfectly for summer weddings. Pair a check blazer with tailored non-check trousers with a complementary color. A starched and crisp collar shirt completes the look. Complete your cocktail party attire with matching shoes with your pants, or go for brown or black. You can even add sunglasses or a pocket square.

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4. Toned Up:

Toned up

When discussing semi-formal and formal events, forgetting about black is impossible. Cocktail party attire male ideas revolve around black in every world culture. Please choose your favorite color, from burgundy and earthy stone to midnight blue and black, and dip in it. Every piece will be of a different shade, just a slight difference. Get your corduroy and velvet jackets out.

5. Go for Light:

Go for light

Previously, a white jacket with carnation was perfect for dinner. But now, going with that look on this day will be a little stretch. A light-colored jacket will still add some stylish insouciance in summer. Create a 90s look with a little bit of modern touch. You can look out for pastel tailoring or off-white and style with a Cuban shirt, matching trousers, and leather shoes.

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6. Statement Suit:

Statement Suit

Suits still work best for the cocktail dress code if you choose the right one. Forget about anything that will create the home’s look in the office and amp things up with more striking hues, eye-catching patterns, exciting fabrics, or chic accents. You can combine your jacket with a complementary roll neck or neutral shirt. Finish your attire with leather footwear and allow your clothing to do talking.

7. Go for the Traditional One:

Go for the traditional one

You are mistaken if you are one of the people who think that males can only wear formal clothing to a cocktail party. Our men can experiment with the same variety in traditional clothing instead of sticking to hit-and-miss strategies for casual cocktail attire. Men commonly appear in elegant traditional cocktail clothes with Kurta and overcoat blends at various engagement and wedding ceremonies. Adding fashionable accessories and footwear works well together to draw attention.

8. Go All White:

Go all white

We men are huge fans of summer cocktails and soirees by the beach, and many share the same feeling. If your invitation requests the presence of a restaurant or shack, then going for an all-white will give you the best look, especially in breezy and warm weather. These cocktail parties are chilled out with casual cocktail attire, and you can be in a relaxed and polished dress. Just remember not to choose anti-fit. If you prefer white, ensure you are not amongst those clumsy folks; it will be a disaster.

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9. Style It With Formal:Style it with formal

Since they are simple to wear as a business dress for attracting everyone’s attention in meetings, club attire for remaining in the limelight the entire time, and in other situations, formals stay in style. However, some men find formals relatively uninteresting to consistently wear black pants and a white shirt the whole year; if you’re tired of wearing the same old formals, spice things up with spiked hair, unique sunglasses, and comfortable sneakers by removing the tie from your dress code and rock cocktail outfit for men.

10. Navy Style:

Navy style

The most popular cocktail attire for men is the navy look. The navy cocktail dress codes are ideal for you if you own your own business or serve your country. Men with fair skin can bring out their inner hottie by dressing in dark navy suits and pants and pairing them with milky white shirts and navy blue overcoats. However, if you have a darker skin tone, lighter colors of navy blue might look better on you.

11. Play the Handsome Clown:

Play the handsome clown

Still confused, what is cocktail attire for men? There are attractive clowns as well as humorous clowns. You must activate the second type here while putting your cocktail clothes to the test. Consider trying out t-shirts with odd dark hues like Prussian blue, chocolate brown, or light-hued lemon yellow shirts. All the females adore Guys with a lively personality and flashy cocktail attire.

12. Rock Your Outfit With Grey Shades:

Rock your outfit with Grey shades

Grey is a beautiful color, but men usually avoid wearing grey shirts or pants because they are self-conscious about their height, dark skin tones, or other factors. However, to choose the right cocktail outfit for men, you must dress differently to stand out even in unfavorable situations. As a result, you can dress up in distinctive formal cocktails, wear fittings, grey casual clothing, or even fittings to attract all the female attention in your vicinity.

13. Keep it Simple:

Keep it Simple

Looking for the easiest option for summer cocktail attire? Going for plain, slim-fit, white tailored shirts and deep slacks will give an aesthetic look. Match your combination with a brown belt with derby shoes to give dressy touch. Looking simple will even create a stylish and classy look.

14. Sharp and Smart:

Sharp and Smart

Like before, easy and casual cocktail dress for men, choose a plain white shirt to give a chic look. Match your shirt with the solid color two-piece suit. Don’t limit yourself to a neutral shade if you want to create a stylish ensemble edge. Choose seasonal colors such as burgundy, forest green, or mid blue to add some style and interest.

15. Understated and Classic Mix:

Understated and classic Mix

Choose an outfit that will give a youthful look with a classic feel. Go with the same white shirt and match with slim-fit chinos in bold colors like red or blue. Rock your cocktail dress for men with a blazer jacket in a neutral color such as white, beige, or grey. You can finish your look with a leather belt and laced brogues for an understated and cool appearance.

16. Playful and Fun:

Playful and Fun

Add some fun factors to cocktail suits with printed shirts like floral or paisley. Whether you pair your suit stick or separate to a single color, ensure that they are neutral to make your shirt pop out. Choose a tanned leather belt with matching shoes if you want to rock your summer look.

17. Be An Attention Magnet:

Be an attention magnet

Select a plaid suit jacket and a pocket square that matches your jacket’s color for an outfit sure to draw attention. Complete your Cocktail attire for men with neutral-colored chinos(stone, tan, or beige) in a different shade and a neutral-colored shirt(grey, black or white) in a different shade to avoid looking too dominating. Don’t forget to accessorize with some strap shoes and a basic leather belt.

18. Be a Geek Chic:

Be a Geek Chic

Choose a basic shirt, a pair of neutral-colored suit pants, and a blazer jacket in a trendy color for a nice and modern look. For a classy and refined appearance, complete the Cocktail attire men with loafers, belt, pocket square, and matching. You can add on Geek-chic eyewear, but these are optional.

19. Color-Popping:


Want some fancy cocktail party attire for summer? Pastel or bright colors chinos with a neutral-hued blazer and complementary shirt will rock your summer outfit. Select breathable and excellent footwear such as boat shoes and loafers. Add on the modern and whirly spin to your outfit by adding a pocket square and marching printed bow tie.

20. Try Out Odd Colors:

Try out Odd colors

Do your odd-colored shirts and pants make you feel self-conscious? If so, it’s time to turn some heads and raise a few eyebrows with casual cocktail wear by experimenting with unusual hues. To defy the world’s expectations and show off your style moves out of the blue demands fierce inner strength and commitment. Wearing an off-white t-shirt with hot pink or dark crimson red pants may make you initially feel self-conscious. However, once you realize the benefits and significance of dressing oddly, there is no turning back.


Are you bored with regular outfits? It’s time to trend with top 20 cocktail attire ideas for men. Select a combination from these 20 outfit ideas or create a new one. Apart from all these, it would help if you considered comfort over style. You can’t carry out your class if you are not comfortable. Keep your shyness aside and wear funky styles that make you stand out. Please show them your variation of cocktail outfits to the world.