Why is My Face So Oily When I Wake Up

Genetics determines an individual’s skin type. However, your skin condition may vary considerably depending on various external and internal factors it’s exposed to. Therefore, every individual possesses distinct skin kinds, mainly classified into oily, normal, and dry.

A skin type with an intensified sebum production is categorized as oily, and this overproduction is called seborrhea. Several problems trigger sebum overproduction, such as hormonal imbalances and changes, stress, medication, and genetics.

While addressing oily skin upon waking up can involve various solutions, people concerned about their overall facial appearance may explore more permanent alternatives like facelift procedures, which can help rejuvenate and improve the overall look and feel of the face. Regardless, you can easily understand the causes of oily skin and apply effective skincare routines.

Furthermore, every person’s skin requires a specific oil amount for maintaining it moisturized. However, the oil overproduction over the skin turns very irritating. Below you’ll discover some home remedies to get rid of an oily face when waking up.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Oily Face When Wake Up


Why Your Face is Oily When Waking Up in the Morning

So, why do you feel greasy when you wake up? People often ask questions like why is my face oily when I wake up in the morning. Irrespective of whether your skin is dry, oily, normal, or in combination, the production of oil after waking up in the morning is because of water loss. For preventing dehydration, your body begins producing additional oil or sebum. This oil is even thicker compared to the oil produced by your body the entire day.

Oily skin is an outcome of agitated sebaceous glands present in a few groups of people. These glands discharge an oily or waxy substance known as sebum. Even though sebum is crucial for maintaining hydrated, healthy, and protected skin, extreme of this can give rise to clogged pores and oily skin. Furthermore, this results in acne development.

There are many organic home remedies to prevent oily skin which are very effective, affordable, and straightforward. Following is the list of some natural remedies to do at home for oily skin types:

Home Remedies to Eliminate Oily Face After Waking Up

1. Wash and Clean your Face:

It appears obvious, yet most individuals having oily skin types don’t clean their faces regularly. It is advisable for people with oily skin to wash their face twice daily, yet keep in mind not to overdo it. Also, avoid using harsh detergents or soaps. Instead, you may utilize any gentle soap like glycerine soap alternatively. Lastly, stay away from soaps with moisturizers and strong fragrances because these might result in unwanted oil production on your skin.

2. Honey:

Honey is the powerhouse when it arrives at the skin as it aids in reducing excessive oil, moisturizes without turning your skin oily, holds organic antibacterial and antiseptic properties, plus clears all pores, which benefits skin prone to acne. Honey is an old-time skincare treatment that can tackle several skin conditions, from red and irritated complexion to blackheads and oily skin. Furthermore, it hydrates and tightens your skin. However, your skin gets acne-prone because of bacteria and oil present on your skin. So, how do avoid waking up with an oily face? To prevent additional oil and bacteria, try honey. Korean skincare, known for its innovative and effective ingredients, often incorporates honey into their products for its benefits to the skin.

Follow these steps:

Apply a fine honey layer all across your face. It is favorable to apply raw honey.

Let it dry and rest for ten to fifteen minutes.

Wash with some warm water. Finally, gently dab and dry your face using a towel.

Honey’s exfoliating nature eliminates excessive oil from your face, preventing wrinkles and stimulating the pores. Alternatively, you may even mix some ground almonds and honey, and next massage the paste on your skin. You may keep it for about five to ten minutes, and finally, wash your face using warm water.

3. Cucumbers:

Cucumbers are rich in minerals and vitamin content comprising Vitamins C and A, potassium, and magnesium, perfect for maintaining your oily skin susceptibly. In addition, cucumbers hold about 90% wafer that aids in skin moisturization and supports it hydrated eliminating unwanted oil. This thereby averts the sebaceous glands to turn overactive.

Moreover, cucumbers are rich in Vitamin C, which balances your skin and averts from getting excessively dry or oily by neutralizing the skin’s pH balance. It even aids in controlling acne. Cucumbers are natural astringents that extract all impurities and dirt present in pores and minimize pore size.

How to use it?

Before going to bed, chop some fresh cucumbers into fine slices.

Rub these on your face very gently and keep them overnight.

Wash your face after waking up in the morning using warm water.

4. Bananas:

Bananas are loaded with nutrients such as potassium and vitamins A, E, and B that aid in moisturizing your skin cells and eliminating excessive grease or oil. Banana and its peel are a fantastic homemade remedy to treat pimples and acne. You may put it on directly for destroying bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Hence, if you’ve greasy, oily skin, you can use a usual banana face pack and add honey and lemon juice. Bananas are excellent exfoliators that eliminate unwanted sebum on your face. Furthermore, it has Vitamin C and E, potassium, and moisture, ideal for radiant, clear skin.

How to use it?

Crush some lush banana for a straightforward facial scrub, thereby adding one tbsp. Milk and two tbsp. Oats.

