What Color Shoes to Wear With Navy Dress

Many people may have a hard time deciding what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress. There are many colors that go well with navy. One of the colors that is often seen in people’s outfit choices is black. The two colors make for a great combination because they both have very unique characteristics and are from different spectrums. Navy is a popular women’s clothing color. It is regarded as a sophisticated and professional color. Navy blue, along with black, is one of the most classy colors to wear, and it looks stunning, especially on a dress. This Navy Blue can be worn in any season and with a variety of color combinations. Different colors can work well with different shades of navy, so it all depends on your personal taste and the overall look you want to achieve.

But when choosing shoes for a navy blue dress few factors should be considered. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you could pair a navy dress with Brown, Black, or Tan shoes. You could also try different shades of Blue to add a splash of color. Classic Black shoes are always a good choice if you want to keep things simple.


Shoes to Wear With Navy Dress

Many factors will influence which shoes you should wear with your dress. Remember that, while a navy dress can make you stand out in a crowd, it is still important to choose a pair of shoes that can be worn smoothly with your navy attire. Here are some Ideas to help you choose the perfect shoes for your navy dress.

1. Golden Color Shoes for Navy Dress:

Golden Color Shoes for Navy Dress

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Golden shoes are ideal for wearing with navy dresses, whether you are in casual dress or formal. It will make you look very elegant. You can choose Golden shoes with any color dress, but Navy is the best choice. Gold is a metallic color that contrasts well with navy or any shade of blue.  The combination of navy and Gold creates a serious, professional look. Gold contrasts well with navy without being garish or overdone. Gold heels look best with a navy dress. You can also pair a navy dress with golden flats or sandals. Apart from these, gold and navy contrast can be used at weddings to create a stylish and eye-catching look.

Gold shoes are unquestionably the best answer to the question “what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress?”

2. Black Shoes for Navy Dress:

Black Shoes for Navy Dress

Black goes perfectly with any color as it is neutral and not overpowering. You can wear black shoes with any dress but when you wear a pair of classy black shoes with a navy dress it creates an elegant yet fashionable appearance. You can wear any black shoes you want, such as pumps, heels or sneakers. A pair of black pumps use to complement the navy dresses which are more casual. You can also pair your lovely formal navy outfit with black sandals or open-toe sandals. Black and navy blue look ultrasophisticated together, whether in a single garment or as a head-to-toe look. The best thing about black shoes is that they are available in almost any style you want. While selecting black shoes for your navy outfit, make sure they fit properly and are comfortable. Shoes that do not fit properly will cause foot pain and possibly calluses. When you wear a good pair of shoes, your feet will look good.

3. Red Shoes and Navy Dress:

Red Shoes and Navy Dress

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Both Red and Navy are vibrant primary colors that complement each other very well. These two colors go together just like sea and sailors, whether you’re wearing a sailor suit or something more sophisticated. Red shoes and navy dresses look great with red accessories or something more subtle. A red shoe also conveys confidence, poise, and professionalism. The powerful combination of these colors is a rare occurrence. So, if you are going to a formal event in your navy gown, consider wearing your red shoes. Red boots with a knitted navy dress make the ideal relaxed autumnal outfit, while red court shoes provide the lift of a high heel without discomfort, making them ideal for a night out when you’ll be on your feet all evening.

4. Brown Shoes for Navy Dress:

Brown Shoes for Navy Dress

Brown shoes are also appropriate for wearing with a navy dress in any season. Brown is a darker shade of red. It’s a warm, inviting, and welcoming color that goes with almost everything in your wardrobe. This color provides an earthy, natural look that is appropriate for all seasons. Shoes in brown make a striking contrast with a navy suit. Besides these, brown adds elegance and simplicity to your look. If you want to give yourself a formal look you can simply go for brown flat sandals. If you’re going to a wedding, make your shoes sparkle; and for a lunch date simply go for brown boots. In short, with this color combination, you can wear anything from sandals to pumps. So, if you are thinking of a shoe color for a navy blue dress, you can simply go for brown shared shoes.

5. White Color Shoes With Navy Dress:

White Color Shoes With Navy Dress

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When in doubt, opt for white shoes. White is a classic match for navy blue dresses or pants. White will stand out against the navy blue and highlight the vibrant side of the navy. White shoes are also ideal for wearing all summer long. However, white boots can also be worn in the winter with a navy jacket or navy sweater. If you are getting ready for a party then simply opt for white pumps. If you are going to the office or in a formal program, then go for flat white sandals. Also, you can try white sneakers with your oversized navy coat during winter. This will give you a casual yet classy and smart look.

In short, you will get all varieties of white. All you need to do is to choose the shoe according to your preference and the event. A pair of white heels, sandals, and ankle boots will give a touch of calmness to your entire look in the navy dress.

