25 Cute Summer Nail Designs Ideas

Every time summer arrives with a lot of free time and a wedding season. It is the best time to focus on your nails and try those trending designs that make you stand out. Indeed, creativity has no limit, and the 25 Summer Nail Designs are just a preview. Still, these designs introduce some trending and easy ideas that you can implement right away.

These summer nail art looks pretty and is easily doable. Whether you like soft pastel or bright neon colors, trendy shapes, unique textures, excellent polishes, etc. We have included the best and most cute nail ideas for summer that suit everyone’s style.

Cute Summer Nail Design Ideas


Here are the 25 Trendy Summer Nail Design Ideas

1. Acrylic Summer Nails Designs:

Acrylic summer nails design

Acrylic nails are also known as fake fashion nails, available in many designs like long, pointed, square, or round. If you are the one who doesn’t have time to grow and take good care of your nails, then you can use these extensions and customize them as you like. These nails are easy to design, and if you make mistakes, you always can replace them with new ones. Even you can purchase pre-designed nails from the market, and stick them to get an immediate design.

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2. French Tip Nail Design:

French tip nail design

French tip design is pretty old, and ladies have followed the trend since the 1970s. The design is still relevant in 2022 because it is simple and gives you a decent look suitable for most occasions. To get the classic French tip design combine a nude base with a white edge; they are usually square or oval. Paint the extended part of the nail with your favorite color, and you get the best-unified look that easily matches your outfit. It is one of the most straightforward designs to try.

3. Summer Graphic Art Nails:

Summer Graphic Art Nails

Graphics can take your nails to the next level with creative and fun design ideas. You can take inspiration from anything around you. Most people try beaches, sunset, or fruit designs. They are easy to paint, and multiple designs give you a unique look. You don’t have to focus on details, as summer nail art designs can be anything you want. Don’t overcomplicate things. Make sure to have fun, be silly, and try to show your personality with the help of your nails.

4. Cool Summer Nail Design Ideas:

Cool Summer Nail Design Idea

Summer already comes with too much heat. If you don’t want to carry the heat on your nails, then cool summer nail design ideas are one of the best to try. You can use light colors as a base and show your creativity using the darkest colors. These elegant and relaxed styles make you remember winter while exploring some summer-inspired themes. Try sunsets, palm trees, and pineapple decor, and use your favorite concepts in the newest nail shapes, colors, and art trends. Make it look so adorable that everyone would like to copy your designs.

5. Bright Summer Nails:

Bright Summer Nail

Colors reflect your personality, and using the brightest colors gives you a bold look and beautiful nails. Using bright colors like yellow, red, and marron is easy and doesn’t require you to design a lot to get a stunning look. As the color itself stands out, it saves from the extra effort. You can choose from the natural option available in the summertime. Those bold shades look great in all shapes and styles. If you plan to visit the beach, pool, or cruising anywhere, these vibrant and attractive nails will mentally prepare you for an excellent time.

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6. Perfectly Rounded Nails:

Perfectly rounded Nails

If you love to play with the shapes of your nails, then a rounded design is perfect for trying for your summer nails. It works best on short nails and gives you that elegant look. You don’t have to worry about colors or designs for this design, as even the most straightforward theme will stand out because of the round shape. You can paint them according to your styling needs, but paint your nails with a nude polish with an added shine for a professional finish. Moreover, choose a navy or crimson color and accent it with light designs to get something more distinguishing.

7. Summer Gel Nails:

Summer Gel Nails

Gel nails are similar to acrylic nails (fake fashion nails), but they are more flexible, softer, and give you a natural look. If you want to extend your nails or change them entirely to get the best summer nails, they are the best to try. Stick with the natural theme or bright color palette or try them with different finishes like matte and gloss; even you can add cute details like a smiley face or stripes. The best is that you can easily remove gel nails upon reaching home.

