Top 10 BTS Jungkook’s Tattoos and Their Meaning

BTS is one of the most prominent names in the entertainment and art industry worldwide. The Korean boy band of seven incredibly talented and influential men is currently ruling the hearts of millions of the Army. Army’s are the BTS fans who are ready to support their idols at any cost. The maknae, or the youngest member and one of the most popular group members, Jeon Jungkook, has stopped many stereotypes. Jungkook is an all-rounder artist with a love for art and has curved many tattoos on his body, each with a profound meaning.

Ever since Jungkook revealed in an interview back in 2015 that he wants to get a tattoo when he’s an adult, fans have wished to see him fulfill his dreams. In the k-pop industry, idols are restricted from doing something that might hurt their fandom. But in this case, Army’s are always ten steps ahead to see their idols getting what they desire. In a run BTS episode, Jungkook revealed his arm tattoos, which amazed everyone. The entire fandom was extremely happy to see Jungkook’s hand tattoos and somewhat curious to know what tattoos their idol has and what they mean.

BTS Jungkook's Tattoos and Their Meaning


BTS Jungkook’s Tattoos and Their Meaning

So, here is a brief detail on the top 10 Jungkook tattoos.

1. A R M Y and J tattoo:

A R M Y and J tattoo

The first one you may notice is the ARMY tattoo on the back of his right hand when it comes to tattoos, as we all know that ARMY is the BTS fandom name. However, the Army here doesn’t only represent how dedicated Jungkook is towards his fan. If you look clearly, the A of the Army is a V upside-down; V is the stage name of Kim Taehyung, another member of BTS. RM represents the stage name of their leader and Jungkook’s role model Kim Namjoon, and M Y is the initial of another band member’s name Min Yoongi. You might be wondering what about the other members? Well. Above the M in the army tattoo, a J. J is for, Jhope, Jin, and Jungkook himself, whereas JM represents Jimin.

2. 0613:


It is another tattoo on Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook is always admired for his gratitude and affection towards the band and the fans. 1306 is the date of their official debut as a band. On June 12, 2013, they debuted with “2 Cool 4 Skool”. As Jungkook always mentions that their debut date is the most precious day in his life, he is expected to see remarkable things such as Jungkook’s tattoos.

3. Army logo or bulletproof:

army logo or bulletproof

Every member of BTS has immense love and admiration for their fan, and they all have their unique ways of expressing their feelings for the Army. However, Jungkook is unique, and we have seen him getting tattoos of things that mean something precious to him. The army logo on his hand is a token of love and gratitude from his side to the Army. It also represents that together we are all bulletproof here; bullet refers to the negativities and criticism thrown at people.

4. Purple heart:

Purple heart

Purple has undoubtedly become the BTS color. It started during one concert. Kim Taehyung said that purple is the last color of the Rainbow that represents a long-lasting love and faith one someone. Ever since purple is no longer a color but an emotion, an expression you might see Army’s and idols using as borahae or I purple you. The Purple Heart tattoo on Jungkook’s hand is right beside the army logo, and beneath the name, the tattoo shows his love and faith in his band members and Army.

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5. The most beautiful moment in life:

The most beautiful moment in life

Jungkook arm tattoos or Jungkook sleeve tattoos have set the entire fandom on another level of insanity. We start from the hanja characters written on his inner sleeves, and it says hwayang yeonhwa which translates to the most beautiful moment in life. It is one of the most remarkable and meaningful albums of BTS. The tattoo is for the band, BTS, and their beautiful moments with themselves and their beloved Army.

6. The eye:

The Eye

Jungkook got another tattoo on his arm which is a giant eye. Although it looked terrific and fans were in awe of the tattoo, many became curious to know the inner meaning of the symbol. However, there hasn’t been any explanation for the eye tattoo except that it was inspired by a drawing Jungkook made himself.

7. Microphone:


Jungkook is an artist whose passion is singing. Singing has been his career choice and the driving force to live his life every moment. Each BTS member has customized microphones, and it can be seen in their actions and words what that microphone means to them. Jungkook often mentions that he’s the most alive and happiest when he sings, especially in front of the Army. So we can conclude that the microphone represents the soul’s urge to live.

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8. Tiger Lilly:

Tiger Lilly

The birth flower is a common culture in South Korea, similar to the zodiac signs in most regions. In an interview with BTS and a run BTS episode, Jungkook revealed that his birth flower is tiger Lilly. Tiger Lilly represents prosperity, wealth, confidence, and courage. As we all can see, everything that his birth flower symbolizes is present in him. He recently colored the tiger Lilly, making it look more attractive and meaningful.

9. Please love me:

Please love me

Please love me in Korean is what the tiger Lilly means. Jungkook has the phrase written alongside the tiger Lilly to make it a complete picture of his life and desire.

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10. Interlocking X phrases:

interlocking X phrases

Among all the Jungkook hand tattoos, one tattoo has two lines written in an X or infinity shape. One of those phrases says make hay while the sun shines, while the other says rather be dead than cool. It might have its meaning on its own, but there’s a deep meaning inside it. Ever since their BTS debut, Jungkook has been seen to keep his life motto which says it’s better to be dead than living without passion, and this interlock tattoo is nothing but the same.


Jungkook tattoos are piercings that have kept the Army’s heart racing. Although it’s not rare to see Jungkook returning with a new tattoo, it always feels like the first time. Apart from these 10 Jungkook tattoos, there are still many on his arms. And Army’s are hoping to see many more in the future. Let’s not forget that Jungkook broke many stereotypes with his love for tattoos and piercings. His charms and uniqueness are visible in everything he does; his tattoos are proof of his personality and life.