22 Classy Birthday Outfit Ideas for Men

Birthdays are a very special occasion for some people. And looking good on your birthday is extremely important. Birthdays are always the perfect time to spend quality time with families or friends or doing parties. And birthday parties are, of course, the most important, It could be a family gathering, a formal birthday party, or anything else.

Many guys, however, are not accustomed to dressing up according to birthday parties  Alternatively, you may be a fashion plate in your everyday life but need some ideas for your birthday outfits. Regardless of which phrase best describes you, we have extensive birthday outfits for men to guide you.


Choosing the Perfect Birthday Outfits for Men

When choosing your birthday outfit, there are several factors that you should consider. The first is the occasion and setting in which you will celebrate. If you are doing a party with your friends, you should dress very differently than if you are all sitting down for a formal dinner party. You need to understand how formal or casual you want to dress for your birthday party. Furthermore, it is always recommended that you dress in an outfit that makes you feel at ease and confident.

22 Best Birthday Outfits for Men

You can look ever-ready anywhere and at any time if you choose to wear an outfit that shows off your unique sense of style. So, give yourself a more appealing look with these various birthday outfits for men.

1. Casual Blue Jeans:

Casual Blue Jeans

We all know that jeans are never out of style. Make yourself look classy, cool and handsome on your birthday by dressing comfortably in your casual blue jeans and a simple t-shirt. This looks best with a pair of boots and dark coloured sunglasses, which is a great way to mix and match. You will also feel at ease and confident in this outfit and everyone will definitely give complement on your outlook.

2. Cardigan in Dark:

Cardigan in Dark

Give yourself a dashing look in a dark piece of cardigan and a simple white colored shirt wrapped up with dark jeans. This outfit will not only give you a smart and classy look but also make you feel comfortable and nice. Also, this will be a perfect outfit if you are planning to celebrate your birthday in a couple restaurants. You can pair brown boots with this outfit and accessorize them with a formal belt and wristwatch.

3. White Button-up T-shirt Which is Printed:

White Button-up T-shirt Which is Printed

The vast majority of men prefer to wear clothes that are comfortable and familiar to them. So, for your special day give yourself a trendy style that is also considered fashionable in today’s society. Put on a printed white button-up t-shirt and black jeans. This will look great with a pair of black men’s sandals and a pair of sunglasses can never go wrong with it. So take a chance and put on an aviator sunglass.

4. Shirt With Exotic Print:

Shirt With Exotic Print

There is nothing better than wearing nice clothes and looking cozy in your casual look; especially when you are celebrating your birthday with your entire family out in the heat of summer. So, for a perfect summery day birthday celebration, you can simply go for a white-colored exotic printed shirt and pair it with brown trousers or jeans with sunglass, a classy watch of your choice. This will give you a casual yet classy look on your special day.

5. All-Time Classy Extremely Dark Blue Jeans:

All Time Classy Extremely Dark Blue Jeans

If you want to shine as the highlight of the party at a friends and family birthday gathering, give yourself a changing look with all-time classy extremely dark blue jeans with a white shirt and light-colored jacked. And lastly don’t forget to accessorize it with a trendy watch and a pair of shades and white boots. You will definitely rock the birthday party in this outfit and be the center of attraction because of your outfit.

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6. White Blazer With Full Black Outfit:

White Blazer With Full Black Outfit

The black outfit has always had a separate fanbase. But you can give yourself a more handsome dashing look by wearing a white blazer over it. If it’s your birthday and you are in confusion that which outfit will suit you, simply go for this combination. Your black shoes, black sunglass, and wristwatch will perfectly go with this outfit and make you look complete. Try to accessorize your outfit with these things to give yourself a more classy look.

7. Formal Look With White-Fitted Jeans:

Formal Look With White Fitted Jeans

When your boss and coworkers of your office are invited to a small house party with friends and family, it is best to make an effort to impress the people around you by wearing a little bold looking outfit like a navy-colored suit with white fitted jeans, and a white or sky blue button-up shirt. To make your outlook more formal, you can add a tie in a bright color and pair it with a classic formal black belt and a pair of black shoes. This outfit will definitely leave a great impression on everyone present at the party.

