25 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas for Couples in Love

Couple tattoos are a way to express love and commitment. They are a way for couples to show their mutual love and support for each other. Tattoos are a big decision to make for any couple. This is because it’s permanent and can be seen by all their friends and family members. When choosing a tattoo for your partner, it’s important that you take time to think about what you want the tattoo to represent and why you want it in particular. Some couples find tattoos as an effective way of expressing their love for each other. For example, some couples may get matching tattoos to show their commitment and dedication to each other. Other couples may also choose to get tattoos that have personal meanings to them such as the name of their children or parents.

Tattoos are in trend now. People use tattoos either for style, identification, or any specific reasons. Today, people use tattoos to show their love and feeling for their partner. Tattoos come in various designs and shapes, and you can make them colorful. Therefore, if you are thinking of having a tattoo, there are various matching tattoos for couples that you can choose according to your requirement.

In this article, we will be going over how to choose the right tattoo for your boyfriend or girlfriend.


25 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas for Couples in Love

Following are twenty-five couple tattoo ideas that you can enhance your loving relationship.

1. Small Couple Tattoos:

Small Couple Tattoos

If you are scared of needles but want to show your love to your partner, you can go for their small tattoos. It does not matter whether the Tattoo is small or big. Moreover, the presence of a small tattoo also fits your budget. You can also hide it at your workplace as some restrictions exist. Small couple tattoos also give you a sense of a long-lasting relationship, as you cannot wipe off tattoos easily. It can be a small secret between you and your partner that will be unknown to the outside world.

2. Cute Couple Tattoos:

Cute Couple Tattoos

Do you want to show your love and feelings and at the same time keep the secret to yourself? The best way is to engrave a tattoo that is small and cute. You can choose a design of your own or search online for fantastic tattoos that can keep others in awe. The presence of couple tattoos portrays a special bond between you and your partner, which keeps your love and relationship high.

3. Matching Couple Tattoos:

Matching Couple Tattoos

There are various types of tattoo ideas for couples. Just like a lie detector test reveals the truth, these tattoos symbolize the transparent and honest bond you share with your partner. You can choose them according to your style and requirements. Moreover, you can also get some cool and romantic tattoos within your budget. The tattoos can be the lyrics of a song, a phrase, or anything that connects both of you. You can also make them colorful to look more attractive. However, you must agree when choosing a particular design for a tattoo. It is one of the ways to show your love and keep the bond strong and everlasting. If you need clarification about the design, you can get advice from the professionals regarding the tattoo matching couples ideas so that you can get a unique and cute one.

4. Unique Relationship Couples Tattoos:

Unique relationship couples tattoos

A couple of Tattoos are presently trending. It represents your true feeling and love for each other. You can select unique designs that showcase your true love for each other. The designs can be either big or small, depending upon your choice. You can choose words, phrases, or even characters that define love. Some even engrave each other’s images or names in those areas of the body that are easily visible. Though the pain is there to make a tattoo, the result is satisfying. It also creates a long-lasting relationship among you, keeping your love for each other alive.

5. Couple Finger Tattoos:

Couple Finger Tattoos

One of the best and most cute tattoos is a couple of finger tattoos. They are small but unique. One of the benefits of a couple of finger tattoos is that you can leave the whole of an image or a phrase alone. The actual meaning comes out when you and your partner join your fingers. You can engrave one half of a heart image while your partner can engrave the other half. When both of you attach your fingers, the actual image of the heart will be visible. You can even divide a phrase into two halves between you and your partner. These types of tattoos are exciting and hence keep your love alive.

6. Ring Finger Tattoos:

Ring Finger Tattoos

We are all aware of the importance of the ring finger. It belongs to love and showcases that you are in a relationship. So, it is time to take your love to a different level. You can make unique design tattoos on the fourth finger, the ring finger. Select a suitable design and engrave the Tattoo on the ring finger of both of you. It is one of the best matching couple tattoos you can use throughout your life. It will keep your love-life everlasting.

7. Love Tattoos:

Love Tattoos

The shape of the heart defines love, and it is the only image of love that comes down from age. Though simple, the presence of a heart tattoo signifies that you are in a relationship. Therefore, if you want to use a small and simple tattoo, you can get various accurate love couple tattoo designs from the net. Moreover, professionals also have their designs where you can choose something that defines the love between you and your partner. The heart shape tattoo is easy to engrave, but its presence is truly iconic.