8. Summer Yellow Nails:

Summer Yellow Nails

Yellow is the color of summer, so it’s worth trying. Also, these designs are taking over Instagram, where you find many fashion bloggers posting their creativity using yellow colors in their summer nail designs. You can be flexible with shade, and you are allowed to choose the shades of yellow you prefer, such as lemon, canary, and pineapple– mix them with white for the best impact and a multi-dimensional look.

9. Butterfly Nails:

Butterfly nails

Butterfly nails are a forever trend that looks good during summers and is best suitable for multiple occasions. You can add a light base of blue, green, or pale colors and paint butterflies and other designs with your favorite colors. It may look like a complicated design, but it’s easy. It’s a famous nail art that gives you a stunning look. You can add some glitter or crystals on the top for a touch of sparkle. Most women prefer this design in light colors, but you don’t restrict your creativity due to this, use any color you want but don’t leave the essence of nature behind.

10. Cosmic Auras:

Cosmic auras

It’s a random design that allows you to play with your nails. You can paint with your favorite colors and designs. Cosmic auras are a summer nail art that describes your mood. It can be joyful, calm, easy, angry, sad, etc. You have to paint a shiny transparent coat for the base and display your creativity. We have seen women painting stars, circles, tiny dots, flowers, etc. You can select the objects based on your mood and display them using your nails. This design is best suitable if you are going near the beach or for any casual event.

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11. The Little Rainbow:

The little rainbow

It is among the most accessible summer nail ideas anyone can try at home. It doesn’t require you to paint a base color and saves time. You need to find the colors of the rainbow and paint them in the shape of a rainbow. It gives you a simple look, yet people will notice. Rainbow Designs have been popular for ages and give you a retro look. Also, it is a trending design where you find multiple bloggers posting them on their Pinterest and Instagram accounts. It’s undoubtedly worth trying for once.

12. Simple Ying Yang:

Simple Ying Yang

Ying Yang is a Chinese sign that describes how opposite or contrary forces may be binary, interdependent, and interconnected in the natural world. It’s a mix of positive and negative, which you can display using your nails. It is a unique design that won’t find many girls wearing. To get Ying Yang summer nails, you need to paint your nails white and add the other half of the design with black. It is a straightforward design that won’t take much time yet gives you a unique look. Don’t forget to apply the shiny coat at last.

13. Neon Green Nail Design:

Neon green nail design

Neon summer nails have a different fan base. It gives you an out-of-the-box look that makes you stand out. The stunning neon colors immediately grab people’s attention, and the creativity on top will steal their hearts. Moreover, these colors look great on all skin complexions. You need to choose the right match. If you got a dark skin tone, neon green or yellow polish would suit you the best. We recommend you pick neon purple or pink if you have fair skin, as these colors look great without seeming out of place.

14. Coral Nail Design:

Coral nail design

It is the best summer nail art if you prefer simple designs. The shape of your nail and a good manicure matters a lot in achieving perfection in this design. You don’t have to play with colors and design. Just paint your nails with a single coral color to get the shiny look suitable for any occasion. The best part is, it doesn’t matter how long or short you wish to wear this style; it simply matches everyone’s skin tone and gives you a perfect look with myriad outfits. It also acts as an excellent base hue if you want a more elaborate design or if you wish to add something later.

15. Green Summer Nails:

Green Summer Nails

Of course, we cannot miss the organic green color while showing you the best summer nail designs. This color never gets out of the trend and always comes back with a new shade everyone likes. Moreover, it gives you an enhanced light look needed for summers. To achieve the perfect finish, first, paint your nail with a lighter shade, then use a small brush to paint a few organic lines in a darker shade. You can always play with creativity.

16. Classy Nail Design:

Classy nail design

This style is trendy yet classic but always remains in fashion. Classy nail design is best suitable for a summer event, such as an outdoor cinema event, boat party, or trip to the Bahamas. It doesn’t include a lot of design, just a light base of elegant colors and a few shiny lines with a pearl-polish finish. Select colors according to your skin complexion, and you are ready to rock.