Apply this over your clean face.

Massage for about five minutes, next allows the paste to rest for twenty minutes.

Finally, wash off using lukewarm water.

5. Tomato Pack:

Tomatoes are enriched with enzymes, antioxidants, and Vitamin B, ideal for the skin. It may sound weird to cut the tomato into slices and massage it over your face, but it’s a fantastic remedy for oily skin individuals. The enzymes present in tomatoes tenderly withdraw dead skin, whereas the antioxidants and vitamins aid in minimizing aging signs and inflammation.

Moreover, tomato consists of lycopene which is very useful for the skin. It even contains Vitamin C and A, which maintain your skin. Finally, tomatoes are natural cleansers and eliminate face spots, blackheads, and excess oil. So, how do stop oily skin when wake up in the morning using tomatoes?

Follow these steps:

Take half of a tomato, thereby mashing it into a puree.

Next, strain the puree to obtain its juices, leaving behind the seed.

Now, take a cotton pad, dip into the puree and dab it across your face. You may even add honey for additional benefits.

Allow it to rest for ten to fifteen minutes, and rinse your face using water. It is advisable to do this once weekly for enhanced outcomes.

6. Lemon juice:

Lemon juice can instantly brighten up one’s complexion. This is because of the presence of citric acid that controls sebum production by shrinking your skin pores. Furthermore, lemons own antimicrobial features, killing all bacteria causing acne.

How to use it?

Mix half tsp lemon juice with half tsp distilled water.

Using a cotton ball, apply this mixture to your face.

Leave this on for ten minutes.

Wash it away using lukewarm water.

An alternative method:

Mix one tsp lemon juice with one tsp glycerine and rosewater.

Apply this mixture to your face using a cotton pad.

Allow it to sit on your face for about twenty minutes.

Then, rinse it using lukewarm water.

This is an amazingly efficient face mask as it treats oily skin issues such as scars, pimples, and acne. Lemons hold antibacterial features; hence, they are ideal for treating oily skin. Glycerine aids in skin hydration by moisturizing your skin. Furthermore, rosewater works like an antiseptic that does excellent toning and cleansing so that your skin feels alive and refreshed. You can store the mixture in a glass container and keep it in the refrigerator for utilizing it as your regular skincare regime.

7. Fuller’s earth (Clay Powder)

Do you want to know how to get rid of the oily face when waking up? You can use Clay Powder as a remedy, turning your skin extraordinarily beautiful. It’s a clay kind rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium. Furthermore, it shrinks pores, aids in repairing damaged tissues, and aids in controlling oily skin. Clay Powder is an essential Indian natural home remedy to obtain revitalized, bright, and clean skin. Also, it is a powerful healing clay comprising active components which can absorb impurities such as accumulated sweat, dirt, oil, and sebum from the swollen pores.

8. Almonds:

An effective home remedy is Ground almonds utilized as a facial scrub for oily skin treatments. Almond oil might contain anti-inflammatory and anti-hepatotoxicity properties, enhance skin tone and complexion as well as aid in rejuvenating your skin. Nevertheless, individuals who’re allergic to nuts are advised to stay away from almonds.

Ground almonds help in skin exfoliation and even eliminate impurities and excess oils.

How to use an almond facial scrub?

Grind some raw almonds very finely.

Take three tbsp. Almond powder and add two tbsp. Raw honey into it.

Apply this mixture to your face in a circular motion very gently.

Clean your face using lukewarm water, thereby pat dry.

You may even prepare an almond mask for the face without adding honey. Keep this mask for about ten to fifteen minutes, then wash it off with lukewarm water. However, it is advisable not to use it if you’re allergic to nuts.

9. Yogurt:

Milk and yogurt are dairy products containing lactic acid, which aids in exfoliating your skin gently, thereby absorbing excessive oil. Yogurt cleans all dead skin cells and maintains your pores hardened and oil-free. Furthermore, it removes tan and helps in skin brightening.

Yogurt is suitable for all skin kinds. However, a yogurt face pack is especially beneficial for individuals prone to acne and breakouts and has oily skin. Yogurt has good zinc content, is a gentle astringent, and manages oil production. Also, it carries antifungal and antibacterial properties.

How to use it?

Apply one tbsp—of plain yogurt over your face.

Allow it to rest for fifteen minutes.

Wash it off with normal water.

You can even mix yogurt with besan/ gram flour with a bit of turmeric, thereby forming a past and put on as a mask. Then, rinse it off after it dries.

10. Egg White:

Egg whites are among the best home remedies to get rid of an oily face when wakeup for people with oily skin. It shrinks pores and helps damaged tissue recovery. Moreover, it eliminates excess oil and impurities from the skin, keeping away pimples and spot breakouts. In addition, egg whites contain a high amount of Vitamin A that dries out blemishes plus tightens and tones oily skin. So, if you aren’t allergic to egg whites, you may try out this remedy.