8. Married Couples Tattoos:

Married Couples Tattoos

Many couples do not want to wear any jewelry for personal reasons, so they prefer to engrave a tattoo instead of wearing the traditional wedding ring. You can choose from various ring design tattoos according to your likes and requirements. Moreover, wedding rings may only be on your finger for a short time as you need to modify them as you grow older. However, the wedding ring tattoo design will stay forever on your finger. It is a like a visual reminder of your love for each other. The matching married couple tattoos are like permanent jewelry that keeps the love between you strong and bonding.

9. Quotes Tattoos:

Quotes Tattoos

You can think of a favorite quote that expresses your love and feeling for your partner. Therefore, instead of using technology to send the message across, you can use it as a tattoo. So, whenever you see the Tattoo, it will remind you of your partner. Hence, even if you are apart for some work or other reasons, the presence of the quote will keep the bonding and love alive. Therefore, it is advisable to make the Tattoo in an area on your body that is visible. You can use the quotes in such a way that it is complete only when both of you are together.

10. Cool Couple Tattoo:

Cool Couple Tattoo

Cool Couple Tattoos are for those couples who want to try something different. They usually go out of their way to engrave unique and extraordinary tattoos, primarily to attract the eyeballs of the passerby. There are various types of boyfriend-girlfriend couple tattoo designs that you can select according to your liking. You can even modify the designs and customize them according to your needs and desires. These types of tattoos look attractive, and the outcome is fantastic if you use some color.

11. Infinity Tattoo:

Infinity Tattoo

Since Infinity means eternal, it is one of the best ways to showcase each other’s love. You can use the infinity tattoo to portray your eternal love for your partner and vice-versa. It is the best matching, couple meaningful tattoo you can make on your Hand or any part of your body. Though simple, the presence of the Infinity Tattoo can generate a lot of attraction. One of the best features of the Infinity Tattoo is that it does not matter whether you are a boy or a girl, and the design applies to both genders.

12. Lock and Key Tattoo:

Lock and Key Tattoo

The Lock and Key Tattoo is an ideal tattoo that specifies that you can give your heart to only one person. You can make a lock in the shape of a heart and a key for your partner. The best place to engrave the Lock and Key design are on the inner part of your forearm. So, when you join hands together, the actual design comes into play. You can use either a small design of the lock and key or a bigger one according to your desire. If you color the heart red, the Tattoo stands out firmly.

13. Skull Design Tattoos:

Skull Design Tattoos

The Skull Design Tattoo is one of the couples’ most unique tattoo designs. They are incredible visually and remain a prime choice for many young couples. The Skull Design Tattoos’ real meaning is to show that the love between the couples is everlasting till they are alive. You can pierce the skull design in your arms, legs, back, and neck. However, it would be best if you researched the best design for both of you. The concept of the skull design must be meaningful else the entire Tattoo will become useless. The Skull Design Tattoos come in various sizes and colors, and you can customize them according to your requirements. However, it would be best if you had patience and the power to withstand the pain of the piercing, as it takes some time to make the tattoo design.

14. Disney Tattoo:

Disney Tattoo

Disney Tattoos are one of the love tattoo ideas for couples. People in a relationship always tend to bring out the child inside them. Though it may look crazy and childish, Disney Tattoos is a wonder to watch. It is one of the ways to bring back your childhood love memories. There are various Disney characters that you can choose for both of you, and it is advisable to choose the ones where the Disney characters have partners. You can even choose your favorite Disney character and your partner’s so you can enjoy and recreate your childhood magic. The Disney Tattoos are simple, but through them, you can express your love and feel for your partner. You can use the Disney Tattoos on any part of your body where it is visible.

15. Meaningful Tattoos for Couples:

Meaningful Tattoos for Couples

Whether you are a married couple or in a love relationship, every couple shares some common secret. Therefore, piercing your body with a tattoo that has some meaning to your love relationship is a great way to keep your love alive and exciting. You can use some particular location, code words, or images that only you and your partner will understand. It may be abstract to the outside world, but the Meaningful Tattoo creates an air of love between you and your partner. You can also use the date you met for the first time. It is a great way to bring back old memories so that you can cherish every moment now in the present era.

16. Simple Tattoos:

Simple Tattoos

If you and your partner want less piercing on your body, you can go for Simple Tattoos. It can be just a small image or a symbol that defines your love for each other. Moreover, since simple tattoos are less costly, you can have them within your budget. Nowadays, various types of small and simple designs are unique and beautiful, and you can also use vibrant colors to make them attractive and meaningful. The simple tattoos have meanings that are not only symbolic but also romantic. One of the significant advantages of using simple tattoos is that the entire tattoo-making process on your body is easy and fast. Moreover, you don’t need long needles to pierce your body and cause pain.

