7 Best Nail Shape For Fat Fingers

Most women find it frustrating to choose the ideal nail shape for fat fingers. You mainly go through glossy magazines and explore the fantastic dressed-up model with desirable nails. Don’t you feel sad about not acquiring slender and long nails? Are your chubby fingers letting you feel down? Fingers can look lean and long when you make them appear, and that’s the charm of a fabulous manicure, same as a fitting outfit and good make-up. So with a few intelligent hacks, it is feasible to develop an illusion you wish to have over your fingernails.

Beautiful Nail arts are among the most creative approach which lets to reshape, paint and decorate nails as you favor. Pedicures and manicures are the ideal techniques for shaping nails and softening skin. However, it is often frustrating for individuals with chubby fingers to acquire the perfect nail shapes, which motivates them. So for overwhelming that stress, here is a detailed guide on different types of nail shapes for fat fingers. Hence, no, you won’t feel embarrassed anymore because of damaged nail beds or fat fingers. The below-given forms shall make your fingers appear elongated, thereby offering them an attractive and slimy appearance.

Best Nail Shape for Fat Finger


Different Types of Nail Shapes for Fat Fingers

Every individual possesses a distinct finger size and shape. You can’t select the appearance which goes right for you. So try choosing the appearance and look which goes with your personality and makes you look appealing. Most shapes make the short and fat fingers alluring, giving them a loving and long illusion. However, for precise determination to identify the ideal style for you, you’ll have to consider nail length, finger shape, and nail bed width. Following is the list of seven different types of nail shapes for fat fingers:

1. Oval Nails:

oval nails

Oval nails can be fantastic if you prefer to have a natural shape for your nails. Oval nails are the perfect form because their round appearance doesn’t alter the natural outline of the bare nails, yet it includes some more length. Hence, in case you’ve shorter yet wide nails, then oval nails are the one to go for smoothening it even more. In addition, the oval shape is the flatter, softer almond nail version; hence, both appear incredibly sophisticated.

Nevertheless, what distinguishes oval nails from almond nails is that oval nails are more practical. Its flat tips offer more suitable and sturdier nails. Moreover, when you have got a realistic task or need to carry out your regular duties and have been looking for something comfortable, oval nails can be a fantastic choice for you. These shaped nails are known as traditional nails because they had great demand during the early 2000s and late 1900s.

This shape offers your nails an exquisite look. So to attain oval nail shapes for chubby fingers, you’ve to file across its side for getting an egg-like form. So what nail shape looks best on short chubby fingers? Oval nails are highly recommended for short fingers because they turn their finger to appear longer. Moreover, this shape is effortless to look after at home. Thus if you prefer doing your manicure yourself or you’re an active person, then oval nails are unique yet straightforward shapes to try out. Moreover, if long nails are not what you prefer, you can try out this shape as it’s a superior choice that suits both short and long nails. Additionally, oval is excellent for natural nails as well.

2. Almond Nails:

Almond Nails

An almond nail has a round edge with slim sides. These are narrower and tapered nail shapes perfect for fat fingers. Almond nails’ slender sides bring in more slim fingers with a long illusion, so if you wish to turn your hands to appear thin, almond nails shall benefit you. This is the best nail shape for fat fingers as it has great demand and holds considerable beauty vogue. However, it is a fantastic shape to try out that’ll commend you even more, thereby maintaining your grace.

Almond nails are incredibly sophisticated and feminine-shaped nails, and what makes them even more attractive is their natural silhouette. You may carve it to bring a smooth changeover between the nails and fingers; hence it won’t project that much. Furthermore, this intelligent, classy outline is exceptionally versatile because you may have it daily as a business appearance, yet it is stylish enough for formal and more special events.

So, to flatter your finger, even more, you may have a long almond nail to make it look even better because short almond nails won’t offer you much additional length. Hence, if you wish to go for small nails, these nail shapes aren’t the right idea for you. It’s slim down the sides while wide towards the base. It offers an authentic diamond appearance, so to acquire this, you’ve to locate the ideal nail tip’s spot, thereby shaping both sides, such that a peak forms along with the central point. You may finally level it to prevent all sharp edges.

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3. Round Nails:

Round nails

For those who wish to bring in longer fingers appearance yet want to maintain short nails, you may regard advancing for a round nail shape. This shaped nails feature shorter nail length and a naturally curvy edge, ideal for precise elongating wide and tiny fingers. You may also utilize it for forming a wider nail bed to make it appear long and thin. However, if you possess a narrow nail base, it is advisable not to eliminate round-shaped nails either.

