10 Best Foam Roller Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common issue for everyone. Though it is not a specific disease, people complain about lower back pain due to their type of work. It can be lifting heavy objects, sitting at your workplace for a prolonged time, accidents, or similar areas. Usually, when there is a muscle imbalance, it causes strain or sprain that leads to low back pain. You may get relief for some time with the help of painkillers or a brief massaging, but that does not wipe the pain completely from its root. It will recur again sometime in the future, leading to more complications.

Hence, you should find one of the most inexpensive tools to completely get away from the pain. The only solution to get relief from the unending pain is foam roller exercises for the lower back. It helps to release the tight muscles of your lower back and lets you move freely in no time.


10 Foam Roller Exercises for the Lower Back Pain

Following are some of the popular foam roller exercises for lower backs.

1. Relieve chest muscles with the pipe starfish:

Relieve chest muscles with the pipe starfish

If you have been facing lower back pain for some time, it is time you get relief with the help of back roller exerciseOne of the methods is to relieve chest muscles. Sit on the end of the roller and lie down on the roller along its length. Your head must be on the roller also. Open both your arms to touch the floor and breathe slowly and deeply. It would be best to keep your elbows at the right angle, i.e., ninety-degree along the line of your shoulder. You must not move from your position but relax and breathe slowly. You can perform the exercise once daily and increase the sets to more than one. However, each set must be of thirty to sixty seconds.

You must remember that you must not feel uncomfortable while stretching your arms. However, if it happens, you can place your arms in a position that will not discomfort you. You must also make sure that you lie along the length of the roller with your head on one end. It is one of the simplest methods to give you relief from pain instantly.

2. Relax your elbow:

Relax your elbow

The elbow is a connector between your neck and spine. Hence, relaxing your elbows perfectly can wade off your lower back pain. The best way to ease your pain is to lie on one side and keep the foam roller under your ribs. It must be between the lowest part of your armpit and the bottom of your ribs. You can start the exercise with the help of a foam roller by rolling between your armpit and the lower part of your rib. To find the exact location of pain, you must try to move backward and forward. Once you locate the source of the pain, keep still in the position for a minimum of thirty to sixty seconds. The lower back foam roller exercise can relieve you if you lay in the place and perform the set one to three times daily.

3. The Glute figure 4:

Glute figure four

If you want to get rid of the irritating lower back pain forever, you can try the Glute figure four lower back foam roller exercise. Sit perpendicular to the foam roller with your legs in front. Cross your right ankle over your left knee and keep your hands on the floor. Keep your left foot flat on the ground and bend your left knee so that you are in a comfortable position. Now, sit up straight and press your chest towards your chin. There will be a deep stretch in your left hip. You can perform the exercises in sets of one and three. However, each time must not be more than thirty to sixty seconds. For best results, repeat the stretch with five back and forth movements.

4. Thoracic Roll:

Thoracic Roll

Thoracic Roll is one of the best foam rolling lower back exercises that give you relief from prolonged strenuous pain. You need to lie with your upper back on the foam roller with your knees bent to perform the training. Your feet must be flat on the ground. Roll a bit on one side of the spine. Now, place your hands slowly behind your head so that your elbows face the ceiling. Rollback and forth between the back of your neck and the bottom of your ribs. Act until you find the point from where there is pain. Keep your body still at the end for thirty to sixty seconds. Act five to ten times depending upon the type of pain. However, it would be best if you did not bend much on the roller as it can put pressure on the spine. It can even fracture the thoracic bone. The exercise is very effective if you perform one to three sets daily.

5. Roll your neck:

roll your neck

Many people have a stiff neck, which may also be a reason for the lower back pain. The stiff neck may be for various reasons and can be very painful. Hence, it is better first to trace the area where you are suffering the pain. If you are sure that the pain is from the neck, place the foam roller under your neck and lie straight on the ground. Your feet must be flat on the floor. When you are ready, gently move your head from one side to another until you find the source point of the pain. The exercise can give you excellent results if you perform it daily with one to three sets. You need to roll on each side of your head at least ten times for the best results.

