How to Take Off Acrylic Nails With Hot Water

Acrylic nails have been around for a decade. However, with nail art obsession and social media emergence, acrylic nails are a buzz in the town. It not only adds length to your nails but also gives them strength. Moreover, being durable, acrylic nails are more popular than gel nails. It is a dream obsession for all stylish nail lovers. You can add intricate nail designs with a combination of colors. But, when the time comes to take off the acrylic nails, it can become a tedious job. However, there is no need to worry as some easy solutions can help you remove acrylic nails.

Take Off Acrylic Nails With Hot Water


How to Remove Acrylic Nails With Hot Water?

Though acrylic nails look glamorous, taking them off is a painful process. You can, though, visit a professional to take it off. However, if you are money-constrained and have the time and energy, you can easily do it in your home. One of the safest ways is to take off acrylic nails with hot water, and it is because the process protects your skin and the nails.

Following are the guidelines for taking off acrylic nails with hot water:

  • Gently trim the acrylic nails, so there is no damage to your natural nails.
  • Take a bowl of hot water that is just right for your fingers. Do not use boiling water, as it can burn your fingers.
  • Soak your fingers in the bowl of warm water and keep it for twenty-five to thirty minutes. It will be best if you cover the bowl of hot water with a cloth so that the warmth remains for some time.
  • You will find there is a swelling in your acrylic nails. It is an indication that the work is in process and you are moving in the right direction.
  • You will see that the acrylic nail is gradually loosening and coming off.
  • When you are sure, there are no more glues, gently pull off the acrylic nails one by one. You can use a pointed or sharp object to pull off the acrylic nails.
  • Dry your fingers with the help of a towel, and use a moisturizer on your hands and nails to keep them soft.

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How to Remove Acrylic Nails Off With Hot Water and Acetone

Acetone is a colorless solvent that people widely use as a nail polish remover or to remove grease and paints. However, many do not favor acetone to remove acrylic nails as it may cause skin irritation and damage. However, the following are some simple steps to take acrylic nails off with hot water and acetone efficiently:

  • Trim the acrylic nails gently without damaging your natural nails. It would be best if you also pried the cuticles with a sharp object without force as it may damage your nails and skin.
  • Fill up a large bowl with warm water that is not too hot. Take a small bowl and fill it up with acetone.
  • Insert the small bowl of acetone into the big bowl of warm water and let it warm up for a while.
  • It is essential to cover the skin around your fingers with petroleum gel. It is because the chemical reaction of acetone does not damage your skin and cause irritation.
  • Keep your fingers in the acetone and warm water for twenty to thirty minutes to help the acrylic nails come off quickly.
  • When you find the acrylic nails loosening off your skin, use a tweezer to remove the acrylic nails. It would be best if you remembered to use the tweezer only when the acrylic nails become soft.
  • If you find that the acrylic nails are not coming off quickly, you must soak your fingers again in the bowl of warm water for some more time till it becomes soft.

You must, however, remember never to try and use force to take off the acrylic nails as it can affect the skin around your fingers and can also damage your natural nails. You must also use moisturizer after the process is over to keep your skin soft and smooth.

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How to Take Off Acrylic Nails at Home With Hot Water

Home remedy is always the best if you know the process. So, when it comes to taking off your glamorous acrylic nails, it is best if you perform the activity in your home. Firstly, you will save a lot of extra expenses from going to a salon. Moreover, home remedies do not favor the use of chemicals. Hence, your skin will be safe from damage. You can also perform the process of taking off the acrylic nails in the comfort of your house. Following is a guideline on how to take off acrylic nails at home with hot water:

The primary things you need to take off acrylic nails at home are:

  • Warm water
  • Nail filer
  • Orange sticks
  • Nail clipper

The process of taking off acrylic nails is easy. Following are the steps:

  • Trim the pin at the shortest so that the edges the smooth.
  • Take a bowl of warm water enough not to burn your fingers. Hence, always check the temperature before inserting your finger into the bowl.
  • Soak your fingers in the bowl of warm water for at least thirty to forty minutes so that it helps the glue dissolve.
  • Try to dip your fingers at an angle so warm water can seep through the orange stick’s inlet.
  • If the nails are not coming out quickly, try to soak your fingers for some more time until it becomes soft.
  • It is essential to pour warm water regularly so that it remains hot and the temperature is constant throughout.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Taking Off Acrylic Nails

Taking off acrylic nails is a tedious and painful process though putting them on is fast and straightforward. People put on acrylic nails to give a glamourous look, as you can get them in various vibrant combinations of colors. But when the time comes to take the acrylic nails off, then it becomes pretty frustrating. However, you can go to a salon and take it off effectively, provided you want to spend extra money. On the contrary, if you have the time, you do it yourself at home with the help of some simple home remedies. In any of the options, however, you must be cautious as the following are certain things to keep in mind while taking off acrylic nails:

  • It would be best if you took care of your cuticles while taking off the acrylic nails.
  • Before taking off the acrylic nails, it is advisable to trim off the edges of your nails.
  • It is best to use a nail straightener.
  • It would be best not to use force to pull off the acrylic nails.
  • Avoid using chemicals as they may damage your skin and cause irritation.
  • Always keep your nails and cuticles smooth by using a moisturizer.
  • If you use acetone with warm water to remove the acrylic nails, try to be away from fire.


Many are still skeptical about using acrylic nails as they fear the consequences of taking them off. However, with the use of warm water and acetone, you can easily take off the acrylic nails. You need to be patient as it takes some time to loosen up. If you use home remedies, you will also save the extra expenses of visiting a salon.

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