Round nails have a detailed profile that appears classic, fuss-free, and versatile. It is ideal for women who have a busy schedule and don’t have much time to visit the salon as such nails have easy maintenance sitting at home. Round nail shapes hold a rounded and soft look, making them perfect for all nail polish colors. You may even attempt altering unique, bright, and neutral tones according to your outfit and mood.

The round nail shape for chubby fingers appears very classic and renowned. It presents a stunning and slender appearance to chubby fingers, and you may effortlessly shape your nails at home yourself. Moreover, round nails have a simple and elegant look, making your nail tips appear like a squashed circle. Nevertheless, during nail shaping and trimming, it is advisable to stay careful; else if that appliance touches the edges or skin, it might ruin the nail elongation. Moreover, you may relish the round nail styling even more by putting in glimmer or black nail polish.

4. Stiletto Nails:

Stiletto Nails

This nail shape is an excellent drastic almond nail shape version with a pointed and long appearance. Stiletto nails have extremely narrow sides, offering enough length for hands and nails. Nevertheless, stiletto nails on fat fingers are extremely tough to maintain. These concrete and pointed shape nails are tough for home maintenance, but if you need nail updating or shaping at home because you don’t have much time out of your hectic schedule, then this shape isn’t recommended for you.

Stiletto nails present the optimum statement manicure. However, despite being very prominent and showing the Wow characteristic, you’ll find it challenging to do much with these. Preferably, stiletto nails are a display manicure that’s great for unique events or even for self-enjoyment. Such nails are often seen on VIPs and celebrities because their remarkable silhouette attracts much attention. However, If you’re searching for something practical, then stiletto Nails aren’t the one.

Despite some negativity, stiletto nails on fat fingers appear great and even present a slender finger illusion. Furthermore, its elongated tips turn your finger seem even longer, so if you think you own fat fingers, then you may achieve this look. Hence, if you wish to have a distinctive manicure that will make your hand appear most flattering, then undoubtedly, you should go for stiletto-shaped nails.

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5. Squoval Nails:

Squoval Nails

For individuals who don’t favor extremely pointed nails but want to cover up their chubby fingers, Squoval-shaped fingernails are right for them. This shape holds a combined oval and square shape characteristic and looks fantastic on modern women. It is an original shape that most individuals go for! It’s a natural shape that sets off every size and shape as it follows the cuticle outline making it almost square with curvy and soft edges. Squoval nails have straightforward maintenance, which doesn’t need a specific nail length; hence they shall work great for a nail-biter!

An oval and square variation is the soft square usually referred to as squoval is a famous nail shape for chubby fingers. Even though these are easily manageable due to the rounded edges, the square shape’s elegance yet stays as is. So, for squoval nails, you’ve to carve your nails into an oval in a usual way, thereby designing it along the edges for squaring it out a bit. This pattern makes your fingernails appear naturally elongated. Nevertheless, they need some maintenance. Moreover, it’s better to neglect all adverse nail designs for concealing the original nail length. However, such nails may sport metallic polish and robust geometric designs.

The squoval shape offers a gorgeous and attractive appearance to the short fingers. It’s ideal for girls having a flatter nail tip yet don’t favor sharp-edged corners. This shape maintains the edges curvy and soft, making it easier to maintain, and goes well for present-day women preferring adaptability and dominance. Squoval offers them absolute femininity and is suitable for women with long chubby fingers.

6. Square Nails:

Square Nails

Square nails have square-shaped edges and are among the best nail shape for fat fingers. It is a perfect choice for nails as, unlike other nail shapes, square nails face minimum breakage issues because it holds a natural nail width. For getting square nails, you’ve to trim them utilizing a nail filer which can easily shape them evenly. Finally, you’ll have to clean off your nail edges if there’s any roughness.

Moreover, square nails are even ideal for short nails like round nails. These feature square tips with straight edges, and their ultimate look is very stylish and neat. Women preferring longer nails can go for nails with a tapering edge; however, people who’re fond of edgy plus short nails will surely adore this style. Square nails appear flattering for women with long and thin hands and slender fingers. So, if this is what you’ve or women with narrow and long nail beds, may give a thought to square nail shape during their next manicure visit. Square nails leave behind a satisfactory widening result over hands, thus having lesser breaking chances over other patterns, turning them ideal for low-maintenance and busy-schedule ladies.

Nevertheless, do you want to know what nail polish type goes best on this shape? Square nails look very noticeable and dazzling when combined with high-shine, bold or bright polish. So for the party and glamorous apt hands with chubby fingers, square nails are highly recommendable. It needs little care yet is an ideal-shaped nail for chubby fingers. Moreover, it offers an adorned appearance to every hand; hence to enjoy nail art or styling, you can select square nails as long and sturdy enough.

