25 Simple Tattoos for Girls on Hand and Wrist

The wrist is among the best tattoo placement choices due to its visibility. It is the place where one can see their body art regularly, any time of the day, and because of this reason, it is crucial to choose something significant. There are various alternatives to pick from, be it in honor of your loved ones, a show of solidarity and strength on mental health problems, a semicolon, or even a simple name tattoo. So, if you’re searching for your first or next Tattoo, you can go for your wrist or hand as it is an ideal spot for it. However, you can continue reading this page to get more ideas about stylish tattoos for girls on hand and Wrist.


List of Simple Tattoo Ideas for Girls on Hand and Wrist

A tattoo is a unique idea that every individual never adores. Girls who choose to get inked for the first time, for the tattoos are a real feel yet spiritual, intellectual, and expressive. These tattoos might appear stylish and cool, but it’s much more than that showcases only the design or symbol.

Whether it’s a religious name or image, a simple rose, an inventor and geometric design, half leg or half sleeve, there are several ways any girl can describe herself through a tattoo. Also, wrist tattoos can be spectacular, yet not every woman may risk getting their skin fully tattooed. Hence if you want to draw everyone’s attention to your hands, you may go for wrist jewelry designs.  There are several choices, and each of them is distinctive. Nevertheless, to summarize, a tattoo is meant to make you appear great, get attention, feel awesome and be anxious.

Following Are Some Ideas on Hand and Wrist Tattoo Designs for Girls:

1. Bird Tattoo:

Bird Tattoo for girls

Do you wish to get a tattoo featuring courage or freedom? In this case, you should go for a bird as it is a magnificent image for getting inked. Also, several bird species and numerous designs are to pick from, each portraying their distinctive meaning. For instance, swallows are usually linked with sailors, symbolizing luck and loyalty, whereas a hummingbird denotes hope and joy. It is generally tattooed by individuals who have come across tough lifetimes, thereby thrilled about their future.

2. Small Cross Tattoo:

Small Cross Tattoo for girls

Small crosses are typical tattoos, for there’s no religious fanatic’s dearth. Few individuals think that getting a cross inked on their skin sets out exceptional protection, while others call it proof of devotion towards Jesus Christ. However, some people believe that a Tattoo for girls on hand offers them a rebellious yet elegant look.

3. Little heart design for women:

Little heart design for women on wrist

A Heart tattoo is also very mainstream, mostly chosen by girls who might not or colorful. They are undoubtedly pretty and feminine to glance at and are perfect for women’s unique hand tattoos. However, such Tattoos are usually opted by girls Who wish to get inked yet with a delicate cute tattoo, not that big. You may even carry out this little heart tattoo on your fingers, leg, shoulder, or neck. You can easily make a heart with various pretty colors or simple black ink. However, the heart in the given image denotes love.

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4. Flower tattoo design on the wrist:

Flower tattoo design on wrist

If you want to go for a simple tattoo on hand for a girl, you can think about flower tattoos as it is among the most popular and beautiful options for girls to get tattooed to get the ultimate feminine feeling. Usually, flowers signify life, nature, and beauty, which are very delicate but can be bright and bold, according to your choice, several distinct blooms to pick from, each having its unique attraction. For instance, the Lotus is connected with enlightenment and rebirth, whereas the peony portrays beauty and longevity. A flower body design doesn’t need to be colorful, yet these designs appear especially noticeable for most effects.

5. Spectacular Tattoo for wrist:

spectacular Tattoo for wrist

Cupids and butterflies are the first love for all young girls out there. So why not get that sketched on your hand or wrist with a beautiful butterfly tattoo? Butterflies form graphically fascinating body art due to their bright colors and intricate details. However, apart from being the most beautiful creation, this insect is prosperous in symbolic esteem. If a woman gets inked with a butterfly tattoo, she represents her freedom and transformation. Butterflies also remind us to stay hopeful and positive at all times.

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6. Little flying bird design for girls:

Little flying bird design for girls

This girl’s tattoo design is absolutely beautiful and elegant. An image of a flock of flying birds, irrespective of its size being small, eternally has the feeling of liberty which makes one’s heart fly up and say, ‘ this is the prettiest image of all!’. Hence, blackbird art, whether tattooed upon the ankle or wrist, always maintains to appear the best.

7. Tiny hand tattoos for girls:

Tiny hand tattoos for girls

If you’re searching for a few water kinds of symbols, you may opt for these. They appear good, small or large, so you may surely go for something like this. You may have this as a tiny mark on anywhere or your hand you want, that shall appear very artistic. Hence, it is also among the ideal little hand tattoo designs for girls.

