25 Soft Boy Aesthetic Outfits Ideas

The soft boy style, the most recent Tik-Tok fashion trend, has swept over the internet. A soft boy is a young male who favors feminine interests, attires, characteristics, and an overall style. Guys who are fond of soft boy clothing aren’t scared to embrace their feminine side and exhibit more sensitive characteristics that appeal to emotions. Art, music, photography, poetry, and philosophy are some common hobbies among the soft boys. Various concerts, museums, libraries, and fashionable bars are all good places to look for them.

Timothee Chalamet, Harry Styles, and K-pop boy bands like BTS are some celebrities who are often linked with the soft boy image.

Soft Boy Aesthetic Outfits Ideas


SoftBoy Aesthetic’s Beginning

In the late 2010s, the soft boy appearance first emerged on the internet. E-boys and the soft boy aesthetic are both regarded as internet subcultures. On social media sites like Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Tumblr, the trend swiftly garnered significant popularity among Gen Z audiences in 2019. Young superstars like Timothee Chalamet, Harry Styles, and Jaden Smith helped to popularise it. It’s hard to discuss the soft boy culture without including K-Pop. While the aesthetic look has just recently garnered worldwide recognition, it has always been popular in South Korea’s K-Pop scene. K-Pop stars frequently wear feminine hues and fabrics, and many of them have bleach blonde or pastel hair. In the majority of today’s popular K-Pop groups, at least one soft male fills the position of ‘sensitive guy.

How to Achieve a Soft Boy Style

There are various methods to get this look, but pastel hues for clothing, accessories, and hair are essential. You can wear light colors such as white, pink, light green, blue and so on. It is advised not to wear dark or bright colors in this style! To make this design more boyish, add patterns to the clothing or accessories. Colorful accessories are also essential for this style. A soft boy hairstyle is often a short haircut for guys, but you have the option of dying your hair a pastel hue, which is another important feature of the SoftBoy style.

How Can You Dress Like a Soft Boy

The soft boy look incorporates conventional feminine elements such as textiles, colors, and designs. Several romantic, vintage-inspired approaches are used. Soft boys are frequently seen wearing sweaters and coats with fluffy linings, as well as shirts that resemble female attire. In more formal settings, this design plays with classic male tailoring by combining rich fabrics and vivid colors.

List of 25 Best Soft Boy Aesthetic Outfits Ideas

The soft boy look necessitates some careful selections. It’s important to have an idea about the soft boy aesthetic clothing. A list of the 25 best soft boy aesthetic outfits is given below:

1. Oversized Grey Sweater:

Oversized Grey Sweater

You can wear an oversized grey sweater over a plain white shirt to achieve the soft boy appearance without adding too much color. You can also wear this outfit with slim plaid pants and comfortable Nike sneakers. This is a very comfortable and relaxed style. And this attire will automatically capture your attention. If you want you may also add some accessories to the look to give it additional depth and personality. For this, you can consider waist link chains, steel rings, and chrome/steel neck chains.

2. Polo Shirts:

Polo Shirt

A streamlined polo shirt can be a better option for you if you want to include a neat, preppy style into your soft boy look. Wear this multicolored striped polo on its own, tucked into a pair of chinos for a clean-cut yet comfortable style. It’s a casual and respectable look for a dinner meeting with your boss or your friends’ parents without appearing stiff or stuffy. If you want to stay true to the look and channel your decent man vibes, throw on a cozy cardigan.

3. Oversized Top with Chinos Shorts:

Oversized Top with Chinos Shorts

This outfit is for individuals who want to go for a mostly casual look when the usual look is a little too much for them. Being a soft boy has no limitations. An enormous bright-colored top is paired with light creme chinos shorts, high socks, and sole high sneakers in this outfit design. You should constantly remember that you can and should accessorize as much as possible. The juxtaposition between the gentle boy’s look and chrome and silver is pleasing.

 4. Pleated Trousers:

Pleated Trousers

Pleated Trousers are a dressier option than baggy jeans for a more formal look. They instantly smarten up any sloppy sweatshirt look and keep the look from becoming too sloppy. To acquire the real retro or vintage feel that most soft boys want to express, look for ones with a corduroy texture. It’s the easiest way to communicate “you’re not mainstream” without saying it out loud. If corduroy is too thick for our Malaysian heat, try experimenting with chequered or plaid prints for a different look. A straightforward pair of neutral pants, on the other hand, can’t go wrong for versatility. To fully embrace the soft boy feel in your ensemble, utilize the same styling cuffed-ankle method for these pants as well.

5. Sleeveless Vest:

Sleeveless Vest

There are a variety of ways to have the soft boy look, as long as you don’t break any established rules for the desirable or acceptable masculine style. You’ll be on your way to being a soft boy after you’ve freed your thoughts from such constraints. A blue sleeveless vest will give you the perfect soft boy look with a loose-fitting white t-shirt, a black baseball cap, and baggy stonewash trousers. Of course, the baseball cap is unironically worn on the back.