17. 3D Seashell Summer Nails:

3D seashell summer nails

There is no better design than a 3D seashell if you are going out on a beach. It brings the effect of the sea wherever you go, and the 3D design will quickly grab people’s attention towards you. However, it’s not easy to search for a nail artist who specializes in doing 3D designs. To enhance the seashell look, you can add a crystal close to your cuticle. It is a unique design that most of your friends haven’t seen before. It gives you a chance to flaunt.

18. Summer Pastel Nails:

Summer Pastel Nails

This summer nail art looks similar to French tip, but it’s different. If colors are your love yet coloring the whole nail is not your thing, it’s the most suitable design. Summer pastels include a transparent base with colorful extensions. You can shape your nails too oval or square for this design. Paint different colors of your choice on each finger, or it will look like a French tip.

19. Easy Summer Nails:

Easy summer nails

As the name sounds, it’s the easiest design that anyone can DIY at home. Paint your nails with your favorite color and make simple designs like lines, stars, circles, etc. Top it up with glossy paint and glitter to give an enhanced look. It is the best design if you are out of time yet want summer nail art. You are free to play with the design either you can follow a theme or add a thick glitter top coat to create a cute effect with minimal effort. You don’t have to visit a nail art expert for such a simple design.

20. Colour Block Nails:

Colour block nails

You can show your creativity with the use of multiple color blocks. These summer nail designs are easy to paint, and you can do them by yourself. Also, it gives you a versatile look and leaves you with multiple color options to try. Use a darker polish for the base and a glitter polish for the second block to quickly create a defined chic look for a better finish. The overall look is based on contrast; the more it is, the better it looks.

21. Square Nails:

Square nails

Square nails are easy to maintain and give you a stunning design. If your job requires you to do rough tasks, square nails will be the best design. It’s durable, and you don’t need to apply acrylic nails to achieve perfection. Paint them with fancy colors like bright neon, muted pastels, or any funky color of your choice. They are best for lazy-day beach parties.

22. Almond Nails Design:

Almond nails design

Indeed, the almond nail design looks just like almonds. To achieve perfection, you need to leave the base of the nail in its naturally rounded state; following that, the sides are tapered, and at last, the tips are smoothed into a minor point. This design gives you a great overall appearance while making your finger look slim at the same time. Such shapes are difficult to carve on natural nails. That’s why you will need acrylic nails for this design. Please do not compromise with shape, as it matters a lot to get perfect almond nails.

23. Mountain Peak Nail Design:

Mountain peak nail design

To get perfect mountain summer nail art, you need to have mid-length nails or consider using gel nails. It would help if you crafted your nails to get the ideal pointed tip that gives a mountain-like appearance. You can select the color of your choice, but they usually don’t look good in dark colors. We recommend you to use different shades of light colors with a shiny coat on top and sparkle with some glitters to give you perfection.

24. Cool Pastels:

Cool pastels

Pastels come in a variety of colors, that include light blues, purples, pinks, and yellows. These colors give a classy look and please shape your nails into the square for that perfect finish. Pastels easily match your routine and are best suitable for any small get-together. Apply 2 -3 layers of the same color so that it doesn’t look dull and stay for a longer time and continue to enhance your look.

25. Simple Toenail Designs:

Simple toenail design

Please don’t leave your toes behind while running to get your fingers’ perfect summer nail art. Luckily, toes are not complicated as fingers and won’t take much of your time. You can paint all your toenails the same color or make a little design on your thumbnail. That’s it. Bold colors suit your toenails best and give the much-required shiny look. Moreover, if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t be afraid to experiment with little art to spice things up. These are some beautiful toenail designs that you can quickly try at home.


Here we came to the end of our summer nail designs list. We hope you can find some of the best designs and summer nail color ideas. However, this is not the end, and you can still browse the best trending designs on Pinterest or Instagram.

You can try whatever design you want, but they will only look good when you have healthy nails for that

  • Take good care of your nails.
  • Get a regular manicure or pedicure to maintain that shine.
  • Add natural food to your diet that promotes nail health.

Do you have some fantastic designs on your mind? Please leave them in the comments.

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