7. Coffin Shaped or Ballerina’s Nails:

Coffin shaped or Ballerina's Nails

Ballerina’s nails are often called coffin-shaped nails, best on fat fingers. It is pretty similar to the stiletto shape yet with some alterations, and that’s pretty evident. This is the best shape for women fond of long nails and has a tapered nail base in the coffin shape. Ballerina’s nails have achieved their name following the silhouette that resembles ballet slippers as well as a coffin. This trending shale is exceptionally narrow and long and tapers in dramatically towards the nail end ahead of ending at the square edges.

Moreover, its edgy and sophisticated appearance captivates most ladies; however, women can only attempt trying this if they’ve sturdy and long nails. Brittle and short nails usually can’t handle such a sturdy shape. Instead, try this style with acrylic nail shapes for fat fingers. Even if its bold pattern needs enough upkeep, its impression after pairing with moody tones, matte polishes, and pale neutral tints is ultimately very worthwhile. Even though Ballerina’s nails require constant maintenance and care, it is ideal for people to wonder how to level up their nail play.

As Coffin-shaped nails are an exquisite adaptation of the stiletto nails, you may follow the same method for shaping them. First, you’ve to locate the central point, thereby rubbing the nails across its sides toward the tip. Finally, you’ll have to straighten out your ends. Doesn’t your nail look-alike like the ballerina slippers? It’s among the best preferred when you want to feel comfortable yet appear bold at the same time. It is advisable to use gel or acrylic nails. Also, this has to be every individual’s must-try because this is Kylie Jenner’s favorite, so undoubtedly, give it a try if you’re a true fan!

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Tips to Grow Healthy and Strong Nails 

By now, you’ve understood that the key to trying out all nail shapes is by making your nails and fingers look longer. So the best feasible method you may do is to grow these out. Then, when you’ve longer nails, you may make them appear slimmer and shape them in any shape your desire.

Nevertheless, you might wonder if you may easily apply acrylic nails instead of going through such complex tasks. Although several acrylics nail shapes for fat fingers appear fantastic and will help you relish every design or shape you wish, remember that putting on acrylics isn’t recommendable for extended nail health.

Even though there are several stylings for making your nails look beautiful, you’ll have to take proper nail care for good luster and growth. So, if you’re thinking of improving, growing, and repairing the strength of your nail enamel, then you can follow the below professional tips:

  • Change colors every weekend or put on gel nails for maintaining solid nails. You have to buy the top gel nail set for proper nail care and often visit the salon for trimming.
  • Utilize intense skin-repairing balm for such a purpose.
  • Put in essential natural oil for steadiness and growth, which helps maximize minerals, vitamins, and moisture.


Q. Which shape is the most attractive for nails?

Ans. Ballerina/ coffin nails and almond nails are intriguing and effortlessly flatter everyone. It usually suits most individuals plus benefits them. So, if you wish to add additional nail shape or length to your fingers, these two shapes are undoubtedly the best for adding more details. They have much demand among women; thereby you’ll look stylish and maintain the trend at the same time.

Q. Which shaped nail is the simplest to work with?

Ans. Round nails and short square nails allow you to do all your work, such as typing effortlessly. In addition, these have lesser chances of chipping or hitting other keys and even won’t create clacking noise while you type. Thus, it is advantageous in an open-plan office.

Q. What nail shape looks best on short chubby fingers?

Ans. Almond nails and oval nails look great on short and chubby fingers.

Q. Which are the most demanded nail shapes?

Ans. Coffin/ ballerina-shaped nails have immense popularity, which makes a noticeable statement. These are elegant and long that can be embellished in several ways, and this is only possible due to their shape and length. However, if you want a less complicated choice, you may go for almond nails, which even hold much demand in the market. Almond nail shape is very stylish yet is also functional for regular wear.


All the above-elaborated shapes are the ideal nail shapes for chubby fingers which can even go with slim fingers. However, for doing anything, you need to acquire knowledge regarding fashion and style, thereby adopting the shape that goes best with your hand. Moreover, it is vital to know the nail polishes or paint colors you may utilize. Bright colors appear vibrant on nails giving a stunning appearance, and with these different nail shapes, you’ll catch everyone’s attention.

Now that you’ve gained a good knowledge of fingernail shapes, you may decide beforehand what to ask after visiting a nail salon. You may even try a few of these sitting at home except for the Ballerina’s ad stiletto nails as they require expertise for shaping. Shaping your nails bring in huge variation, even if you don’t apply any nail paint. It appears refined, plus improves your life. Hence, try these out today!

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