Blonde Wigs: A Girl’s Best Friend

A head of beautiful hair is as essential as fine clothes in a girl’s wardrobe and makeup on her dressing table. Unfortunately, not every girl is born with so-called perfect hair. Some are endowed with a fragile hair texture that cannot be styled or colored much, and lots of girls are even undergoing hair loss. For whatever reason, no girl wants her bad hair.

In this case, a human hair wig is a life changer. It can effectively conceal your baldness and naturally add hair volume. Thinning hair and hair shedding are no longer your inescapable nightmare. Wigs for women can also protect your original hair while allowing you to dive into the wonderland of hairstyles. Stop pulling a long face in front of the mirror because of hair issues. Put on a glossy blonde wig and shine!

Blonde Wigs A Girl's Best Friend


Human Hair Wigs for Women

Women’s wigs can be classified into several kinds according to different standards. First of all, human hair material includes Remy hair, non-remy hair, and virgin hair. The cuticles of Remy hair and virgin hair are intact and aligned in the same direction, while non-remy hair doesn’t, making it prone to tangles. Compared to virgin hair, Remy hair is more affordable and can cater to most needs; therefore, when choosing a wig for yourself online, pick manufacturers that at least supply premium human remy hair, such as Superhairpieces. They even have vast stocks of high-quality European hair.

Besides, wigs have different bases. Selecting a proper base design is crucial to make your wig work right. Monofilament, lace, and silicone skin are some of the common base materials. They usually don’t come out singularly except lace. Instead, they are well-designed and nicely combined on different bases to maximize their advantages. For example, mono is often used on the top to provide durability and help the wig aerate a bit. At the same time, lace can be placed at the front hairline to offer naturalness or on the entire base for high breathability and comfort. Silicone strips across the top and the back and the silicone skin perimeter around the edge add easiness to attachment and removal.

Blonde Hair Wigs

Blond hair on women can date back to the 1910s. At that time, cinema’s highest-paid actress, Mary Pickford, was called “The Girl with the Golden Curls” because of her gorgeous blond hair. In the 1930s, Jean Harlow was known as a blonde bombshell and inspired innumerable women to try platinum blonde. She dyed her hair once a week, saying that Hollywood wouldn’t know she was alive if it weren’t for her hair. While characters of Marilyn Monroe fostered a “dumb-blonde” stereotype in the 1950s, Legally Blonde in the 2000s defies it. With such a long history and enduring popularity, blond colour has tremendous vitality and mysterious magic power that keep decades of ladies in love with it. No wonder it stands out in the wig color chart as well.

Why Blonde Wigs?

Among tons of wig colors, why should you opt for a blonde? Blonde hair can vitalize you from the inside out, and there’s a blonde for every girl regardless of skin tone.

Externally, this hair color looks beautiful and vibrant. Blonde hair is often connected with youthfulness, innocence, and vitality. Lots of Disney princesses corroborate this point, such as Cinderella with orangish blonde, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) with an ashy light blonde, Elsa (Frozen) with whitish platinum blonde, and Rapunzel (Tangled) with a smooth and shiny yellowish blonde. Nowadays, blond hair has become a fashionable aesthetic style that people, including celebrities, chase after closely.

Besides gussying up your physical appearance, a blonde wig can also bring positive inner changes. A blonde wig can boost your confidence by beautifying your look. A bold shift in hair color indeed makes you a better self. Picking up blond wigs is so wise and worthy.

Every Girl Can Enjoy Blonde Fun

To wear a wig, you don’t have to be bald. If you have encountered a professional colorist in the salon, they may tell you that only healthy and strong hair can bring out the blond color for the best. However, this is somehow a paradox or vicious cycle. According to the World Population Review, dark hair is the most common hair color in the world. Take the United States, for example; only 2% of its population has naturally born blond hair. In other words, most people must bleach and get their hair to be blonde. These two processes, especially bleaching, are detrimental and damaging to the hair. And now you see why women’s wigs have come into vogue. Affordable, no harm to original hair, convenient, multiple colors to choose from, change hairstyles whenever you want… countless merits.

Having said so, how do you choose a perfect blonde that fits your skin tone? The best blonde for you is always the one you like. Throw away worldly concerns and so-called trendy colors; it’s time to follow your heart. Remember, it’s your hair, not others’.

Nonetheless, if you still need help selecting a blonde color and need help deciding, I have a few tips for you. For cool skin tones and neutral skin tones, choose cool blonde versions, such as the left part of the picture. As you can see, #613 is the lightest blonde and is strongly recommended for cool skin tones if you love to be the focus. To be as gorgeous but not so eye-catching, #617 Silver Blonde, #S17 Rooted Light Ash Blonde, and #22 Light Ash Blonde are excellent choices, for they are ashy in hue to bring down the overall color brightness. For girls with a warm skin tone, shoot the right area. Compared to the left, they are more orangish or brownish. #24 Ginger Blonde and #26 Light Honey Blonde are the most secure colors to pick, as they are elegant and warm. Color differences may occur due to screens and light; a color ring can solve the problem. Get one if your budget is adequate.

You feel so happy and special with that blonde wig whenever you look in the mirror! This is where the ultimate charm of blonde wigs lies. Put on a blonde, and confidently move on!