Types of Lip Shapes Chart to Find Your Lip Type

Do you know lips are as unique as your fingerprints? You might see many people around every day, but you hardly notice the type of lips they have. It’s natural! We brought this lip shape chart to make you aware of people’s various types of lips. Lips reveal your identity; by noticing the lip type of a person standing in front, you can get to know a lot about their identity, which ultimately helps you crack a discussion. Moreover, knowing the right lip-type will help you effectively apply makeup and take proper care of your lips.

lips shape chart

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This lip shape chart will make you aware of people’s multiple lips types, what it reveals about their identity, and how to apply makeup for each type. Towards the end of the article, you will find details about taking care of your lips and things to do if you want to change the type of lips you have. Read this lip shape chart till the end. You will learn about numerous unnoticed facts that hide behind your lips.


9 Different Types of Lip Shapes That People Have

1. Full lips:

Full lips shape chart, Full lip shape

Naturally full lips are the most common type in this lips chart. Most people around the world have them. These types of lips are plump all around with no gap between them. They cover most areas of your mouth without leaving any space. These types of lips don’t have any particular shape. If you notice the simplest lip types with no particular shape resembling other types in this lip size chart, they are full lips.

Studies say that women with full lips are confident and courageous; they value friendship and enjoy social connections. They are kind-hearted and deeply care about people. They put others’ needs first and naturally gravitate towards motherhood. It’s said that the thicker the lips, the more passionate the woman.

Applying makeup is easy on these lip types as you don’t have to match the shape to put liner across and even the simplest shade gives a stunning look. Women desire to have full lips because, as evolutionary psychology suggests, such types of lips signify strong mating potential.

2. Heavy upper lips:

Heavy Upper Lip Shape Chart

Heavy upper lips are among the most attractive lip-type in this lip shapes chart. The shape of these lips is exactly what it sounds, and the upper lip is a bit heavier than the lower one. It doesn’t mean that the lower lip is thin, but it’s a fantastic combination, and among the most loved lips types that’s rare to find.

As per a business insider, a study was conducted among 1,000 people in 35 countries, which revealed that the perfect lips are all down to symmetry. More than 60% of respondents thought a 1:1 ratio between upper and lower lips was the most attractive shape. Also, a cosmetic surgeon in London said that most people request him to have a heavily-defined cupid’s bow.

Applying lipstick to this particular lip type is tricky, and you need to take extra care to make them look gorgeous. If you got heavy upper lips, you’re a giving person and always focus on the other person’s needs in the relationship and your own.

3. Heavy lower lips:

Heavy lower lip shape celebrity

They are also called heavy bottom lips. It’s just opposite to one we discussed above in this lip shape chart. When your bottom lip is fuller than the top, it is referred to as heavy lower lips. These lips are also attractive but not as good as heavy upper lips. Most women go for surgeries to get this exact lip type.

Applying makeup is tricky on these lips as you need to match it with a thin upper lip. Using a concealer or foundation will help a lot with the makeup process.

If you got lower heavy lips, you are someone who likes to be pampered, and maybe you can also be a pleasure seeker.

4. Wide lips:

Wide Lips Shape Chart

Wide lips and plumper lips are the same. These lips are typically longer than full and span across with an elongated smile. Wide lips look attractive. Many women are obsessed with getting this particular lip-type to match their favorite celebrity.

Taking care of these lips is easy, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to draw that perfect line that can hold your lipstick. Experts say you need to take some highlight (a lighter shade of lipstick, gloss, or other) and drop a little in the center of your lips to get the perfect finish.

People with this particular lip-type are usually friendly and extroverted. They make good leaders and are driven by perfection. Because of their extroverted nature, they don’t hesitate to communicate with others, give orders, and coordinate with teammates to become good leaders.

5. Round lips:

Round lips Shape

Round lips are probably the most different type on this lip shape chart. If the top and bottom of your lips are just the same sizes, you got round lips. It’s easy to find, and at the same time, they are not as common as wide lips.

Applying makeup is easy and depends on the type of shades you want.  If you like to elongate your lips, manipulate the look with a liner. Don’t go overboard. Slightly overline the outer corners of your lips to widen the area; however, don’t draw too far from your natural lip line.

People with round lips pose with charismatic and adventurous personalities. These people are always full of confidence and take risks. You may find them taking wrong and foolish decisions because of overconfidence, especially in career choices.

6. Heart-shaped lips:


Heart-shaped lips are hard to find, and they are among the most desired type in this lip shape chart. Also known as cupid’s bow up top, these lips don’t exactly look heart-shaped, but you will find a bow on top with a sharper bottom lip. The definition of heart-shaped lips changes from person to person and depends on the type of lips chart. But this is how you determine the lip type.

These types of lips have a tricky design. Due to this, it becomes difficult to apply lipstick to them properly. You can pop in some highlighter right on the cupid’s bow with a tip that works for all lip shapes. Focus on highlighting the heart while preparing your lips.

People with heart-shaped lips are usually strong-willed and independent. Women and men having such lips are more likely to be fashionable, humorous, and passionate. Heart-shaped lips reveal an energetic, artistic, and creative personality.

7. Thin lips:

Do you know your lips lose their volume with time? Not only lips, but it’s also our body’s natural process, and our skin loses its elasticity because collagen production slows down with age. It can damage lips, causing them to lose firmness and get a thinner appearance. People in old age usually have thin lips. Try to notice it the next time.

Preparing your thin lips is easy. Just use a thick liner, and it’s more than enough. If you want your thin lips to look broad, make sure the liner connects with your natural lip line, just hanging slightly above. Use a dab of highlight at the center to create the perfect illusion of volume.