17. Yin and Yang Tattoos:

Yin and Yang Tattoos

According to tradition, the Yin and Yang tattoos symbolize energy. The Yin Tattoo represents female energy, while the Yang Tattoo represents male energy. Moreover, the Yin and the Yang are two halves that become complete only when they join. Therefore, the Yin and the Yang Tattoo is a perfect way to show that you and your partner become one together. It will remind you of the true love between you, and no one can separate you from each other. So, if you are planning to make the Yin and Yang Tattoo, remember that the black section belongs to Yin while the white represents Yang.

18. Hand Tattoos:

Hand Tattoos

Hand Tattoos are gradually becoming popular among many who are in a relationship. Nowadays, even married couples are using Hand Tattoos. The best part of the Hand Tattoos is that they are of various designs and signify significant importance to both of you. It is one of the best relationship-matching tattoos that you can use to enhance your love. The design of the hand tattoos completes as one Tattoo, the moment when both of you are together and join hands. The hand tattoo is meaningless without your partner, and it is like a puzzle you can solve only with your partner.

19. Wrist Tattoos:

Wrist Tattoos

Wrist Tattoos have an elegance of their own. The reason being the Tattoo is always visible. Therefore, if you can pierce something unique, it can get the attraction of many. So, if both of you want to show your love for each other, you can select a perfect design tattoo that can enrich the show of your wrist. So, when you are together, you can flaunt your wrist to others to show your love and care for each other. However, the problem with Wrist Tattoos is that since there are a lot of nerve endings on the wrist, the process is painful as it hurts a lot. Therefore, if you want to show your love for your partner, bear the pain and engrave the Wrist Tattoo for good. It is the best relationship-matching Tattoo you can have for both of you.

20. Puzzle Piece Tattoo:

Puzzle Piece Tattoo

The Puzzle Piece Tattoo is a great way to keep your love relationship alive. You can select any puzzle tattoo and get the image pierced on your body, and you can use the puzzle image on the legs or the hands. The Puzzle Piece Tattoo comes in various designs and shapes, and you can also use various colors to make the Tattoo visibly more attractive. The Puzzle Piece Tattoo is also a sign of strength. Hence, it is an ideal tattoo for married couples and those in a long-lasting relationship.

21. King and Queen Tattoo:

King and Queen Tattoo

The King and Queen Tattoo are iconic in its way. It portrays the strength and commitment that both partners can withstand in harsh situations. It is an ideal tattoo design for people who bear a strong love bonding with each other. You can use various shapes of the King and Queen according to your choice and even customize them. The perfect area for the King and the Queen Tattoo is the arm and the wrist.

22. Love Simple Couple Tattoo:

Love Simple Couple Tattoo

Though small, the four-letter word ‘LOVE’ has a lot of strength in its meaning. You can pierce the first two letters on any part of your body while your partner uses the remaining two to complete the word. The Love Tattoo is fantastic, especially for those new to a relationship. Therefore, to make the bonding of love stronger among yourself, you can use the Love Simple Couple Tattoos in designer fonts and colors.

23. Sun and Moon Tattoo:

Sun and Moon Tattoo

The Sun and the Moon Tattoo defines a perfect love relationship between a boy and a girl. You can use the Tattoo to tell your partner how important they are in your life. One of the best features of the Sun and the Moon Tattoo is that you can make it big on your forearm or behind your neck and color it accordingly.

24. Tender and Joy Couples Tattoos:

Tender and Joy Couples Tattoos

If you want an excellent matching boyfriend-girlfriend tattoo, tender and joyful couples’ tattoos are the most suitable ones. You can use the word tender and let your partner use the word joy to pierce their body. These small phrases keep your love life exciting and alive, ensuring that your love remains strong and you come out happy from any problematic situation.

25. Face Tattoo design:

Face Tattoo design

One of the coolest ones of the lot, the face tattoo design, is earning great fame among lovers around the world. You can pierce just the outline of each other’s face on your body, and it can be on your arms, wrist, and Hand. It is one of the most excellent ways to show your love and care for your partner. However, it takes some time and patience to get the actual image. Hence, it is advisable to get the services of a professional who can offer you the best.


Recently, matching couples’ tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity. There are various designs that you can choose from over the net. You can use images, quotations, and even symbols to show your love for your partner and vice-versa. However, it is advisable to take the help of professionals who can also advise you on the types of images or wordings that will be best suitable for you.

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