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8. Striped T-shirt With Blue Jeans:

Striped T-shirt With Blue Jeans

Everyone either loves or despises the person dressed in unusual colors. So, make sure that you wear the appropriate colors in the appropriate places. A patterned or striped t-shirt with blue jeans and white sneakers will look fantastic. The colors used in this outfit will make you look youthful and at the same time vibrant. This look will be completed with a trendy sunglass and belt. This will give you a more youthful appearance in a casual but cool outfit. If you want to chill with your friends and cousins on your birthday, this outfit will be absolutely perfect for you.

9. Sharp Neat Green Vintage Suit:

Sharp Neat Green Vintage Suit

This is another excellent formal outfit for your birthday party. Wear this green vintage blazer or suit with a button-front shirt and green vintage trousers. As you are not in a meeting, you don’t need to go for putting on a tie. And instead of traditional shoes, opt for loafers. Loafers will look great with this outfit. This will give you the neat appearance that many people wish to have. And lastly, complete your dress-up with a royal wristwatch and classy sunglass. These accessories will enhance your confidence and make you look more classy.

10. Shirt With Silver Buttons:

Shirt With Silver Buttons

When all eyes are on you, give them a little eye-catching look to impress your family members and colleagues. For your formal party just go with a white button-up shirt and a dark blue colored tie. Complete your look with a tie bar and if you want to give yourself a more formal, classy, and fabulous look, you can simply consider having a pen in your front pocket. Lastly don’t forget about the shoes. Your shoe is the most important part of the outfit. Just go for the shoes which will be best suited to your outfit.

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11. A White Shirt With Vertical Lines:

A White Shirt With Vertical Lines

Most men today are more daring in their style and want to try something new and different. If you are planning a birthday party with your wife and family in a fancy restaurant, don’t pass up the opportunity to wear a good suit. You can wear a suit of bold color or any color of your choice with a white vertical lined shirt and white trousers. Accessorize your outfit with a gold rushing wristwatch. Also, you can go for any tie of your choice or a no-tie look will also look equally fancy and give you a confident and smart look.

12. Lemon Yellow Overcoat:

Lemon Yellow Overcoat

If you don’t have a yellow overcoat, you haven’t tried enough. A lemon yellow overcoat can make you shine brightly over a completely black outfit. This can be a perfect outfit if you are going to celebrate your birthday on winter days. This lemon yellow overcoat should be added to your style statement and this will give you a vibrant, cool look. If you love to do experiments with your look, this outfit is definitely for you and will make your big day even more special. Black pants and black shoes will perfectly go with this outfit.

13. Three-layer Dark Greyish Silver Suit:

Three-layer Dark Greyish Silver Suit

When family, friends, and coworkers are invited to a formal party, you should always dress to impress because you are not only the birthday guy but also the host. So a subtle and fine change from your usual office or work uniform is needed. Mix it up with a dark greyish silver three-layer suit, a classy black button-up shirt, and a tie of black color. Your outlook will be completed with a pair of black shoes, and a classy watch will be a nice finishing touch with this outfit. And you are ready to be the center of attraction at the party.

14. Burgundy V Neck Sweater:

Burgundy V Neck Sweater

You can choose a burgundy-colored V-neck sweater with an underneath grey button-up shirt of your choice. Pair it with dark-colored jeans and a trendy watch will look absolutely perfect with this attire. This outfit will be perfect for your winter birthday celebration. Don’t forget to choose the perfect shoes with this outfit. Remember your shoes are equally important as your outfit. This stylish look will not only make you look dashing but also you will feel more confident and comfortable in this outfit.

15. Blue Polka-dot Tie:

Blue Polka-dot Tie

If you are getting ready for a big birthday party, throw in some tailored suits that will look best anywhere and anytime. It is never out of fashion and this outfit will always be perfect for an event in any weather. You can pair up your navy blue polka-dot tie with a navy blue 3-layer suit, and a white button-up shirt. It will be better if you accessorize your outfit with a tie bar and linen pocket square. This will be a perfect definition of a royal classy outfit.  And don’t forget to put on a wristwatch with this outfit.

