French Crown VS Rare Rabbit: The Real Winner Revealed

French Crown and Rare Rabbit are both standout names in the fashion world, but they cater to different tastes. French Crown is known for its timeless elegance. They specialize in formal wear like suits and high-end shirts. They also offer dress options for women. Besides formalwear, casualwear for men and women are also available at French Crown.

On the other hand, Rare Rabbit brings a twist of modern flair to men’s fashion. Thou the retail shops of the brand offer both menswear and womenswear, the online platform The House of Rare only offer a range of casual and semi-formal wear for men. All the garments combine comfort with style. If you’re aiming for a trendy, laid-back vibe, Rare Rabbit is your pick. Both brands offer quality, but their styles serve different moments in life.

French Crown VS  Rare Rabbit The Real Winner Revealed


French Crown VS Rare Rabbit

Today we’re diving into a style showdown between two popular fashion brands: French Crown and Rare Rabbit. French Crown India masters the art of timeless elegance, while Rare Rabbit champions modern, laid-back vibes. Which brand takes the crown? Let’s find out.

Aspects French Crown Rare Rabbit
Brand History &


Launched in 2016 by Bhavdip and Ilesh, French Crown offers high-end fashion for both men and women through its online store. According to company statements, the brand has expanded to more than 90 countries and earns over 60% of its income from international sales. According to the brand’s business model, there are over 200 new designs that get launched every week. This rapid turnover is possible because of the brand’s direct ties with various textile mills. These relationships allow the brand to consistently update its inventory, keeping the clothing range refreshed. Rare Rabbit is a menswear label. It was started in 2015 by Manish Poddar. Rare Rabbit operates under Bengaluru’s The House of Rare, a subsidiary of Radhamani Textiles Pvt. Ltd. The brand opened its first main store in UB City, Bengaluru, in 2017. It expanded into women’s fashion under the name Rareism in 2019, with a new store at VR Mall in Whitefield, Bengaluru.
Target Audience French Crown aims for a global reach, catering to fashion-forward individuals across 90 countries. A significant portion of their revenue comes from international markets, making their target audience truly worldwide. Rare Rabbit primarily targets the Indian market. While they offer online sales through various platforms, their focus and physical presence remain strongly India-centric. This geographical focus shows in their choice of locations for flagship stores, across various states in Kolkata.
Product Range French Crown offers a wide variety of formal and informal clothes for men and women. Also, you can buy shoes, belts, perfumes, wallets, neckties, pocket squares, ball pen, etc. Rare Rabbit’s online platform specializes in menswear only. Besides clothes, you can buy shoes, belts, scarves, socks, caps, sunglasses, etc.
Style & Aesthetic French Crown focuses on sleek, minimal designs. The brand prioritizes fit and structure, aiming for a blend of elegance and contemporary style. It caters to the needs and tastes of the modern shopper. Rare Rabbit blends top-notch style, simple design, and excellent craftsmanship to offer a high-end shopping experience. It stands out for its focus on quality and attention to detail. In short, it is a go-to place for refined shopping.
Quality & Materials  French Crown never compromises on fabric quality. The brand follows an eco-friendly process to make the clothes. Their products look fashionable and are environmentally responsible.


Rare Rabbit offers stylish clothes made of premium quality fabrics. These are breathable and comfortable.
Price Range French Crown is a top-tier luxury brand known for its quality, craftsmanship, and unique designs. The brand also offers some stylish menswear at an affordable price range as well. Buyers can make the most of the brand’s ongoing sale too. Rare Rabbit offers menswear and accessories at almost same price range as French Crown. But it doesn’t offer the same variety or quality of fabric as French Crown. So, you don’t get as much value for your money with Rare Rabbit.

Reviews & Ratings

French crown has solid presence in both Facebook and Instagram. French Crown has less followers on social media than Rare Rabbit. Still the brand’s reputation is reflected in positive reviews from customers. Rare Rabbit has active social presence on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Also, it has a Twitter account but is not regularly updated.
Popularity & Brand


French Crown is a clothing brand known for its quality and style. It’s gaining popularity for its range of products like shirts, trousers, and more. Many people appreciate its focus on craftsmanship and material quality. Rare Rabbit is a brand that has gained attention for its unique designs and high-quality materials. It’s popular among those who seek stylish yet unconventional fashion items. The brand has a growing customer base and is building its reputation for quality and innovation.
Unique Selling Points French Crown is known for its classy formal and informal wear for men and women. Especially the menswear, like suits, shirts, polo-neck t-shirts form French Crown can add sophisticated and stylish touch to your wardrobe. Rare Rabbit offers menswear with a trendy touch. These are best for casual occasions. Also, in any semi-formal occasion, Rare Rabbit’s collection can make you stand out from the crowd.

Additional Information:

Other than the points discussed in the above table, there are some more aspects where French Crown goes extra mile as compared to Rare Rabbit.


French Crown takes sustainability seriously, seeing it as a duty for the fashion world to safeguard both the planet and its workers. The brand diligently works to lessen its environmental footprint while ensuring ethical and responsible garment production. This commitment sets it apart, appealing to consumers who prioritize both fashion style and sustainability.

Unlike French Crown, Rare Rabbit doesn’t prominently emphasize eco-friendly practices. While Rare Rabbit offers trendy and stylish options, it hasn’t publicly prioritized environmental concerns in its production. This makes French Crown a more appealing choice for those who are looking to invest in both fashion and sustainability.

Online Experience & Customer Assistance:

French Crown excels in offering a premium online shopping experience. The website is easy to navigate and even includes fashion style guides, making your purchase decision easier. While Rare Rabbit’s website is visually appealing, it lacks the depth of guidance that French Crown provides. This makes French Crown a better choice for those who value quality customer service and a more guided shopping experience.

French Crown vs Rare Rabbit – Which One Is Better?

Look into both brands carefully, focusing on quality, reviews, and what fits your style. Then choose the one that matches your style statement the most. From what we talked about, French Crown stands out for the way it caters to both men and women, helps them up their style game and gives wonderful customer satisfaction. While both brands have grown a lot in recent years, French Crown beats Rare Rabbit with its product variety, quality, quick shipping, and easy returns.