8. Easy wrist tattoo design:

Easy wrist tattoo design for girls on hand

The wrist isn’t a large body area, and hence, its size is adaptable to less or smaller detailed ink. A plain tattoo surely has a minimal approach and appeal, which is amazing for people with a great easy-going personality or who wish to have something uncomplicated. Such tattoos usually function best as abstract designs, geometric shapes, or line art yet are still symbolism-rich. Another advantage to this minimal appearance is that it requires minimum time for its completion. Thus, there’ll be a brief Tattoo period. This thereby indicates it’ll cost less. Also, you’ll go through a little discomfort.

9. Sunflower tattoo design:

Sunflower tattoo design for wrist and hand

Sunflowers are the most beautiful and brightest flowers of all and are an amazing idea for women’s unique hand tattoos. It isn’t tough to see over it and get a sensation of joy and warmth that the bloom denotes. One also associates sunflowers with love and hope, thereby turning it into a mark to get tattooed with their loved one or friend. So, a wrist is a wonderful spot for this ink kind as it may introduce a little amount of positivity to every individual whenever they see it. Even though there are several interpretations and designs, obtaining them in colorful ink will make your tattoo design come to life.

10. Words tattoo designs on wrist:


Words tattoo designs on wrist and hand

Do you wish to flaunt your dimples? Opting for a simple tattoo like this on your wrist is an amazing idea. Also, this shall offer a smile to the individual who sees it at first. Such tattoo design kinds turn out to be extremely artistic, which also feature your emotion types. You may get such cool and fun elements and add some designs to make it appear more stylish.

11. Three-step heart tattoo design on hand:

three-step heart tattoo design on hand and wrist

Such stylish tattoos for girls on hand are unique and portray the evolution of the heart in just three progressions. The initial one, beginning from your wrist, is tattooed in an original heart shape, accompanied by a heart steadily giving the path to the vacant one. The final one is a simple plain one. This Tattoo is inked and engraved in pure black without any shade and is designed for girls.

12. Tiny hand tattoo designs with quotes:

Tiny hand tattoo designs with quotes on hand and wrist

Obtaining a quoted tattoo makes your hand inked, enclosing the whole hand, thereby turning it into an extravagant display. Its colors are very vibrant, making it a perfect look on your hands. Also, this is why people prefer to ink their hands with tattoos on some inspiration and motivational quotes.

13. Bracelet tattoo design on the wrist:

Bracelet tattoo design on wrist

Nowadays, tattoos are also being tattoed in jewelry like bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc., and it has become quite a notable trend in the past years. Many loved couples opt to ink the wedding rings. Hence you may apply the same idea with bracelets as well. Wrist bracelet tattoos are very striking, which initiates a chic assertion. Tattoo designs for girls on the wrist can get super creative while playing around with its detailing. You can even go for something which features a chain or beads, thereby may form vines or a flower piece. The final effect is beyond doubt a head turner and feminine.

14. Rose tattoo:

rose tattoo on hand and wrist

If you wish to choose from several varieties of blooms, then you should go for a rose as it is the most versatile and beautiful. Rose is the flower linked with pain and beauty, which is magnificent to glance at, yet its thorns can create harm. Hence, it’s a reminder of the bad and good in life and balance’s significance. You can also choose from several distinct color choices, techniques, and styles, altering the Tattoo’s meaning. For example, a red rose is linked with romance and passion, while a yellow rose denotes joy. Hence, despite the design or color you pick, it is widely known that the rose is a universally renowned flower that shall appear great when tattooed on your hands.

15. Roman numerals tattoo design:

roman numerals tattoo design on wrist and hand

A Roman numeral tattoo is visually interesting while deeply confidential. Even though they appear very usual, the distinct arrangements have much eminence, portraying special moments in one’s life. This can be an important date such as the wedding day, your lucky number, when your close one passed or your children’s birthday. The number system is very dissimilar from the Arabic ones, which one regularly utilizes, which shall turn your ink a bit tough to decode at first sight, which only includes the claim. This is among the most elegant and female simple hand tattoos idea.

16. Little lotus tattoo on the wrist:

Little lotus tattoo on wrist

Roses have become very usual hand tattoo designs for girls and women. However, what overwhelming such habitual designs are slim designs and images of a lotus flower. You may go for one tattooed on your hand; thereby, show-off it is an ultimate style. Hence, it is an amazing choice since you can effortlessly create these tiny tattoos for girls.

17. Cute penguin tattoo design:

Cute penguin tattoo design on wrist and hand

When you wish to maintain it very stylish yet straightforward, a cute penguin tattoo can be on your hand side shall appear much beautiful and is among the most fashionable and easy tattoos for girls on the wrist. Penguins symbolize rarity and peace, and you should do the same with your Tattoo. Furthermore, it’s so tiny that you may cover it anytime if you wear full sleeves and even makeup. Penguin is among the cutest little symbolic girl’s tattoo designs.