How to use:

Whip an egg white to make it stiff

Spread it across your face

Let it dry

Clean your face using warm water.

You may even prepare an egg white mask by adding another natural remedy, lemon juice. Lemons and egg whites are ideal oil skin remedies as both components are known to tighten skin pores. In addition, the acid present in several citrus fruits, including lemon, might aid in absorbing oil. Furthermore, lemons possess antibacterial properties. Nevertheless, this remedy won’t be a good option for individuals having an egg allergy.

Lemon egg-white face mask:

Mix one tsp of fresh lemon juice with one egg white.

Spread it over your entire face.

Allow it to rest

Rinse off with lukewarm water.

11. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is famous for alleviating sunburns yet is further perfect for curing skin prone to acne as it has antimicrobial attributes. It may even help soak excessive skin oil! However, This remedy isn’t recommendable for individuals having infected skin ad it may lead to allergic reactions.

Aloe Vera has vitamins E, C, and A, antioxidants, and aids in oily skin nourishment. Hence, when your pores get blocked, aloe vera offers all the necessary nutrients to your skin. Furthermore, its gel moisturizes your face, And as it’s non-comedogenic, it won’t clog the pores yet will moisturize your skin lightly.

So, how do stop oily skin when waking up in the morning? Here are three approaches to utilizing Aloe Vera for treating Oily sensitive skin.

How to use:

Put on a fine aloe gel layer on your face two to three times every day. You may even apply this before going to sleep, thus leaving it overnight.

Alternatively, you can boil aloe leaf in water, blending it with one tbsp. Honey. Put on the mixture all over your neck and face. After it completely dries, you can rinse it using cool water. Continue applying this home remedy daily to enjoy grease-free skin.

The final one is to combine four tbsp. Aloe Vera gel with two tbsp. Oatmeal. Mix both of them until the formation of a smooth paste. Put the paste on your face, thereby washing it away actively—this aids in removing unwanted grime, dirt, and oil from your face.

Aloe vera might lead to allergic reactions. Hence it is advisable to carry out a forearm test beforehand. You may buy Aloe gel even online and from many stores.

12. Orange Peel:

Orange peel is an effective organic treatment for managing oily and greasy skin. This home-prepared organic orange mask cleanses and opens the swollen pores. Furthermore, it holds an astringent feature that eliminates unwanted skin oil.

The orange peel has vitamin C and antioxidants, so its regular application will make your skin brighter and clearer. Furthermore, it has antimicrobial and antibacterial features ideal for curing oily skin and acne. It even operates as a skin lightener and wonders for pigmentation and facial marks. You can use orange peel masks as facial cleansers to turn your skin refreshing.

How to use:

Dry orange skin for some days.

Grind those peels until you obtain a light powder.

Now add yogurt and water into the powder, forming a thick paste.

Apply the mask all over your face and leave it on for ten minutes.

Rinse off using regular tap water.

13. Apple Cider Vinegar:

How to avoid waking up with an oily face? One substantial apple cider vinegar advantage is its power to moisturize and tone oily skin. Furthermore, it holds antibacterial features which aid in averting breakouts because of unwanted oil production. It has alpha-hydroxy acid, thus helping you to prevent clogged spots and pores, minimize sebum plugs, and eliminate dead cells from your skin.

Hence, if you’re suffering from stubborn pimples and acne, you can go for apple cider vinegar. Its antifungal and antibacterial content keeps away dust, oil, and bacteria from your skin.

How to use it?

For a simple toner, you must dilute two tsp apple cider vinegar and four tsp distilled water.

Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply it all over your skin.

Rest it for about ten minutes.

Wash off with cold water.

14. Buttermilk:

Lactic acid is utilized in every skincare kind because it aids in enhancing your skin texture. Luckily, you shall obtain an excellent lactic acid dose from a red velvet cake ingredient called buttermilk. Buttermilk naturally has a high lactic acid amount. Furthermore, its high acidity offers a bitter taste to the milk and skin-smoothening characteristics.

This lactic acid in buttermilk draws out stubborn sweat, oil, makeup, dirt, and impurities that obstruct your pores, thereby generating dullness and acne. Buttermilk thus aids in unclogging pores, offering you radiant and bright skin.

How to use:

Take some buttermilk into a container, and using a cotton ball, dab it on your face. After about ten to fifteen minutes, you can wash it away.

You may even mix oats with buttermilk, a fantastic DIY oily skin mask.

15. Oatmeal Mask:

Oatmeal is considered a vigorous ultraviolet armor that acts as a shield to your skin to protect it from the sun. Moreover, it is an anti-inflammatory, cleansing, and moisturizing agent which minimizes skin irritation and redness. Oatmeal also aids in maintaining your skin from excess sebum production, thereby preventing acne.