6. Loose SoftBoy Jeans with an oversized white t-shirt:

Loose Soft Boy Jeans with oversized white t-shirt

Blue loose soft boy denim jeans are the perfect complement to your classic soft boy look. For a basic yet powerful look wear these light loose soft boy jeans with a full sleeve oversized white t-shirt. Furthermore, there’s something adorable about having your garments hang freely off your figure.

7. Plaid Blazer:

Plaid Blazer

This is the one for you if you want to get a casual vibe while wearing formal attire. It combines formal and informal features to create an appearance that is both comfortable and appealing to the eye. Wear your Plaid Blazer over a plain white T-shirt with loose-fitting blue denim and also, wear traditional white sneakers with this outfit. The willingness to experiment with texture, color, and style is what gives this look its individuality. The soft boy aesthetic is appealing because of its flexibility.

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8. Oversized Pink T-shirt:

Oversized Pink T-shirt

If you want something with a little vibrancy, perhaps a little more color, don’t worry; this outfit is just for you. Combine an oversized pink T-shirt with creme chinos pants that end at the ankle or extend past it. If the latter is the case, fold it in such a way that it does not get in the way of the Nike air forces’ contribution to the overall aesthetic. You can make your look thematic by accessorizing with things of the same hue, such as pink laces, as the top is pink.

9. Vintage Crew Neck Sweatshirts:

Vintage Crew Neck Sweatshirts

If you want to nail your gentle Tik-Tok look, you must go for vintage crew neck sweatshirts. It’s a piece of apparel that may be found in almost every soft boy costume, with themes like angel prints or sporting brands like Adidas or Nike. Soft boys prefer a baggier silhouette in terms of fit, therefore to have a better soft boy look, you should go for oversized sweatshirts.

10. Sleeve Print Shirt:

Sleeve Print Shirt

Do you want to go for a gentle yet subtly punk look? That’s also an option. With whichever components you believe truly express your fashion style, there is potential to alter and develop. For this style, pair a half-sleeved print shirt with light-colored soft boy pants, high socks (not necessary/optional), and chalk-white sneakers. You can also choose to wear it unbuttoned, revealing a brilliant white vest within, for that added air of nonconformity. You can enhance your look by adding well-kept hair, steel accessories, and a color change.

11. Flannel Shirt:

Flannel Shirt

The soft boy look may go from casual to streetwear and back to “comfort ware” in a flash. This enables a wide range of different appearances to emerge, which is great news for us because it implies that everyone may express themselves. When it comes to streetwear, easy pairings are required. A flannel shirt over a white T-shirt, baggy jeans, and sneakers are all you’ll need. The shirt doesn’t need to be buttoned. It’s part of the style to leave it open to make the white shirt visible. Also, it looks nice.

12. Baggy Striped T-shirts:

Baggy Striped T-shirts

Loose striped T-shirts with collars are another popular option for tops for your soft boy clothes. A T-shirt with short sleeves is a great option for staying cool and casual. Alternatively, go for a long-sleeved option to amp up your gentle boy image even further. Make sure the sleeves extend past your wrist to protect your hands from cute sweater paws.

13. Oversized Black Hoodie:

Oversized Black Hoodie

This outfit is for folks who enjoy a low-effort, high-reward look. The combo doesn’t have much going for it, but it still works. An enormous black sweatshirt, traditional blue jeans that hang just over the ankles, and a pair of white sneakers complete the appearance. Anyone can go for this outfit. Also, it’s inexpensive and surely you will achieve the soft boy look.

14. Plain White T-shirt & Plain brown slacks:

Plain White T-shirt & Plain brown slacks

 This is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and well-known soft boy looks. It’s a basic look that doesn’t require much effort; simply relax and channel your inner soft boy. For this style, all you need is a plain white t-shirt that isn’t too tight. Of course, it has to fit correctly while remaining loose. Combine this white t-shirt with a pair of plain brown slacks and white sneakers. This attire is simple but sophisticated.

15. Oversized Black Sweatshirts & Black Chinos Pants:

Oversized Black Sweatshirts & Black Chinos Pants

The monochromatic fashion trend does not exclude the gentle boy style. While the subculture seeks to distinguish itself from masculine fashion trends, it can unironically include some of its characteristics. If done incorrectly, this all-black ensemble can easily be mistaken for a standard, dull masculine ensemble. But it’s a completely different story when it comes to the soft boy look. An oversized black hoodie, black chinos pants, and black Converse sneakers are all that you require to complete the look. A brown Dickies crossbody purse completes the look.