18. Little wrist tattoos:

Little wrist tattoos for girl

Most girls prefer opting for little tattoos over large ones. Yet, if you are among them and they’re looking for tiny tattoos on their wrist, then here’s a cute wrist tattoo that you might try out. You can keep this Tattoo in black and white, or if you wish, you may even add colors to it as per your comfort and needs. Flowers look very pretty, and when made with leaves and stems, it further amplifies their beauty.

19. Tiny world map art tattoo:

Tiny world map art tattoo on wrist and hand

Hey! A tiny world map is for those travel enthusiasts who wish to travel the entire world, thereby becoming its part. So, a world can be an amazing tattoo design. Apart from its very uncommon sketch, it appears very smart and has already come into the list for easy tattoos for girls on the wrist. Men and women can do it without worrying about their poor appearance.

20. Purposeful wrist tattoo:

purposeful wrist tattoo

The most beautiful thing regarding Wrist tattoos is the places you may glance at any time of the day. This is why most individuals often maintain it for ink holds exceptional importance. While deciding upon meaningful designs, it can be anything special for you, like someone’s name or something you’re very intense about, any of your favorite images, or some powerful phrase or quote. Allow your Tattoo to set out as a reminder of the objectives you wish to achieve, plus the attitude you want to maintain. Furthermore, you may remind yourself daily to stay positive, that you’re beautiful, and to be strong.

21. Cute tattoos on hand:

Cute tattoos on hand and wrist

Detailed and large Tattoo for girls on hand is very attractive, yet not all outlines must be complex to impact. Most ideal body arts are little, and you might get astonished that you may pick from several available choices. This can be anything beginning from matching, cute friendship tattoos to your favorite animal picture. Small designs are even more appealing and subtle to people who don’t wish to flaunt the body sketch and are inking tattoos for themselves. So be it your foremost Tattoo or your fifteenth one, you can always go for small tattoos on hand as they are delightful.

22. Tiny dragonfly design tattoo for girls:

Tiny dragonfly design tattoo for girls on hand and wrist

For something best yet simple Tattoo on hand for a girl, some tiny dragonflies on the hand sound stylish, sweet, and fun. Including colors in such pretty designs can make these appear much more realistic and better. Dragonfly tattoos have been in trend and in great demand among girls opting for tattoos. Most girls have some secret attachment to dragonflies. Furthermore, a dragonfly signifies freedom. So, this is a must-go for girls as it is very simple and small yet beautiful.

23. Name tattoo on the wrist:

Name tattoo on wrist and hand

There are ways to turn tattoo designs for girls on the wrist, much personal using a name. They shall honor the significance of an individual in one’s life, be it your child or your romantic partner. Furthermore, a name tattoo can remember those special ones who’ve passed, so it’s the perfect way to keep them close to your heart. You may turn your ink even more uniquely by selecting a meaningful font for you, or you may also get it done in an individual’s Writing whose name you want to tattoo. There’s also the chance to include several other pictures in the hearts and butterflies design. However, you should always regard your relationship before inking their name on your body parts.

24. Semicolon tattoo on the wrist:

Semicolon tattoo on wrist and hand

The semicolon is among the most meaningful and powerful hand tattoo designs for girls you may obtain, which is very simple when you see it. A punctuation symbol has turned out a significant body outline as it features strength and solidarity for people still struggling or having some mental health problems. It’s an expression that your tale isn’t over and shall stay hopeful for a brighter and better future. You may add several images that include the meaning. For instance, a heart tattoo or a semicolon can be a gesture to adore you. In opposition to the inclusion of a butterfly consists of an element of rebirth, or freedom and transformation.

25. Tiny fox design tattoo on hand:

Tiny fox design tattoo on hand and wrist

Fox is an animal representing wisdom and wit. Thus, this design is very trending as female simple hand tattoos. However, men can even go for it. Hence, if you consider yourself a witty who can easily solve issues in no time, there’s no better idea than this one. It is an ideal tattoo design for all those girls and boys.

Final Words

Most individuals who wish to get themselves inked primarily opt for hand tattoos as it is the most visible body sport apart from neck and face. Hence, a hand tattoo shall lead to a social statement regarding your interests and personality. Furthermore, suppose you wish to have your way with several printable easy hand tattoos. You may even participate in tattoo seminars, look for some famous tattoo studios or even watch related videos. You may even try seeing a few tattoo images uploaded by several members since these shall be obtainable, especially for hand tattoo lovers. So with an effortless search on the web, you may obtain innumerable choices to check and choose an ideal design.

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