6. Blue Shoes With Navy Dress:

Blue Shoes With Navy Dress

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You can pair your navy blue dress with shoes in a different shade of blue. Wearing blue shoes with navy blue dresses will help to make your outfit more cohesive. Furthermore, you wear a kind of matching pair of shoes with your navy blue dress; you won’t have to worry about any color contrast. You can pair a navy blue pump with a navy blue dress to create the most beautiful blue combination in your outfit. You may have a favorite pair of blue shoes that are appropriate for the wedding venue or any formal party. Your blue color shoe will undoubtedly make others believe that you are the life of the party. To avoid looking too flashy, pair a navy blue dress with a pair of navy blue shoes. It’s also appropriate for various formal occasions where you don’t want to look out of place and make your peers question your fashion sense. You can also combine blue high heel shoes with a navy blue dress to create a stylish look.

7. Yellow Shoes With Navy Dress:

Yellow Shoes With Navy Dress

Image Credits: katiesdoor

Yellow is a great bold color to pair with your navy dress. Blue and yellow are complementary colors in the world of art and color theory. When you opt for a pair of yellow shoes with your navy dress, it says that you are trendy, stylish, and fashionable at the same time. You don’t hesitate to try something different which will make you look unique or different from others. Additionally, bright Yellow sandals or pumps will not only add a nice pop of color but will also make your footwear stand out when paired with that navy blue dress. In fact, yellow has recently been splashed all over the Instagram feeds of famous celebrities and bloggers. Also, you can opt for yellow strappy heels, which will definitely look gorgeous with your navy blue dress. Your shoes will undoubtedly make a difference in your look because shoes and accessories have the power to change a look from casual to formal, classy trendy anything.

8. Silver Shoes With Navy Dress:

Silver Shoes With Navy Dress

Image Credits: bestlet

Silver is one of the most versatile colors, as it goes with everything. It’s a cool and conservative color that looks great with a navy blue dress. Silver high pumps are an excellent choice if you want to be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. The silver pump or strappy high heels would be ideal for an evening out in the town or a dinner date. If you prefer silver to other shades of blue, you’ll love silver pair of shoes. It enhances the dress by making it stand out. Silver heels or pumps can perfectly complement your ensemble.  If you are getting ready in your navy dress for a wedding party or any other party, consider wearing silver leather-heeled sandals. These will elevate your overall look. If you are wearing a glittery navy dress, add a touch of chic by finishing with your silver heels or pumps. No matter what the occasion is or the event is; you can always complete the look of your outfit with a pair of flat silver sandals, or classy silver pumps or heels.

9. Nude and Clear Shoes With Navy Dress:

Nude and Clear Shoes With Navy Dress

Image Credits: christianblairvordy

Finally, the fashion world has finally satisfied our desires with nude heels. It is being said that instead of searching for the perfect pair of nude heels to match your skin tone, you can look effortlessly stunning in any pair of clear heels. Wearing nude or transparent shoes is the most effective way to visually elongate your legs. Because the idea is for your footwear to match your skin, you should have a continuous line from your hemline to your toes. Whether you wear flats or heels, the principle should apply, so your legs will appear longer in either case. If you decide to abandon your search for the perfect nude shoes, clear plastic footwear can achieve the same effect. They are more comfortable than you might think, and they come in a variety of styles, including mules, sandals, and boots. However, if you want to put on them on your bare feet, stick to the strappy, open sandals to avoid potential perspiration issues. So, if you are looking for a perfect pair of shoes for your classy navy dress; opt for nude or transparent heels, sandals or shoes. These will definitely make you look great.

10. Hot Pink Shoes With Navy Blue Dress:

Hot Pink Shoes With Navy Blue Dress

Image Credits: vipsmall

The navy blue dress with hot pink shoes is a sophisticated look that can be worn for a variety of occasions. This color combination is sure to turn heads with its bold, contrasting colors and form-fitting silhouette. The navy dress with hot pink shoes is a stylish outfit that will appeal to almost everyone. This outfit combination is so fashionable that it could end up on the cover of Vogue. It’s ideal for the girl who wants to stand out without sacrificing comfort or style! This color palette can be used in a variety of ways to achieve an edgy appearance. For example, you could wear a pair of hot pink high heels to complement the look of your navy dress and make you stand out in a crowd. Besides these, pink is a feminine and soft color. It will definitely look great when you pair your elegant navy blue dress with hot pink heels or pumps. But one thing to remember, if you are wearing a navy blue gown, or a navy dress, the color of your shoes and purse should complement it rather than clash with anything else in your outfit.


 Your navy blue dress can be worn with any color of shoes, but you should choose a color that makes you feel confident. There’s no need to choose the most unique and unique shoe if you’re wearing a navy blue gown for the first time. You can also choose a favorite color, such as red, white, or black. Hope you get some ideas regarding shoe color for a navy blue dress from our above-mentioned show colors. These are just some suggestions for what color shoes to wear with a navy dress. You can combine any of these shoe colors with a navy dress to create a stunning look. One thing to keep in mind while selecting shoes is that they must be comfortable or else they will ruin your day. So, make a proper decision and enjoy your stunning appearance.

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