16. White long-sleeved t-shirts:

White long sleeved t-shirts

You’ll need a large brightly colored T-shirt to layer over a basic white long-sleeved t-shirt. White socks and vintage Nike air force ones with a tinge of bold colors are required for this appearance. It can be worn with either blue jeans or light-colored chinos. Last but not the least, don’t be scared to accessorize it with jewelry of your choice. This outfit exemplifies a style that isn’t afraid to experiment and accessorize with bright colors.

17. Skull Printed Sleeveless Vest:

Skull Printed Sleeveless Vest

The soft boy aesthetic is all about putting a twist on masculinity’s image by combining non-traditional and traditional fashion aspects to create an appearance that is unlike both. It’s frequently cathartic. For this outfit, you’ll need a brown sleeveless vest with a skull print, a t-shirt in a light shade, black denim pants, and also black converse sneakers. This outfit is simple to put together. Also, it goes a long way towards balancing out a chaotic hairstyle.

18. Dungarees:


The good thing about the soft boy look is that it can be achieved with almost any piece of apparel. The secret is to figure out which works best for you. This is an intriguing aesthetic, and surely you’ve seen this mix before; but not quite like this. For this look you need to put on your dungaree with a hoodie and also you need high white socks with print and green sneakers. You can finish the appearance with jewelry such as rings and necklaces.

19. Navy Blue V-Necked Cardigan:

Navy Blue V-Necked Cardigan

If you’re into high fashion, you might be concerned about pulling off the soft boy aesthetic with these well-known high-end labels. It’s easy to feel this way because many of the clothing on the show are from thrift stores or seem outdated. Don’t worry, here goes your solution. For this high-fashion soft boy outfit, you’ll need a  navy blue v-necked sweater, plain light-colored collard t-shirt, striped trousers,s and also Gucci herald printed loafers. You can emanate the soft boy feel while yet preserving your very rich sense of style with this combination.

20. Outerwear:


Vintage windbreakers, denim jackets, and cardigans are all good possibilities for an outerwear component for your soft boy look. They all have their own distinct qualities that give off various styles while being genuine to the TikTok subculture. Windbreakers and denim jackets are heavier, giving your outfit more structure. Cardigans, on the other hand, are shapeless and have a more free-flowing fit, giving them a softer appearance. So, feel free to pick and choose what best suits your particular style.

21. Brown Face Cap:

Brown Face Cap

If you want a style that isn’t too “loud,” but still has a soft boy aesthetic, all you need is a brown face cap, a brown hoodie, in the same color as the cap, loose jeans, and white sneakers. This gives you a distinctive and creative appearance when done well, the ultimate embodiment of the soft boy vibe. It’s also just the proper amount of non-threatening with this color scheme.

22. Baggy Combat Pants:

Baggy Combat Pants

To nail in your baggy Combat Pants all you need is a simple checkered shirt and a white t-shirt. Also, white sneakers are required to give your look a complete touch. This design is meant to emanate warmth and a non-threatening vibe, which this color combination accomplishes admirably.

23. Rose Print Denim Shirt:

Rose Print Denim Shirt

The soft boy look can be completely casual, but at the same time, it can be comfort-wear. There’s a style for you if you want to look cool and want to look like you are chilling. For this style, you can go for rose Print Denim shirts. You can wear this rose print denim shirt with dark checkered trousers, high socks, white sneakers, and also sunglasses. Accessorizing is an important aspect of the subculture, and you may finish the look with the accessories of your choice.

24. Blue Oversized Pelton Jeans:

Blue Oversized Pelton Jeans

The soft boy aesthetic, often known as the e-boy look, is heavily influenced by south Korean streetwear, with numerous intersections. If you want to have a soft boy aesthetic look, you can surely go for blue Oversized Pelton Jeans. These jeans will give you simultaneously an aesthetic and classy look. You can wear these jeans with a long sleeve shirt or with an oversized sweatshirt.

25. Straight Ice Silk Pant:

Straight Ice Silk Pant

Straight Ice silk pants are quite important for the soft boy subculture. These ice silk pants help to complete and define every clothing variation you wish to put together. Whenever you are confused about your outfit, just go for the straight Ice Silk Pants with some loose-fitting t-shirts. Furthermore, these ice silk pants are quite comfortable and will complement your soft boy appearance.


Hope this guide has given you a better understanding of the soft boy aesthetic and how to dress like a soft boy. If you’re still a little bit confused, simply remember to keep it vintage and at the same time oversized. The key to nail in the soft boy outfit is to include those two aspects in your list. The men with soft boy personalities aim to amend the misconceptions regarding the soft boy image. And, they accomplish it through their clothing, as a kind of visual protest. It takes something that is generally regarded as unmanly and turns it into a new definition of masculinity. You can now dress in a way that allows you to express yourself outside of societal norms.

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