6. Rolling out your IT Band:

Rolling out your IT Band

IT Band runs from the hips to the knees. Hence, if the muscles near the IT Band become tight, it can cause pain to various other body parts, including your lower back. However, do not roll directly on the IT Band if you want to get early relief from the pain. It can cause further injury leading to more pain. Instead, it would be best if you aimed your TFL muscle. If you want the best result with the help of foam rolling lower back pain, but the foam roller on the soft part of your hip. Keep your body still in the position for some time to feel the exact location of the pain. Gently roll your body laterally from one side to another. It is a highly effective exercise for lower back pains as it releases the tension of your leg muscles. It results in relaxing the powers of the IT Band, thus relieving you of the pain. You can perform the exercise daily by rolling on each side ten times. Complete the activity in one to three sets to get the best results and early recovery of your lower back pain.

7. Calf muscle rollout:

Calf muscle rollout

The pain in your lower back can be due to a strain or sprain on your calf muscles. Hence, before performing any exercise to wade off your lower back pain, it is advisable to find the exact source of the pain. Once you are sure, you can use the foam roller lower back stretches, giving more importance to the calf muscles. It would be best to sit on the ground with your legs stretched straight. Place the foam roller under your leg. It must be precisely beneath your calf muscles. For best results, you need to cross your left leg over the right leg to give more pressure. Place your hands behind you to move freely back and forth with the roller under your calf muscle. If you find more pressure on your lower back, place your left leg on the floor. Follow the same procedure by using the foam roller under the other leg. Depending on the pain, you can perform the foam rolling in sets of one to three, each group being one to two minutes. The exercise is highly effective as it releases the tension in your calf muscles, thus relieving you of the back pain.

8. Roll your lumbar:

Roll your lumbar

Using a foam roller for lower back pain is highly effective. However, you must be careful during specific stretches, especially when rolling your lumbar. It is better to take some advice before performing the exercise because moving over your spine can cause serious injury. Hence, you must complete it with caution. However, the roll your lumber is one of the best exercises for your back pain if you perform it in the correct posture. Place the foam roller down near your lumber. Move on to one side of your body and gently lay on the foam. You must remember to place the foam roller under your lumbar muscles only and not the bone. Now, gently roll up and down to move your lumbar spine, and do not roll over your spine directly. You will end up with severe pain, causing injury. You need to perform the exercise daily if you face persistent lower back pain. For best results, perform the exercise in sets of one to three. You can roll one side ten times and then switch to the other side.

9. Shoulder Foam Rolling:

Shoulder Foam Rolling

The shoulder foam rolling exercise is one of the best foam rolling for lower back pain. Persistent pain in your shoulder can be a primary cause of your lower back pain. Hence, you must first release the tension of your shoulder muscles with the help of the foam roller. Place the foam roller just below your shoulder blades with the side of the roller just below your armpit. Keep your hands behind your head, and your feet must be on the ground. Gently move your shoulder from one side to another across your shoulder blades. You must be cautious while performing the exercise as you need to concentrate on the muscles rather than the bones. It can cause serious injury leading to extreme pain. You can complete the shoulder foam rolling just after the thoracic roll. Roll from one side to another twenty times if you want the best results. Depending on the pain, you can act on one to three sets.

10. Foot Roll:

Foot Roll

A foot roll is one of the best foam roller lower back stretches. It is one of the prime reasons for your lower back pain. Place the foam roller horizontal on the floor, put your right foot on the foam roller and move it back and forth. You must not act in a standing position as it may lead to a fall. Hence, while moving your foot on the roller, place your other leg in a kneel-down position. Once you are through with one leg, perform the same action with the other leg. It is an excellent exercise that releases the tension of the muscles, thus relieving you of the pain. You can perform the exercise in sets of one to three, each one to two minutes in duration.


Q. Can Foam Roller Lessen Lower Back Pain?

Ans: Foam rolling exercise is an excellent way to get rid of horrible back pain. You can perform the exercise multiple times a day, and it releases the tension of your muscles, thus relieving you of the back pain.

Q. Can You Do Foam Rolling Every Day?

Ans: Yes, you can perform foam rolling every day as it is safe. It is an effective way to wade off your back and other relevant pains, and it is one of the safest ways to keep your body fit.

Q. How Can Foam Rolling Be Helpful?

Ans: Foam rolling is an excellent method to release the tension of your muscles, and it improves the flexibility of your strengths and stimulates the blood flow in your body.

Q. What Precautions Should You Take Before Performing The Rolling Foam Exercise?

Ans: Foam rolling exercise is not advisable for those with an acute injury or suffering from osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis. You must take your doctor’s advice before performing the exercise.


Foam rolling is an effective way of releasing the tension of your muscles. You can perform the exercise multiple times in a day. However, you must make sure that you are serving them in the correct posture. Along with the training, drink plenty of water so that your body can get rid of the toxins.