Powder Brows – Is it the Same as Microblading?

Brows are one of the most important parts of your face. They frame your eyes, help you look alert and awake, and can even change the shape of your face. But like many other parts of your body, your brows tend to develop naturally when they’re young, only to gradually fade as you age. If you’re disappointed with the shape of your brows, or they just don’t develop as fast as you’d like, you may be interested in powdered brows.

Powder Brows - Is it the Same as Microblading,

In the past, getting your eyebrows waxed was the only way to go if you wanted your brows to look noticeably thicker. Today, there are a number of other options for getting your eyebrows shaped and tinted to match your hair color. One of the most popular of these is the use of powdered brows.


What are Powder Brows?

The term powered brows sound a bit confusing, isn’t it? Well, a cosmetic enthusiast or any person who has an interest in cosmetics will know what exactly powder brows are. Powder brows are a cosmetic treatment performed to enhance your eyebrows using certain pigments. It is a procedure used to create a filled eyebrow using different soft powders in the upper layers of the skin. Like any other product, this too is not a permanent treatment. Apart from this, the brow effect is made up of powder using a makeup device that is as similar to a tattoo machine.

How are Powdered Brows Done?

Many cosmetic studios provide powdered brows. Here a professional artist designs the perfect eyebrows for you using a small needle into the skin with a rapid hand motion which later gives you the result of powder brows. This forms a layer kind of brow. An artist may do several layers over your skin to add density which makes it look as if it was done using a pencil or a brow pomade. This is done by a professional artist using the right equipment as the shading layers to create the perfect powder eyebrows that shouldn’t be darker or denser than an original human eyebrow. And any artist ensures that his customer has the best natural-looking brows.

For professional artists who design or draw on their eyebrows every day, powdered eyebrows are an amazing choice. This is also considered the best alternative to microblading powder brows and combo brows because few skin types are oily. As this practice of shading is perfect for any skin type it is preferred more.

How Many Sessions Required for Powdered Eyebrows

It is proved that the brows are delivered perfectly right after the first session. But the cosmetic studio ensures that after 6-8 weeks their customers are offered a free touch-up to make sure the brows are perfect and shading and color are even all over the eyebrows.  This is done to ensure there is no place missed in case there is no density or shading is not proper.

Side Effects of Powdered Eyebrows

As mentioned above there is equipment like the tattoo machine which is used to do powdered brows on one. This has a small needle that when used goes deeper than the layer of skin and has effects on the human body.

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling
  • Crusting
  • Oozing

These are a few side effects after you get powdered eyebrows. If you recognize any of these problems it means things are not going well like it has to be and you must immediately consult a doctor.

One must always make sure that he or she is ready to get powder brows done not after seeing influencers before and after photos but by reading more about the complications and long-term effects of using brows powder. Long-term complications also mean allergic reactions in the long run and when you’re ready to have powder eyebrows you must be careful and you must make sure that the procedure is done properly as it is very difficult to cover it up if it’s done incorrectly.

Difference Between Microblading and Powder Brows

It’s always curious to know about the ‘vs’ part of any topic because it gets interesting when you know more about them. So now let’s learn about microblading vs powder brows. 


Microblading uses a blade that lays color on your skin manually bit by bit. The shape is given when the artist dips the blade into an organic vegan pigment which creates your eyebrows.

Powder brows use a tattoo machine kind of equipment that has a small thin needle along with makeup to give you the perfect eyebrow.

Healing time:

As microblading uses a blade to give you the perfect brow it cuts into the upper layer of your skin and hence it almost takes over 7 days to heal. This is more than powder brows.

While powdered brows use small needle equipment it doesn’t go deeper into the skin and hence it takes only 5 days for recovery. This is better than microblading.

Skin type:

An artist who uses the microblading method may suggest you use powdered brows if your skin is oily or if there is more acne. For the method, microblading uses it is difficult for oily skin to heal in the given days of recovery.

Powdered brows can be used on any skin type. As mentioned above powder eyebrows use a tattoo machine kind of equipment. There are different sizes of needles and ink for different skin types and the recovery date is the same for any treatment. Hence this method is better than microblading powder brows.


If you’re a person who wants your eyebrows to look glamorizing or naturalistic and wants a complete makeover of your eyebrows.  You must go for microblading as the outcomes are natural and realistic.

Powdered brows look like you have taken a lot of time to make your eyebrows kind of look but at the same time realistic and glamorizing.

How Long do Powdered Brows Last?

It is a normal question for everyone to ask are powder brows permanent. So how long do powder brows last? As many aspire to have a beautiful pair of eyebrows here is a little information about the life period of powdered eyebrows.

Depending on your skin type, skin tone, and color selection you can see no difference or need nothing to do with your eyebrows for the next 9 months, that’s only if you have completed one session. If you have completed both the sessions your eyebrows last for 18 to 36 months. And finally, with this method, you need a yearly touch-up to maintain your eyebrows.

As said above depending on your skin tone, skin type, and color selection your powdered brows last 9 to 12 months. The main reason for this is the equipment does not make an impact on your brows deeply into the skin and hence such a short life period. Also, you need to take up an appointment for a new brow 9 months after your first session.


It is a common occurrence for women to have sparse, unruly brows. This is especially true for those who have never had the benefit of filling in their brows with an actual pencil. It is totally fine to look for methods to feel more beautiful and confident. There are so many different brows looks out there, from natural to full-on glam, and it can be hard to know where to begin.

One of the easiest ways to achieve the look you want is with powdered brows. Powdered brows are a great way to define your brows and create the exact look you’re going for. They are also very easy to use and can be applied in a pinch when you’re in a bind. We hope you found the solution to make your brows look fuller and more elegant.

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