Creating a Stylish Instagram Feed: a Guide for Fashion Enthusiasts

Are you looking to redesign your Instagram feed by making it look more fashionable than before? Then you can try plenty of ways to change your usual Instagram feed into something classier. There are hundreds of Instagram feed themes from which you can pick one that suits the fashion you want to inflict on your account by Fameswap. While surfing through Instagram, most of us come across new themes now and then, instantly catching our eye. But using those same Instagram themes might not give you the clicks you wanted. Instead, changing things up by customizing them or recreating those themes look could be a better idea. Therefore, this guide gives you some ideas about making your Instagram feed more stylish.

Creating a Stylish Instagram Feed a Guide for Fashion Enthusiasts

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Different Instagram Themes to Try Out

Here is a list of Instagram themes you can try out to give your Instagram account a fresh and stylish look.

Color Block:

The color block Instagram theme has recently become popular among Instagram users. Its color-popping gallery provides a youthful vibe to the whole Instagram theme. Taking photos of anything you like and filling the tile with joyful colors could provide you with this theme. Due to its bright appearance, people can easily recognize what’s being portrayed in the picture.

Black and White:

The black and white Instagram theme is the most classic choice people can make while trying to figure out a single theme. This theme has an ideal settle-in for almost every picture category you might be thinking about posting. However, ensure you choose the right Black and white theme variation because not all suit your picture.

Color Splash:

Out of all the Instagram themes available for you to choose from, the color splash might just be the most unique. Instead of showing every color within your photo, it will only proliferate some of them to give it an abstract appearance. Nevertheless, you can get quite creative using this theme, as users can pick which parts of the photo need to be highlighted.

Flat Lay:

The flatlay theme could be an ideal setting for businesses as it is considered the best for them to showcase their products. This theme is particularly popular for products as it helps embark on the message businesses want to portray.

Dark Theme:

When you have colorful themes on Instagram, you will also have dark themes. Therefore, if you want to set the tone of your Instagram theme in a dark background, then choosing this theme could do the work. It helps you inflict a mysterious feel to your Instagram feed that can attract those interested in these settings. A spookiness might be covered over the Instagram feed that could help grab the attention of new viewers.

White and Black Borders:

The white and black borders are known for opening up new spaces in your Instagram theme if you are willing to use them. Moreover, blending in both borders can give a whole new appearance.


The brands looking to get a close-up of the products they offer the customers should opt for this square Instagram theme. It removes most of the headroom from the pictures you take on this theme setting.

Pastel Bright:

People who want to make their Instagram feed colorful should go for the bright pastel option. Using this theme, you will choose rose, lavender, olive green, and baby blue to put in your Instagram theme. Those in for a colored theme must settle for the pastel bright Instagram theme.


The puzzle Instagram feed might be one of the hardest themes. But if you somehow manage to get it through, you will get an amazing theme that people might be stunned by. You must click at least 9-12 different photos, all part of the same picture, and fit them accordingly. In such cases, you wouldn’t have to scroll through the pictures, as opening the Instagram feed will give you an idea about it.

Across the Grid:

This across-the-grid Instagram theme could give you a hard time, but you might reap the rewards. People often avoid picking this Instagram theme for their feed as it is time-consuming because the amount of editing and effort that goes into it could be invested in other categories of Instagram themes.

Tips to Make Your Instagram Feed Stand Out

Although you might have an extensive idea about all the Instagram feed themes available on the platform, it might not be easy for you to settle on one or arrange it so that it can increase the appearance of your photo. Here are some tips to help you stand out in your Instagram feed. Without a good Instagram feed, it is quite difficult for a business to attract new sets of customers towards it. An Instagram feed sometimes turns out to be your personality as it shows the creativity you possess by the way you can design the feed.

Choosing a Grid Layout:

One of the first things you need to do is select a grid layout that helps you arrange the photos systematically within your feed. There are almost 9 types of Instagram grid layouts that you can choose for your feed. The grid layout is only the tip of the iceberg for maintaining a consistent Instagram theme.

Picking a Theme:

The theme you choose for your Instagram feed will be the most important part of your overall popularity. When trying to lock on to a theme, you will come across white, dark, orange, vintage, tropical, and many others. From all those themes, try and select one that suits the photos you are looking to add to your Instagram feed.

Pick What you Want to Post:

A theme doesn’t mean it has to match the colors of your photo, as a theme could be based on multiple scenarios. Try and rethink your strategy or creativity when you are looking to pick a post and the theme that goes with it. Some of the themes Instagram offers might match the personality you want to portray using the redesigned theme.

Holding onto a Filter:

Even though the theme within your Instagram feed is important, it would be nothing without a good filter. Most fashion influencers like to try out different filters, as hundreds are available across the Instagram platform. But if you want consistency, then locking onto one filter could do the work for you.

Rearranging Your Feed:

Until now, you might have figured out which theme or filter could proliferate the quality of your Instagram feed. However, the actual work lies in rearranging your Instagram feed photos. Taking some time and figuring out which photo should be present after the other while rearranging them could help you implicate the message faster to the audience.

Coordinating the Colors:

Most people might not know, but having 2-3 colors as a backup for your Instagram feed could help you get a better appearance. Color coordination has a hugely important role to play in the innovation of your Instagram theme colors.

Checking the Background:

Whenever we click pictures, most of us don’t have control over what happens in the background. Before you select a photo, ensure your background is clean throughout. If the background is somewhat distracting, it might fail to portray the subject of your Instagram feed.

Find the Natural Light:

When you are in the fashion industry, you might have heard people say natural beauty is the best quality a human being can possess. Similarly, taking photos under natural light will be the best way to make your Instagram feed even more attractive. Most people are only after the natural beauty of a picture instead of the filters or editing done on it. Sunrise and sunset are the best time to click pictures under natural light.

High-quality Photos:

With rapid technological advancement, the demand for people is also touching new heights. Hence, it is nothing different across the fashion or social media industries. Low-quality pictures are over as people are more invested in high-quality photos. Most people these days choose to purchase devices that click high-quality photos. It is the most sought-after feature in almost all devices manufactured in the technological industry.


Instagram is one of the few places where fashion enthusiasts or other creative people can showcase their ideas without any possible boundaries. On Instagram, you will be exposed to hundreds of themes from which you can choose which fit your bill. Nonetheless, it is never easy to design an Instagram feed when you don’t have enough idea about it. Hopefully, going through this article, the tips mentioned above can help you figure out which angle or theme could be better. An excellent, stylish, classy, and some colorful Instagram theme could either proliferate the demand for your products or help you reach the goals you might have set at the beginning.