Nail Trends Set to Take Over in 2023

Want to maintain beautiful nails and stay on-trend? Inspire yourself with new ideas by finding out about the hottest nail trends in 2023. And if you run a nail salon, you’ll want to get up to speed so you can give those indecisive clients a helping hand.

Nail Trends Set to Take Over in 2023

Image Credit: realsimple


Why Nail Care Matters

Nail care makes your hands look well-groomed and can help you feel more confident in yourself. There’s something very satisfying about trying a new colour or getting some clever nail art done to make your nails pop! The hands are exposed to the elements nearly all the time, so they really deserve some TLC.

If you want to keep things fresh and enjoy a self-care kick, you’ll want to know about this year’s trends!

1. Sensory Nails and Nail Jewellery:

Maximalist, sensorial nails are in for 2023. A few hallmarks of this style are 3D decals, beads and gems. There are so many directions you can take this in.

For example, tiny jewels in bright tones can add character to a nude French manicure.

And a fun way to add a sense of texture to your nails without adding any stick-on features is to get a design with reflective foils. This creates an iridescent sheen that is really eye-catching.

Long nails really lend themselves to the sensory trend, with extra space to use as a canvas and a splash of drama to. If your nails aren’t naturally long but you want to embrace this style, using an acrylic nail set is the best way to extend the length of your natural nail.

2. Clean-girl Aesthetic:

At the same time, a clean girl aesthetic is also a massive trend right now. Manicures with French tips or a shiny, natural glaze are the name of the game.

Want to dress your minimalist nails up a bit without sacrificing the simplistic look? Try adding discreet wavy lines or small pearl decals. Tiny painted motifs like white daisies or soft pastel tips can also complement this style perfectly.

4. Your Nails, but Better:

Many of us love to indulge in acrylic or gel manicures that go over the top of our natural nails, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The “Your nails, but better” trend is all about flaunting your natural nails, treating them to a manicure and applying a glossy, natural colour.

A milky white manicure is one of the signature ways to achieve this look and has been showcased by celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston and Lizzo recently. It’s a perfect way to achieve low-key but smart nails.

5. Pink-Glazed and Barbie:

Pink nails are seriously on trend this year. Nail artist Kameron Lange attributes this to the 2023 Pantone Colour of the Year being Viva Magenta and the Barbie Movie that’s coming out this year.

You can get really creative with this. Try a little bit of chrome powder to achieve a mirror effect or for a playful strawberry-glazed doughnut effect. A nude manicure with a swirl design that shows off multiple shades of pink is another way to make this trend your own.

There’s such a diverse range of nail trends this year. Whatever your personality and nail preference, you’re sure to find a new nail style you love!