16. English-tailored Suits:

English-tailored Suits

English-tailored suits can be very fancy and if you are planning an outfit for your birthday party, you can simply go for this outfit. A light-colored button-up shirt will nicely go with this English-tailored suit. You can try this shiny tailored suit with a tie for having a more formal look. And last but not the least, don’t forget to put on a fancy wristwatch and choose a pair of fancy shoes with this fancy, royal, and classy outfit. All these accessories will give you a completely perfect look with this outfit.

17. Simple Dress-up:

Simple Dress-up

Are you going out to a birthday party with your family? You can put on something simple like a black vest and black jeans. If you want to go out for a day on a family picnic and want to look cool and stylish, pick up your black t-shirt or black jacket. Besides this, you can also try your favorite crafty printed bomber jacket. Put on your bomber jacket over a black t-shirt or a black high neck. To look more stylish, you can pair your outfit with black boots and a wristwatch. This outfit will give you a casual, simple yet classy look.

18. Loafers With a Zebra Print:

Loafers With a Zebra Print

If you want to look good and dress comfortably, look no further than your new style; which will consist of a simple cotton white button-up shirt and dark blue fitted tailor pants. This will give you a simple and outstanding look. If you want to give yourself a simple yet more fancy look simply go with zebra patterned loafers. You can give yourself an even more stylish look with a black wayfarer. Lastly accessorize your outfit with a hand band, wrist watch and a perfect pair of shoes.

19. Gold Velvet Blazer:

Gold Velvet Blazer

If you want to give yourself a unique look, try a gold velvet blazer instead of a casual button-up shirt. You can try this outfit with a white shirt and a pair of dark brown jeans, and a dark brown tie bow. A tan belt will go well with it. This outfit will simply give you a bright shiny photogenic look. A wristwatch is mandatory to complete your look. You will definitely look stylish and unique among your group in this complete outfit. Doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating your big day in winter or any other season, you can simply go for this outfit.

20. Varsity Jacket With Leather Detail:

Varsity Jacket With Leather Detail

Varsity jackets are always high in fashion and have been styled in such a way that anyone will look super cool in this outfit. So, if you are in doubt that what to wear to your birthday party to look simple yet cool, simply put on a stylish varsity jacket with beige pants and a simple light-colored shirt. Accessorize your outfit with a casual belt, a stylish silver watch, and finally a nice pair of shoes. Not only for birthday parties, but you can try this outfit for any occasion or you can go with this outlook anywhere with your friends.

21. Sweat Shirts With White Denim:

Sweat Shirts With White Denim

Swear shirts are one of the best and coolest options for birthday outfits. If you are planning to celebrate your birthday with your friends or colleagues near a beach, simply go for a swear shirt and pair it with white denim. Besides giving you a dashing, smart, and classy look; you will feel comfortable in this outfit. Lastly, don’t forget to style your outfit with a silver watch, sunglass, and suede shoes. These accessories will give you a perfect look with this outfit.  And now you are ready to rock the party with your cool, smart and classy look.

22. Small Check Button-up Shirt:

Small Check Button-up Shirt

A small check button-up shirt will never look out of style with anything. So make it more classy with a grey blazer and deep blue fitted jeans, and go with your favorite striped tie. Though tie is not mandatory with this outfit. You will look stylish even without a tie.  You can accessorize it with a watch, a casual belt, a pair of dark monk straps, and a leather wallet. So, on your birthday dress yourself up with this outfit and you are ready for a party, date, or even an office party with a classy sunglass.


Hope these outfit ideas will provide you with a plethora of options for choosing an ideal outfit for men’s birthday. Also, you have got some idea about how you should style your outfit with perfect accessories. But remember one thing; always try to make your outfit fit until it bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable. Your outfit should make you feel as comfortable as possible. And last but not the least, be bold and confident in your outfit. As confidence is the best accessory that you can put on and rock the event.