You are cautious, independent, and reserved if you have thin lips. Due to this, people always mislabel you as a loner, but you are comfortable in solitude. Thin lips in this lip-type chart depict a strong personality.

8. Bow-shaped lips:

Bow Shape Lips

Bow-shaped lips or the perfect cupid’s bow are the most desired lip-type in this lip shape chart, women love them, but they are hard to find. You can easily see heart-shaped lips, but the perfect bow-shaped lips are rare. The type resembles the name, and these types of lips look exactly like a little bow.

You can use similar makeup methods like heart-shaped lips. Either highlight the center of the cupid’s bow or soften the V shape by taking your lip color and smudging it above the bow.

Bow-shaped lips show that the person is a good communicator, creative, quick-minded, and intelligent. Quick-minded people can be highly reactive and often do not think before speaking. It may lead them to various problems in life.

9. Downward turned lips:

Downward turned lips

The last lip-type in this lip shape chart is downward-turned lips. These types of lips are not common, and often, they are a result of a powerful downward pull by muscles attaching to the corners of your mouth.

Downward lips give you a natural sad look, so it’s among the most undesirable type in this lip types chart. Loss of volume in the soft tissues that support your mouth can also be one of the reasons. Without good support, the corners of the mouth fall.

The good part is you can easily cover the sad look with the help of makeup. Few experts suggest filling in those corners—use your lip color outward and upward to create a shadow that helps you get a good look.

Women with downturned lips tend to be exotic, witty, and intelligent; they are bossy and demanding at times. These women are highly disciplined and make sure to succeed in whatever they put their minds to.

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Why Is It Important to Know Your Lip Shape?

Lip shape is an important factor to consider when choosing a lipstick. Understanding your lip shape will help you make the best decision for your look and lifestyle. Lipstick is one of the most popular beauty products on the market. It comes in every color and texture imaginable, but it’s hard to find “your perfect shade” if you don’t know what kind of lip shape you have. There are many different types of lip shapes but knowing your lip shape will help narrow down your search for the perfect lipstick color!

How to Find Out Your Lip Shape

Now that we know the different types of lip shapes chart, how do we determine what shape our lips are?

The lips are one of the most important features of the human face. They are used to show emotion and can also be used to attract attention. The shape of the lips can determine a person’s age. Finding out your lip’s shape helps you to discover innovative and attractive ways to apply various kinds of lipstick to enhance your natural pout, or create a noticeable lips appearance.

If you’re not sure what the shape of your lips is then you can simply follow the below tips to identify the shape of your lips.

The shape of your lips is determined by the size, shape, and position of your mouth and nose. In order to determine the shape of your lips, take a selfie from the front with your mouth closed.

Next, try to draw a line with a lip liner from one corner of your mouth to the opposite corner.

How to Change the Lip Shape and Lip Size?

We hope you have gone through the lip shape chart. The next important question is how to change the lip shape and lip size if you are not satisfied with your lips or desire to get something new—luckily, changing your lips to an extent possible through various methods.

Non-surgical methods:

Natural methods are the best ways to plump your lips, as you never know what happens during surgery. You can use cinnamon oil and cayenne pepper recipes. These measures temporarily cause mild inflammation of your lips, giving your lips a plump effect for a few days.

Moreover, you can exfoliate your lips with good quality lip scrubs easily available on the market or use a hyaluronic acid serum. Any way would work, but it only provides you with a temporary solution.

Surgical methods:

You can try various lip lift surgeries like Direct lip lift, central lip lift, corner lip lift, and Italian lip lift. Each surgery solves a different type of issue, so first, you need to check the type of problem you are willing to solve, then check the solution that suits you the best.

Try lip fillers if you don’t want to undergo lip surgery and still want similar effects.

The lip filling technique is done by a medical professional who fills a liquid such as hyaluronic acid or a gel-like substance on your lips with the help of an injection. It may cause you pain, but you get the desired lip shape for at least 12 to 18 months. It’s a temporary solution that lasts a little longer.

Explain the type of lips you want to your doctor before they start injecting the liquid into your lips, or else all your efforts will go in vain.

How to Take Care of Your Lips?

Do you see those stunning images in the lip shape chart and wonder how you can get those perfect lips? Take good care of your lips; it’s simple but make sure you do it regularly.

Keep your lips hydrated:

Avoid licking your lips as it soaks the moisture; it’s hard but works. Also, drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. Lips are more sensitive than normal skin and easily dry out, so you need to take better care of them.

Moisturize them:

Use lip balms or sunscreen when you go out in the sun. It is good to use a cream as a cover to keep the hydration intact. At night use moisturizer to combat night dryness so your lips don’t lose the extra skin.


Make it a habit to remove dry and dead skin flakes by lightly brushing your lips with a soft toothbrush or washcloth. Try this method once a week whenever you are not planning to go outside. If you cannot stay all day indoors, don’t forget to use a moisturizer.


Each type of lip depicts the personality a person possesses. In this lip shape chart, we have included all lip types that humans have. There might be other names, but lips can be classified into these types.

To mention it again, the cupid’s bow is the rarest lip type, and full lips can easily be found. Take good care of your lips, and if you are willing to change your lip type, don’t forget to check the surgical and non-surgical methods we described in the article.

We recommend you try the non-surgical methods if you are willing to get those special types of lips for a particular event or try the lip filler techniques. It’s not as painful as it sounds. Keep surgery as the last option.

Here we came to the end of our lip shape chart. Do we hope that now you understand the multiple types of lips people have? What do lips show about your personality? How do you apply make-up and take good care of your lips?