How to Use Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Color

Are you having brassy hair tones after coloring or bleaching it blonde? You’ll require using a standard hair toner to fix the issue in such a case. Hair toners are a miraculous blend that aids in neutralizing the yellow, red, and orange tones over your bleached hair. These are generally obtainable in blue, violet, and green tints; however, toners make your hair appear natural. Furthermore, one can nullify yellow hair tones using a violet toner, red shades with green toners, and blue ones.

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Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid hair colors are among the best toners obtainable. So if you have a desire to learn how to use Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid hair color, you may continue reading this page. They arrive in eight-toner ranges classified into three varieties- silver, Ash, and beige.


Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Toners Shade Chart

Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Toners Shade Chart

Image Source – Wella

Permanent Color Charm Toner by Wella is among the most famous and effortlessly obtainable toners in the current market. They aid in neutralizing all kinds of bleached hair for offering a greater original appearing hair work. You can know more about its application by searching for how to use Wella Color Charm at home.

Color Charm Toners by Wella are of standard quality, similar to salon quality lacking the quoted price. Moreover, they present a vast product range from conditioners to toners. Presently, this toner is obtainable in beige, silver, and Ash in the below colors:

1. Beige Toners:

Dark brown or natural black hair can develop red and orange tones after bleaching it blonde. To nullify such brassy shades, you’ve to pre-lighten the hair into a golden-yellow hue, utilizing any of these Wella Permanent Color Charm Toners from the Beige range like T35, T27 T11, and T15. This shall aid you in receiving an attractive hair shade which is a combination of golden and beige blonde colors.

T35 Beige Blonde: This toner has violet and green base, eliminating the yellow and brassy red shades in bleached hair while maintaining it warm.

T11 Light Beige Blonde: The T11 toner offers violet and green bade in a sandy beach blend. This is ideal for golden hair and is not recommended when searching for some cool shade.

T27 Medium Beige Blonde: People obsessed with slightly dark colors over the T11 toner application can go for T27. This toner enhances your hair shade to an average beige golden shade.

T15 Pale Beige Blonde: Before arriving at how to use Wella Color Charm Toner, you have to know that the application of this toner on pre-lightened blonde yellow hair shall result in your hair into a pale blonde beige color.

2. Silver Toners:

T10 Pale Blonde: This was previously termed as ‘Ivory Lady.’ It contains blue-violet undertones that nullify orange-yellow hair tones.

T28 Natural Blonde: It aids in pre-lightening your hair into yellow ahead of toner application for receiving an organic blonde shade.

3. Ash Toners:

  • T18 Lightest Ash Blonde: As per several reviews, the T18 toner is ideal for arriving into something near a white blonde over T10. ‘White Lady’ has a violet base shade that aids in nullifying light yellow shades from one’s hair.
  • T14 Pale Ash Blonde: It was previously called ‘Silver Lady,’ having a blue and violet base. Also, this tone adds ashy shades, thereby offering a darker hair color over T18.

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Which Shade Toner is Ideal For You?

Hair toners are usually tinged with blue, green, and violet. This is because all these colors eliminate red, yellow, and orange shades, which are found in bleached hair. However, it is crucial to interpret the hair color concept before understanding how to use Wella Color Charm Toner, as it’ll also give you a desirable outcome. Hence, if you wish to remove yellow, you need to apply a violet toner; complete orange shades are drawn using blue and red shades using green.

Refer To The Toning Chart

Before using the above-discussed toner, Wella is advised to lighten the hair into a minimum of a half lighter shade over your desired outcome. You can follow the Toning Chart to understand the level you require before you proceed into Toning. Usually, people go to lightening their hair from 10 to 13 groups.

It is also crucial to regard the hair damage following the Toning and bleaching procedure. This is unavoidable, yet you may support a fine mop when performed rightly.

How to Use Wella Color Charm at Home?

After you’ve arrived, after which shade to do, you’ll be required to buy a few supplies for applying the Wella toner. Also, ensure to buy a bowl, dye brush, developer, and gloves.

Also, it is advisable to carry out a strand test ahead of using the toner. For performing this, mix the toner and developer as per the details until it results in a gel. Then, choose a hair strand for examining it, thereby checking if the outcome comes up the way you desire. Finally, if you feel contended with how it appears, you may apply Wella hair toner by following the below steps.

You’ll require the following products:

  • Wella Color Charm Toner
  • Gloves
  • Developer- 20 Volume
  • Plastic wrap/ Tin foil
  • Glass bowl
  • Dye brush

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How to Use Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Color?

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Conduct Strand Test

Take a glass bowl and mix the two-part developer and one-part toner. It’ll slowly convert into a gel when you start mixing it with the dye brush. It is better to carry out a strand test to understand the processing time. Pick a Little hair section that isn’t much visible. Examine the toner and check the time that gave out a desirable outcome.

Step 2: Section-Wise Application of Toner

Ensure that your hair is damp ahead of putting on the toner. Next, wear hand gloves and put on any old shirt to avoid stains on clothes and hands. Finally, pin the top hair layers for beginning the Toning procedure from the bottom hair section. You need to work fast, make separate thin hair sections, paint them with toner, and soak the overall unit. You may begin with your hair around and part the neck and face, following your way in.

Step 3: Allow the Toner to Rest

The toner might change into a dark, deep purple, or blue shade. There’s no need to worry and allow it to perform its job, and else you won’t get darker hair. Allow the toner to rest for around eight to ten minutes if you want lighter tones and twenty to twenty-five minutes for darker tones.

Step 4: Shampoo And Condition 

After you’re ready with the color, you may wash it away using gentle shampoo. It is also advisable to condition your hair. You may use any conditioner and allow it to dry on the hair, thereby brushing it. Be it a leave-in conditioner or a regular one, you’ll get the same result, so there’s no need to spend money on a special leave-in conditioner when you already have a branded one.

Colored hair needs a lot of self-maintenance, while toned hair needs its maintenance set tips that you must follow to maintain it appear fresh. So, now that you know how to use Wella Color Charm at home, check some tips out in the coming section.

Some Tips for Preserving Toned Hair

  • If you wish the toned hair to keep going longer, you may use sulfate-free or a dry shampoo twice weekly. However, it is advisable not to use your regular shampoo for hair wash.
  • Put on leave-in conditioner for around two to three minutes ahead of washing the hair. This shall deeply condition the hair, preventing brassy shades from coming up again. If you use any purple Conditioner or purple shampoo once every week, it will also help your toner last long.


Using hair toners can be quite confusing, yet it is easy. Hair toners are hair color correctors utilized to get desirable hair shades. Hence, you may utilize toner for color correction when you find strange colors peeping out amidst the hair, like that brassy hair. Hair toners can be called magic potions, presenting your dream hair color.

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