It absorbs all unwanted skin oil and helps calm down inflamed skin and dead skin exfoliation. You may even combine it with honey, Yogurt, or some mashed fruits like papaya, apples, and bananas. So, how to get rid of the oily face when waking up? Follow the steps below.

Combine hot water with two tbsp. powdered oats and prepare a paste

Now add one tbsp. Honey into it.

Now, massage this oatmeal paste over your facial skin for around three minutes.

Finally, cleanse it with lukewarm water, then dab dry.

16. Corn-Starch:

Corn starch is a successful home remedy to get rid of oily skin. It is fantastic for skin prone to acne as it soaks in excessive skin oil, which leads to pimples and acne, turning your face fresh and radiant. In addition, the cornstarch application aids in eliminating your facial pore impurities like filth, oil, dust, dirt, and many more, eventually preventing outbreaks.

Furthermore, it is a fantastic skin irritation remedy because it soothes your skin, treating specific skin allergies. You may even use it to get relief from skin irritation and sunburn. Finally, cornstarch is a perfect drying agent which gradually relieves uneasiness and itching by drying facial allergies.

How to use:

Prepare a thick paste by adding two tbsp. Cornstarch and add warm water to it.

Put on this paste evenly all over your skin.

Let it rest.

Ensure to clean your face using warm water. For the best outcome, you can repeat this process regularly.

17. Coffee Mask

Coffee can be a delicious aroma scrub, a fantastic exfoliator, and ideal for treating oily skin. In addition, it aids in blood flow stimulation which decreases acne, stretch marks, and cellulite. A noteworthy coffee mask advantage is that it is a good source of antioxidants that can eliminate impurities and dead skin cells, making your skin brighter and smoother.

Coffee holds anti-aging characteristics, which turns your skin firm and makes your face appear much younger. Furthermore, because coffee is a fantastic exfoliator, it can even minimize dark circles, while the sulfur found in cocoa can fight and remove acne. Hence the topical coffee application lowers wrinkles, sunspots, fine lines, and redness. Lastly, it contains chlorogenic acid, which is antibacterial; therefore, its topical application can treat infection, wounds, and acne.

How to use:

Mix powdered coffee and honey.

Apply this mixture and gently scrub your skin.

Let it dry

Clean it away with lukewarm water

18. Green Tea:

The polyphenols present in green tea are beneficial for acne treatment and aid in decreasing sebum production. The antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties efficiently treat oily skin and acne. In addition, green tea has polyphenols, so it’ll help lower sebum secretion which can cause acne after its application.

These polyphenols also hold a fighting ability against infection by destroying bacterial membranes. This indicates that this tea is valuable for managing bacterial growth responsible for developing acne, but green tea gets you rid of all unwanted oil. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory characteristics which can minimize swelling, skin redness, and skin irritation. Furthermore, green tea application can alleviate sunburn and minor cuts.

What you’ve to do:

Grab a few green tea satchels; thereby refrigerate it for a while.

Dab these cold tea pouches on your entire face.

Keep its residue for half an hour.

Finally, rinse it off. You may do this daily for the best outcome.

19. Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba is famous plant oil utilized in moisturizers and sunscreens. It holds anti-inflammatory features, which are ideal for curing many skin conditions. For example, jojoba oil and a face mask can efficiently treat mild acne and skin lesions.

Jojoba oil can control sebum production, naturally produced by the human body. When you apply jojoba oil over your skin, your face will moisturize and be soothed. It then signals that the skin doesn’t require unwanted sebum for hydration to sweat follicles and hair. As a result, jojoba oil helps your skin to appear oily yet eliminates acne, which comes up due to clogged pores.

Furthermore, this oil has anti-inflammatory alleviating agents, is moisturizing, naturally antimicrobial, and holds healing properties. These features avoid breakouts and heal mild acne.

How to use:

  • Apply essential jojoba oil on your clean skin directly.
  • You can even blend it with some other oil or cream, thereby applying it.

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Final Words

Thus, you know you have received your answer for why is my face so oily when I wake up with some home remedies to get rid of it. Oily skin is considered a burden to existence. Regardless of all your efforts in dealing with this skin type using all fancy and expensive skincare products, it is tough to handle it. Like sensitive skin, oily skin requires additional TLC, i.e., treatment, love, and care. However, if you’ve carried out the proper research, you’ll know that it’s crucial to do skin exfoliation, toning, and then apply a quality moisturizer despite having oily skin.

Even though your fancy beauty care products have done wonders, none can beat the above natural ingredients to refresh an oil skin following the right way! You can manage your oily skin distinctively when you stick to the given tips. Nevertheless, don’t lose expectation if none of the information or remedies seem to function for you. It is best to continue trying unless you discover an ideal skin regimen that brings in a skin difference.

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